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7 weeks, Hcg less than 2. have I m/c or am I'm still pregnant?

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Hi ladies. I left the forum 2 weeks ago when I was having a m/c. My HPT's turned negative and I was spotting with 2 days of moderate bleeding. My beta's were 7 the day I started m/c, then a week later, less than 2, when the spotting had stopped. so clearly they dropped from at least 25 or 50 when I got the BFP's.

I had an u/s this past friday to look for fibroids, etc, and the reaction of the techs was very strange. They immediately asked how far along I'd been when I m/c. They were talking about my trilaminar lining, which I know is needed to support pregnancy. I asked if it was "already" trilaminar, thinking I was in a new cycle. they said yes. I asked if it looked like the m/c had cleared and they said no. I asked if maybe it could be a polyp and she said "it doesn't look like a polyp". Their demeanor the rest of the scan was pensive and I got the feeling maybe something was really wrong with me. I assumed it meant I was going to need a d&c and they didn't want to break the news to me. they said the doc should call with the results by the end of the day BUT SHE DIDN'T!!! :(

So all weekend I've been assuming the embryo died at 5 weeks and I'm still carrying it and need a d&c. But my nurse friend told me the bleeding I had was not typical of a m/c. she asked if I'd taken another HPT lately. I told her what my betas were and she agreed I must've m/c but not completely. I took a HPT last night - neg.

Meanwhile, my uterus and cervix are VERY low, tight and closed feeling. I have some mild ligament pain in my sacrum and uterus. My lower belly is kinda "full" feeling and hard. It feels uncomfortable to lie on my belly, and this is different than last week, but similar to my first pregnancy at 8-10 weeks. I've heard it's not common to need a d&c before 10 weeks - that the body usually clears a m/c on it's own til about 10 weeks. I feel like my body is holding on to this pregnancy but why would it do that if it's dead and I have no HCG? I actually feel like my body is changing from the past 2 weeks. I feel pregnant. I know I could feel like this just b/c my uterus is holding on, and I'm just hoping. I'm prepared for anything (I think) at this point.

I read some stuff online about women who get consistently neg betas and HPT's and have healthy babies. I'm dubious and curious. anyone have anything to share in that regard?

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I guess it just seemed like they weren't telling me something, which was weird b/c I was well aware of the m/c and possible need for D&C and asking them about it. It seemed like there was something else they wouldn't tell me, and wanted the doc to tell me.

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That all sounds very difficult and confusing. I hope the doc calls you with answers tomorrow. 

I don't have enough experience to guess whether you could still be pregnant. Having labs misread HCG isn't uncommon.


Hoping for good news from you.

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What Toothfairy said, good luck.

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Ditto what toothfairy and nettlesoup said. I've read of so many women being frustrated by their experiences with (some not all) u/s techs and their lack of responses, uncaring ways, robot-like attitudes, etc. must have been so confusing and upsetting. Also, I think sometimes they are instructed not to say anything which in my opinion is ridiculous, if they are not allowed to discuss what they observe, then the doc should immediately be required to speak with you afterwards or at least within a reasonable amount of time... waiting is just awful!  Hope the doc calls you first thing tomorrow. Please keep us posted, hoping for the best.

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thanks ladies. I also have a 20mm cyst (corpus luteum?) on my left ovary. she said it's not vascular.

so, trilaminar lining, 20mm corpus luteum, and something in the uterus that "doesn't look like a polyp". bleeding inconsistent with a m/c. no new follicles growing. no new cycle starting.

But my progesterone was 0.2 when my Hcg was less than 2, so hormonally it doesn't seem possible.

I hope I get answers tmrw. Will update then.

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You must be going crazy with the lack of answers, I feel for ya. Definitely keep us posted!

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I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your stress and worry. I hate how little information u/s techs give out too. I am crossing my fingers for you and praying for the best. I also wanted to let you know: when my mom was pregnant with my brother back in the 80s, she was 4 months pregnant and her hcg was so low they weren't sure if she was pregnant or not. I'm assuming between 4-6 or something because isn't that the cut off? Anyways, she went on to have a full term baby. Strange things have happened.

If this doesn't turn out how you hoped, I am hoping you have a quick and smooth recovery and don't need a d/c.

Please let us know, and hang in there mama :(

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i am so sorry for your stress and worry as well! 

i hope you get some resolution first thing tomorrow morning.

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I'm sorry you've been hanging in the balance all weekend. Time must be going so slow for you! I hope to hear good news tomorrow from you, and I hope you're able to get solid answers quickly.  That can't be easy on your nerves or emotions.

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well, no answers today. The PA told me they saw what could be a gestational sac, but believe it to be "free floating", ie. not alive b/c my quant beta came back below 2.

She did not tell me the size/age or if they found a HB. I have another message in to the office with those questions.

She said my lining is trilaminar.

her plan of action - wait 4 weeks for my period. after I get my period, get another scan. If I don't get a period in 4 weeks, call her back.

does this seem like a good plan? I have to wait at least 4 weeks to find out if I actually did m/c or if it's possibly still viable?

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I wouldn't wait four weeks, that seems like torture! This is all so crazy. My fingers are crossed so many times for you.
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Can you get a second opinion? It doesn't sound like this Dr is very helpful. You deserve to have your questions answered at least.
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I would NOT be able to wait 4 weeks for something like that. If you really can, you are a saint. You deserve an award. I'm serious. I would be losing my mind. I hope you get some answers sooner than that. And if you have a pregnancy that isnt viable that hasn't cleared yet, wouldn't your doctor need to treat that sooner than 4 weeks? I am no medical professional, but that seems like common sense.



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