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Homeschooling in RI

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Are there any homeschooling mamas here in RI??


I may be planning a move back to RI at the end of the summer this year and need to get info about homeschooling in RI. I just started the process of looking into it via the internet, but would love to hear from people who have or are currently doing it in RI. It seems like it is pretty easy once you get the approval from the local school district. I don't like the idea of having to get the approval of anyone on how to educate my kids, but the law is the law. Anyone have any difficulties in this area. Any info is greatly appreciated. 

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These pages might be helpful to you: http://www.hslda.org/




The facebook page you can ask any of your specific town questions and you will get an answer.  Group of Christian homeschool moms, but it's very active so when you know which town you'll be living in it may be helpful to you.  Some towns make it easy, some not so much.  Not all towns in RI comply with RI state law (they will ask you for more than is required).  which is why it's helpful to ask what other moms in your town have submitted, so that you're not submitting any more than is required by law.

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Thank you.


I have checked out hsdla already. I still have a bunch of questions. I am not on facebook so I can't access that group you mentioned. Thank you for the suggestions! Hmm, maybe I'll reconsider facebook. I used to be on it, but there were things about it that creeped me out, and was ultimately the reason I got off.

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