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I too woke up with the runs. No fever. Lol still "running".

DP is in denial. He thinks cause I got pregnant on the pill that the pill mimics pregnancy therefore since it tricks the body into thinking its pregnant the pill can make 4 false positive pregnancy tests including the one with my mw. I can understand he's in shock. I hope he snaps back soon. He says I need a doctor to confirm. Sigh.
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Maine Mama- Nice! lol. I think inhaled is a good way to describe how quickly I ate too haha. My husband had the same thing, and I finished faster than he did! Never ever happens haha

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AFM- I felt fine when I went to bed, but couldn't go back to sleep after the diarrhea episode because I was so nauseas, it's like my m/s turned on just because I woke up...ugh.

When it is really bitter cold outside I have to get up a couple times in the night to stoke the woodstove and I've found that just doing that makes my m/s kick in.  Every time I get up it takes my stomach what feels like an hour to settle back down enough to let me fall asleep.  It kind of sucks.  If I thought DH wouldn't just sleep through the alarms I would make him do it.



as far as red meat cravings go...
Um...I spent like half of yesterday trying to figure out what meal wouldn't make me too queasy to eat  I ended up cooking a massive venison filet with a huge side of potatoes. We don't eat a whole lot of red meat usually because we raise our own pork.  Somehow it was just the only thing I could imagine enjoying last night.  I was also walking past a local cafe the other day and the smell of burgers was literally intoxicating. 

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Well, I don't have good news. We only saw an empty sac on the ultrasound. So I guess this is goodbye. :( I hope you all have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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Lc, I'm so sorry :( Big hugs to you hug2.gif

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Oh, I'm so sorry Lisa

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Lc I am so sorry to hear your sad news! Take care of yourself over the coming days and weeks!
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LC I am so sorry. I've been there. Its a dark place. Feel free to pm me.
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Oh LC, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Spend the next few days being kind to yourself.

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Had my first midwives appointment this morning which was great and have a scan next Wednesday 2/27. To check on our wee bean for peace of mind. Feeling much better today physically fingers crossed its onwards and upwards hehe and outwards from here.
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LC- I'm so sorry!  I will be sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way. :(

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Finally got my first ultrasound booked when im just about 8 weeks on March 4th. Hope everything looks okay and Ill find out one or two!!?! as its a clomid baby! EEEK.


LC: Im so sorry!!!! Everyone gets excited about their first ultrasound and thats definitely not what anyone wants to hear :( It makes me nervous :(.

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Deli- How did you get your doctor to book your ultrasound!? I'm going nuts wondering if I'll have one on thursday at my first appt, I'll be between 7 and 8 weeks. I really want to have an ultrasound!

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I have to ask for mine tomorrow.
I'm terrified.
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I have to ask for mine tomorrow.
I'm terrified.
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Just checking in from my phone to say OW! On business travel today, the trip took a lot out of me so I was settling in early for bed. Well, I guess I was fluffing and rearranging my pillows with too much gusto, because just as I was about to lay down I felt this awful wrenching feeling on the right side of my body - neck, shoulder, chest, and back. Limped way down the hall to the hotel's ice machine and now I'm propped up icing my whole upper right side. Ugh...
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Oh no Sphinxy! I hope the ice and a good nights sleep help!
Dahlia are you able to ring ahead and request an ultrasound. My first one next week is purely for peace of mind and to just check dates, as I got my BFP so early in the cycle.
Dh is working late tonight so I am flying solo and today is the first day I've not napped when my son did so I'm feeling rather tired. To say the least.
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How early was your bfp?
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Hi there Shiloh, I got my BFP on cd21
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I had that happen once too!
Mind you I also can have 20+ day cycles.
I have concieved on day 6 and day 7 except they never believe me as "everyone" concieves on day 14 wink1.gif
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