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Hey Ladies! I am currently 6 wks3 days due oct 18th (around my bday). Past few weeks I have been beyond exhausted..when noon hits I need a nap and when 9pm hits I am asleep in a matter of seconds. Been nauseous but not as severe as with my first!! Nice to know what normal nausea feels like! It sucks but no blood vessels broken in my face yet!

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hello everyone. I usually shy away from these threads because I just can't keep up and then I feel bad that I may have left someone out. Please forgive me if I only pop in once in a blue moon and give general well wishes to everyone equally.

I went ahead and downloaded the fertility friend app (I got a new phone several weeks ago and hadn't bothered yet to download it because I didn't think I'd kept up with it) and low and behold I DID actually mark down my LMP. I had been guessing when I called my midwife and I'd guessed quite wrong. It looks like I'm due more in the middle of the month rather than the end. Now I'm beginning to be convinced this WILL be another October baby after all (our 2nd was due late sept and her birthday is oct 10). So it looks like I'm 6.5 weeks along.

I'm super bloated. I'm normally quite thin and I can't suck in my belly anymore. I'm already going for all the baggy blouses because it's going to be hard to keep it mum until April! Even when I lay on my back I'm bulging roundly down there!

Not to many other symptoms. A little queasiness usually in the night or early morning due to fasting. Citrus slices at my bedside have seemed to remedy that. Extreme fatigue and tender and growing breasts (yay! I'd looked like prunes after weaning my son) and too much excitement.

Too tired to keep going. Love to all! -echo
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headscratch.gif I'm just wondering if anyone else is wondering if they are carrying twins or multiples??? I am really starting to wonder. I just have a multitude things that make me think it could be a possibility.


- I am already showing, none of pants fit and I can already feel my uterus above my pubic bone. 

- I have already heard a heartbeat at 7wks 4days which is really early.

- I have never been so tired in my entire life, not even with my other two pregnancies.

  I'm napping for at least two hours before lunch and then for about an hour at 4pm :-( 

when we were ttc I felt myself ovulate for my left side, and a day later I am sure the same on the right.....

- I got a BFP on cd21


any ideas? I have an ultrasound In less than 48hrs so that will definitely confirm if we are expecting multiples or not. 


Hope everyone else is surviving today! grouphug.gif

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Danielle, I think I am wondering only because nothing is for sure, you know? It definitely sounds like there's a high chance for you! Although with my DS I slept around 14 hours a night and was constantly fatigued, only it turned out I was growing a linebacker ;)


I'm still super early, but I feel so good it's scary. I wake up at 3 everyday to eat and pee, and I have a crazy ridiculous runny nose. Other than that I'm in a great mood and I have tons of energy. It would be great if this whole pregnancy went this way but I'm sure it will change soon...

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The last few days were sort of miserable. We closed on our first house (yay!) on Friday and that was also the first morning I actually heaved. I didn't have anything to bring up, but still heaved over the sink for a bit. Then all the driving around to the bank, the title company, the house, the apartment - I was on the verge of tossing my cookies pretty much all day and only held it back by the barest of margins. And I still had a lot of packing to do that night. Saturday was moving day and I heaved again that morning. Thankfully DH and his friends did almost all the lifting and moving, so I just of just stood around doing very little. I did a lot of putting stuff away, laundry, and did grocery shopping later that day though, so I wasn't totally useless. Yesterday I put some clothes away, another load of laundry, and got a few more things from the apartment, but that was about it. At least I went straight for breakfast when I got up so I didn't barf. Today I ate a banana when I got up, so again avoided barfing. Phew!


I am so tired today. I'll be getting up at 5am henceforward to deal with the longer commute to work. Putting away the rest of our crap feels like a monumental task on top of working all day.


I suppose it could be worse though. At least I'm not actively throwing up all the time. I just have to eat, like, every two hours to keep the nausea under some semblance of control. It kinda sucks because I had finally in the last couple of years gotten my diet under control to the point where I stopped getting the horrible sweaty, shaky hunger I used to get, which used to basically make me constantly aware of needing to eat regularly. I was enjoying the ability to be flexible with my eating and be ok going for a while without food. Now I am back to having to watch my eating all the time. It's just a nuisance. And I can't stomach my usual healthy stuff. It's fattening, greasy food all over the place for me now. Ah well, such is life I guess.


Hope you ladies are feeling at least "ok" if not fabulous.

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Danielle - Yes, I have wondered the same thing, and for most of the same reasons you listed! I can't feel my uterus above my pubic bone yet, but I am only 7w1d today, and I also have a huge scar right over my pubic bone from my surgery last October, which makes it hard to "feel around" down there. But I am right there with you on the early BFP, the tiredness and the inability to wear most pants. I think I have officially switched to leggings.


For a few hours yesterday I felt really good and had a burst of energy, so (stupid me) I tried to do some work in the garden and must've pulled a muscle in my back or something. My back is killing me today :( 


I did finally end up calling my OB about the spotting I was having last week. The nurse said (as I thought) that it was nothing to worry about unless it was accompanied by cramping, fever or red/pink blood. Either way, it only happened that one day and hasn't been back, so I'm feeling OK about it. She said that sometimes when the placenta attaches it releases a little bit of old blood, usually from implantation. Relieved :) 

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I'm still on pins and needles about the job I interviewed for ten days ago and I haven't found out a thing, not even if I get a second interview or not.  
Interestingly, my current boss revealed five days ago that our company's operations are totally kaput in this country so my last day is on wednesday and after that I have no job as of now.  Fingers crossed and double crossed about this one I'm up for.  It may be my last shot to interview for any job before I'm obviously showing.  I can still wear loose blouses and not be obvious, but I wore jeans and a regular top out last weekend to a bar with a girlfriend to sing karaoke (I was feeling surprisingly good on saturday, so I agreed) and she took one look at me and guessed I was pregnant.  I guess when your friends know how thin you normally are, any thickening/ bloating around the middle is tell-tale.  But strangers wouldn't have any way to know I'm not just shaped this way.  :)  For NOW.  In about three weeks I think I'll be totally obvious.   I'm 9 weeks today.

Queasiness better.  Slightly icky alllllll the time, but nothing I can't soldier through.  
I had a stressed out moment wondering if my weekend of severe sickness (two weekends ago) might have been Listeriosis, so I went and got bloodwork done to be tested for it,  and five/six days later I'm still waiting for the results.  :/   I just want that peace of mind NOW.

I'm preparing for the possibility of lots of down time (when kids are at their dads' & I don't have a job) by downloading tons of tv series I've always wanted to watch (Upstairs, Downstairs ((1971)) since I watched all the Downtown Abbey episodes and am hungry for more of the same, as well as the three seasons of Treme.  Both are turning out to be good) and books I've been meaning to read (everything Alexander McCall Smith writes just feels like a pleasant holiday to be reading.  I adore the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series as well as 44 Scotland St series) in addition to pg/birthing books I never read the first times around.


I've been cramping last night and a bit today.  Nothing severe, but that lower back ache is definitely what I associate with as period cramping and the kind of back labor I have.  It's my uterus, for sure.  And I don't like this.  I don't want ANY cramping.  :/   I also felt last night mild pain in the front lower left side where the womb is.  Today, I felt a little splurt of wetness in my panties and practically ran, hyperventillating to the toilet to check to see if fresh red blood was in my panties, but it was just a drop of odorless wetness.  (Sorry, TMI).  WTF? (odd)    No idea why the cramping is happening, but I hope it goes away soon.

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Came back from hemo. Just aspirin for now, and crazy panty hose - injectable blood thinners looking for sure by trimester 2. She said I was "overly calm"...only on the outside.
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So, so, so, tired lately..anyone else exhausted? I am 6 weeks 4 days!

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Hi Echo & Mommy2CC  smile.gif   Congratulations to you guys!


DanielleNZ: What was your your HCG on your beta?  That's sometimes a good indicator, but everything you listed sounds multiple!  Especially when you have other pregnancies to compare to.. How exciting!! 


Blonhrt88: I have exactly the same problem, but mine is more 4am.. and I pretty much have breakfast after my wake up wee :)


Slammerkin: Moving house?  You poor thing!!  I still have unpacked boxes of junk in my shed from my last move - when I was 5 months pregnant with my 14 year old son  Sheepish.gif  I do feel for you having to deal with the unpacking, I'm obviously not very good at it lol.. Good luck on keeping the nausea at bay too.


Justclaire: So glad you got some reassurance and nothing more came from the spotting!  Leggings sound great btw :) we are in the middle of summer, so I'm jealous.  I just use rubber bands to hold my skirt together haha


Serafina: They can tell us cramping is normal as much as they want but I hate it too.  I'd rather have any other symptom than that!  Lucky you can pull off baggy clothes - it's really hot here atm (around 95-100 degrees everyday), so I can't layer anything over this bump and I look ridiculously pregnant already.. Masses of luck for your new job!  That's a really hard position to be in even when you're not pregnant so my fingers are crossed for you!


Mommy2CC: Completely exhausted too :) and my ability to sleep sitting up is amazing lol


Shiloh: Overly calm?  You can share some calm around if you want :) Hope you're feeling better!

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Quick little update, I've been too nauseous to be really active around here so my apologies! Went for our 2nd u/s today and got a more accurate due date - 9/30. I'm 9 weeks. Here's a picture of the little bugger, whose heart is still beating away fast as can be. He/she even did a little stretch for us! 



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I'm only calm on the outside.
Inside is cat stuck in dryer
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In the waiting room now for my first ultrasound. Eek!
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aw Sarah that's great :) I'm so excited for my ultrasound!


Mommy2cc- I've been totally beat too!! I'm exactly 8 weeks. I think I've gotten a little more used to it though, so that helps.


Danielle, I can feel/see my uterus now too! I haven't really been worried about multiples, though. Although my hcg quadrupled in 48 hours when I first had my blood drawn to confirm pregnancy haha. So who knows!


AFM woo hoo, 8 weeks today! I'm in the process of setting up my first ultrasound, and can't wait!!

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Hehe, Shiloh... Cat in the dryer! Totally get it!

AFM - I have trouble keeping up with the dailies but lurk every so often. Due 10/21. All early nausea and sore bbs disappeared suddently at 5w. But HCG levels excellent at 5w2d. so staying positive!

I think my only remaining symptom (if really a symptom!) is that my favorite spicy foods are now just way too spicy. Not for my tummy but for my mouth. It's soooo weird. I love spicy food (esp indian & thai curries!) but even the mildest stuff burns my mouth... Sigh... Oh, and I can smell mildew from the next county... Yuk!
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Shiloh - that's funny, the cat in the dryer analogy.  I can't say I'm that angsty, but slightly angsty nonetheless.  I guess we all are!


Sarah, great news for you!   I'm also 9 weeks, and at first visit my dr calculated the due date is Oct 2, but may be actually the very end of September as well.  Regardless, I will just be happy to get past August and somewhat into September before PTL symptoms win and I deliver.


I have to wait at least two weeks for an ultrasound and I'm so impatient.


Suzie - thanks!  I'm dying to hear an update.  At this point, eleven days of pins & needles entitles me to at LEAST a second interview, right???  Sheesh, if they were going to eliminate me after round one, you'd think they would go ahead and put me out of my misery before this point.


Sphinxy -  Good luck!!


Guppyluv -  most foods, especially those I used to love, nauseate me and my hyper sensitive wolf nose to the point where I don't cook dinners anymore.  I pour a bowl of cheerios because the thought of which doesn't set my stomach churning.



I'm at my penultimate day at work (current job),  (procrastinating) writing a motivation letter for a masters program (my plan B, in case the job falls through) that is very in line with my undergrad major subject.  I'm waiting for my transcript and one of the recommendation letters to arrive from the states and I'm nervous they won't get here in time.  I only have two days left.  Of course, if I get this job, I won't apply at all, I'll just be so happy to be earning a great salary with an interesting job!!!  joy.gif

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Hey Mama's! My name is Lillith! I am new to the club. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby number 4 :) Today is going well with just slight morning sickness. 

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Sooo, I have to admit that I think I've been kinda absent around these parts because I've been nervous. Nervous about getting too excited or attached or real with everything so early. And then we heard the heartbeat last night and saw our little nugget, and I know I'm not the first to say this and won't be the last, but HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AMAZING. There really is a baby in there, guys! (just one, Danielle!) I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I didn't realize how badly I needed to see that.


I've scrolled back a day or two for personals and promise to be more active and supportive of you all in the days and months ahead!


slammerkin - Congrats on your house! That must be exhausting to tackle right now. Good luck getting settled. I hope there are some things that you can wait on unpacking until you get that 2nd tri boost of energy.


justclaire - Sending you healing thoughts for your back. 


serafina - Oh, I am right there with you on pins and needles. DW had an interview two weeks ago for a job that would allow us to move back to our home (we are currently renting 3 hours away in a place we don't really like), and I really think she got it but the waiting is awful. Good luck to you! I also am starting to realize that pants are getting too tight. That's OK for me right now most days because I work from home in lounge pants, but for going out I have like one pair of jeans that I'm washing constantly. Going to have to figure something out soon but it seems too early to buy pregnancy clothes for some reason. 


mommy2cc - Yes, I am exhausted all the time it seems. I get a few good hours each day, and I am even considering seeing if I can work a mid-day nap into my schedule.





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Well it's 5am Wednesday morning here in nz and I have been awake since 3:30am feeling anxious about my ultrasound which is in just over 5hours. I have been curious to see if we are carrying twins because I am huge for "my" dates. And all the other symptoms I have been having. I guess we will know soon enough, today is definitely going to be a nap day.


SARAHL - what a gorgeous wee bean you have there! Will post a photo of our scan later today.


DAHLIA- cant wait to hear when your ultrasound is!!!! It's so exciting we are so much closer to 12 weeks now. 


SPHINXY - so happy to hear your ultrasound went well! And that you heard babies heartbeat it is such a special moment, I hear you on being nervous. This uncertainty is killing me and this is my third pregnancy. I am much nervous now than with number 1 oh to be naive again. 


PEACEMAMALOVE - WELCOME!!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy Lillith! 



Wish me luck ladies I'm going to try and get some more sleep before our day officially starts. At least I have a few things to keep me busy only five hours to go!!!! bigeyes.gif

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Sphinxy I understand! I'm so anxious to have my first ultrasound. I'm waiting for the office to call me back to set up an appt... grr.
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