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Maya Abdominal Massage

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Does anyone have experience receiving Maya Abdominal Massage? I keep reading good things about it, but it is awfully expensive (at least around here), and I would love to hear about what other people experienced during and after doing it.

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I had a few sessions, but became pregnant so had to stop. Not sure if I was able to get any benefits from the few sessions. It was very relaxing and she would massage the lower abdominal/pelvic area and then my lower back. she could tell by feeling from the outside where my uterus was and what shape it was in, very interesting. She also taught me a modified version of the massage to do every night at home which was great, so you could certainly try a few sessions and keep up with the self-care if funds are an issue.

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I had one session a little over a year ago.  I had to set it up with a practitioner near my family, and go while we were visiting during the holidays because there were no practitioners in my state. 


I went because I had been having chronic pelvic floor pain since ds1 was born.  I've since figured out that the pain is from some hidden varicose veins, and I've learned a few more tricks to manage it.  The massage didn't really help the pain issue, unfortunately, but she did move my uterus back to the right position.  That was one of the strangest, coolest feelings I've ever experienced.  She said it was a little a low and a little to the right.  She tried a couple of the massage strokes to move it, and then on the third try caught it.  I felt it shift back into place, and had this really strange rush of emotion and relief.  That cycle my luteal phase was about 3 days longer than it had been since the return of my menses postpartum (15 days instead of 12).  The next cycle I got pregnant without even really trying, (sex 4 days before ovulation). 


I have moved closer to a practitioner since then, and I'd love to go back now that I've had my second baby, just to make sure things have returned to the right spot, but we haven't carved out the money in the budget yet. 



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Thanks! That's good to hear. The person around her charges around $400 for the first session. Would you pay that for it?
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Wow, $400 is a lot!  My appt. was $90, but she was about to raise her rates in the new year (my appt was end of December).  I just checked and her current rates are $125 for the initial appt and $85 for subsequent visits. 


$400 would be a lot harder for us to find the money for.  You should be taught the self-care massage at the first visit, which could be nice to know. 


What issues are you hoping to find help with?

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I agree that $400 feels like a lot. I wish that there were someone who charged closer to $125, since that would feel more doable.

I had a c-section at the end of 2011 and I've heard that Maya Abdominal Massage is a good thing to do after a cesarean to make sure that everything is looking ok. So I don't have any symptoms that I'm hoping to treat, which I think it why I'm especially reluctant to pay lots of money to do it....
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Wow! $400 is a lot! Mine was $175 for the first session and $100 for all other visits and I live in a pretty high cost of living area. I also had a c-section and went before my 2nd pregnancy but as I mentioned, I got pregnant right away so only had 2-3 sessions. My uterus was out of place but not sure if that was due to the c-section...

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Thanks, Momo. That is useful to hear. Maybe I'll see if there are any other practitioners a little farther from me who charge less.
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I went for 2 monthly sessions and got pregnant the second month so I stopped treatment. I had gone in because we were struggling to conceive our third after 2 c-sections so it definitely worked for me! It also helped with my pelvic floor pain and my therapist helped me work through some other physical/emotional issues I was holding on to.
$400 is an excessive price. I think mine was $120 for the initial treatment and $90 for follow up.
I would recommend it to anyone, it was an awesome experience. Totally out of my comfort zone but I'm glad I went.
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Thanks, Yallcomeback! It sounds like a great experience.
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I took a workshop with several practitioners.  We learned self-care.  As part of the workshop, we received an individual session.  It was amazing.  I really appreciate learning the self-care.  I think $400 for one session is really expensive.  I just looked up the self-care intensive.  It's $375 for a whole weekend workshop.  I'm not sure where you live, but here's a link to finding a practitioner near you.  I think $100 is a more reasonable rate for a session.  I also found a practitioner who offers a cheaper price just to learn self-care.  Good luck!



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Thanks, Ravenstar. That's a good suggestion. A workshop would be wonderful.
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You're welcome!  The workshop was amazing.  I learned a lot about myself, about women's bodies and about herbs too.

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