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"Midwife" - a documentary project

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Hi, I'm working on a documentary about the homebirth midwifery profession. (You can learn more about it here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/midwife-a-documentary)


I've been following a local homebirth midwife around to some of her prenatals, births, postpartums, to quietly show what the life of a homebirth midwife looks like.


Another aspect I would like to explore is in states where homebirth midwifery is not legal (like SD, specifically, since that is the closest to where I live), and the choices the families, or midwives, are left with then.


So, if you know of anyone who might be interested in appearing in and being interviewed for this project, please e-mail me: allisonkuznia at gmail dot com.


Do you know of any practicing (or not-practicing anymore) midwives who might be interested in appearing in this film?

Are you a family who couldn't find a homebirth midwife in your area? What did you do? (unassisted birth? hospital?)


Thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated in bringing this project to life.


- Allison Kuznia

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Just thought I'd bump your post up as it seems to have gotten lost in the forum crowd. redface.gif



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Thanks for the bump. I've found a couple people to interview in SD and will be going there mid-March. Got lots of other interviews underway and should be able to get a trailer and website up soon. :)
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Did you reach SD's midwife at Woman Kind Midwifery?  Jeanne Prentice is usually willing to meet and do interviews. 

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Thanks. I haven't talked with her, but I did meet with some lovely ladies from South Dakota Birth Matters, and they had a lot of great stuff to contribute. In the editing process now, hoping to have the film done by September.

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