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Fargo :)

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Hey everyone! I just recently moved to Fargo ND from Marshall MN - I lived in MN basically my whole life and then we moved up here to ND back in December. So far I like it, I'm used to the cold but I am not used to the CONSTANT WIND! LOL :) Is anyone from Fargo/Moorhead area? Or live close to Fargo? The only people I know out here are my in-laws :). We have three children, 7 year old boy, 5 year old daughter and 7 month old boy!

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Welcome to Mothering!! Just thought I'd bump your post up as it seems to have gotten lost in the forum crowd. redface.gif


Anyone in the area wanna say hello?

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We are moving to Fargo in July. We live in Minneapolis now, so I'm hoping that cold weather won't be too hard to adjust to. We have 2 kids, ages 2 years and 9 weeks. I am a little nervous aboyt moving to a small town, but have heard lots of good things about Fargo/Moorehead, so hoping for the best!
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Ladies, a lot of the moms have moved from here to FB.  There is a group called Crunchy Moms of ND, which has moms from Fargo, Moorhead, and other cities across the state.  If you'd like to join, just send me a message on FB at JohnJennifer Jeppson

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Motheirng is more than happy to open a forum for Fargo moms or more generally for ND moms. Let me know of that would be of interest and I'll get it set up for you. love.gif

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Thanks Cynthia!  There's a group on here called The Big North Dakota thread (some thing along those lines).  It's still kept updated, but the FB has several members that aren't members of Mothering.  We often suggest people join both, so they don't miss something!

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Thanks so much jljeppson. :) We can create a group for The Big North Dakota thread. Please let everyone know and if there is interest I'll get it set up. Having a group is like having your own forum, giving you more organization of discussions. thumb.gif

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