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Thanks ciga, I'm ok as of now other than being a little queasy.
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I could barely eat yesterday.
Today similar.
Everything tastes weird.
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Intense craving for a milkshake since last night. I tried protein. Tried making a smoothie, which helped, but still dreaming of a oreo milkshake.


In the meantime, waiting on the results of my bloodwork. My OB messed up the order twice, so everything's taken longer than expected. Has anyone here had a home birth if they've taken aspirin for a clotting disorder? I wonder if, especially with my history of pp hemorrhage, I'll risk out of a home birth if the test results show that I have a clotting disorder.

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I called my doctor.
My hcg is not in yet.
I'm nervous. I'm always nervous.
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It's ok Shiloh, I'm sure you'll hear soon! Feel better, btw!
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Revolting, I would loooove to chow down on an m&m blizzard right now!!! I blame you lol
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Oohhhh mac n cheese sounds so good Dahlia. And not any "healthy" kind. The good o' boxed Kraft kind.


I have been a pretty healthy eater for a few years now. I normally have a green smoothie for breakfast and then snack on fruit all day. Dinner is the unpredictable meal based on what DH cooks, so that wasn't always healthy. But right now I am just craving heavy foods to sit in my belly for a while. I haven't been able to handle the idea of my usual smoothie the last couple of days.

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I actually had an Indian meal which tasted amazing!
Not much in the way of whole, fresh produce and nutrient dense superfoods but it was more varied than what I have been eating.

Why are most foods and scents so atrocious? !
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Well Im out, m/c last night after spotting all day yesterday. Would have been 6 weeks today so still early but incredibly disappointed after two years of TTC. I have blood tests to do today and friday. Much love and baby dust to everyone. We'll see about next month :( :( :(.

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I'm so sorry deli! hug2.gif

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hug2.gif. I'm really sorry deli.. take care of yourself lady
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Serafina, I know what you mean! I am only eating things that sound good to me. Fortunately SOME fruit/veggies sound good -lots of grapefruit & raspberries. But last night the only thing I could keep down was vanilla pudding and a meatball sub from Subway - and I haven't eaten beef in 7 years! What in the world! 


Dahlia - I'm also living on a lot of saltines and gatorade! They are my new comfort food. Haha. I woke up in the middle of the night to eat 3 crackers because I could feel my stomach turning.

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deli I'm so sorry for your loss. Hoping you are able to find some answers soon. Take care of yourself. 

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I am so sorry for your loss Deli! Take care of yourself. 


I am wondering if you all have any experience with this. I have been sick with the flu which I mentioned. I have been having spotting with mucousy brown and pink blood sometimes when I go pee. I have however been coughing so hard my eyes are watering. I am so nauseous I can't sleep and I can't sleep because everytime I lay down I choke and start coughing like crazy. I was in hospital on Monday evening and they gave me fluids and did an  ultrasound which was reassuring. Baby looked great and was right on with growth. I am however still nervous since I am still spotting. The ultra sound tech did mention that I have a fairly large cyst on my ovary, so I am wondering if between that and the coughing is why I am spotting. What do you guys think?

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Deli I'm so sorry!  Best healing wishes to you.

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Luv, you could have a small sub chorionic hemmorage that it sealing up.  They are usually nothing to worry about and can range from spotting to very heavy bleeding.



Ladies with losses, my heart goes out to you.  Please take care of yourselves and heal well.  

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So sorry Deli!
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Deli - I'm sorry this happened to you.  so many of us know your pain and no matter how early it is, it's no easier to experience.  my heart goes out to you

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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post

I could barely eat yesterday.
Today similar.
Everything tastes weird.

I'm in the same weird tasting boat as you - everything tastes awful EXCEPT the worst things... cheeseburgers with mac sauce taste fine, and potatoes with real butter... margarine tastes like plastic now.  Ironically, I'm old enough to know better, and this is not my first pregnancy, but I am hopeless!!

Hope you find some crappy food you can stomach! 


PS I've been reading your posts and if you feel the need to vent, please feel free to inbox me!  I'm old, opinionated and have been through much stuff in this life...

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I suddenly can't stand the thought of tacos. I used to looove tacos! What a sad day lol

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