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Silent reflux?

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Desparate for sleep! Bed-sharing DD, almost 11 months old, wakes approximately ten times each and every night. She nurses back down most of the time, for 30-60 minutes of restless sleep. She has been a poor sleeper for quite a while, but has recently slipped back into an unbearable pattern. My husband and I play musical beds and musical baby all night, trying to each get a small window of sleep. We also have a preschooler, so we try to keep the noise down for his sake.


DD is TOP of the charts for both weight and height, so no failure to thrive, though I fear she nurses extra to soothe the suspected reflux. We really don't hear much in the way of the choking/gurgling, but we do once in a while. She's quite pleasant and happy in the day time. She rarely arches her back, only at night - and only a couple times per week, resolved by nursing, usually. We are vegan, so there's no dairy/egg in the diet and she isn't eating nuts, though I am. She eats mostly banana, carrots, spinach, steel cut oats, beets, winter squash, sweet potatoes, kale, occasional brown rice, occasional apple, and she was eating multi-grain O's with wheat but we've been on break from those for a week. I gave a half-hearted effort to go gluten-free, for a few days, and a little more effort to giving us both probiotics. I consume decaf coffee, tomatoes, chocolate, soy, wheat, beans... I rarely eat broccoli to prevent gassing her up.


So what's a mom to do? Give up all those aforementioned foods, hold baby upright 30 minutes after each of the TEN night feedings...? Also, what about night weaning? I don't want to, and our son would probably suffer lost sleep from it (the anticipated crying spells), but I do wonder if it's part of a bad cycle: nurse-reflux pain-cat nap-nurse-reflux... ALL NIGHT LONG. She has never been interested in a paci, and I am very hesitant to start her on one now, but certainly would if it would help... still, I doubt she would take it. I have wondered if we should get a recliner (sure would have helped if we had gotten one when we started parenting, not as we finish up the baby years) so I can hold her up to sleep at night...


We prefer not to go the medicine route, but we really need some improvement. And really, at the end of all this, I am ONLY SUSPECTING silent reflux. Our ped is pretty relaxed and has indicated in the past that DD may be over eating a little (response to all the night feedings - not to any other info) and also to try holding her upright after feedings (because WE have mentioned possibly mild reflux), which we often fail to do in our exhausted nighttime stupers.


Thank you for any insight, encouragement, etc.

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OP here - Meant to also note she is congested - big brother brings all of his colds home from preschool and shares, and her teething is endless.

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Man that's a lot going on mama... :) Well, it's only temporary, it really doesn't last forever. I didn't start getting even enough sleep (like any) until 14 - 17 ish months... teething is brutal...

Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps; I know that's something we hear with newborns, but any time you need more sleep, that's the way to do it. :)

Clove oil will numb a tooth coming through, but it tastes nasty.... If baby is cutting teeth and you both need sleep, it's real natural herbal medicine, and it is worth a try. We've used it once or twice or so.

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Oh! Gotta get food grade clove oil... most of the stuff in the aromatherapy oils is NOT. :)

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Clove oil, huh? Haven't heard of it, but will look into it. Thanks!


I am now thinking teething may be the much bigger problem over a presumably mild-ish silent reflux issue. I haven't thought a LOT about it, but DD has had 8 teeth for a month or two now - pretty early... And DS had 12 by a year old... So DD may well be working on a lot of teeth now. She definitely chews on her fingers, loves various teething things we offer and is pretty unamused when she gnaws on her fingers.


I have only browsed a few threads, but it doesn't seem that uncommon for babies to wake every hour with teething, esp. canines and molars, which she would be working on. Poor child. And while we hate dosing her, ibuprofen has been of limited value. I bought the Hyland's gel, but then we decided against it b/c of belladonna questions. Tablets never helped my son... So, like many baby things, I guess we are here to ride this out.

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