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I'm having one of those days where I'm all worried about nothing. My nausea isn't really noticeable today, so of course my mind goes straight to panic greensad.gif
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Also, I thought you all might get a kick out of this. I got nervous the other day when I went to pee and saw that I might be lightly spotting bright red... and then I remembered that I ate beets for lunch. yummy.gif

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Hey Sphinxy!!  Congratulations on hearing a heartbeat! ROTFLMAO.gif  So happy for  you!

And maybe you should remove beets from your diet, just for about 7 months, just to avoid that kind of shock LOL  I would never have made that connection, and would prob have been at the emergency department (looking like an idiot)

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Hahaha, I know the feeling. I bought a pack of tests last Sunday to make sure I was still preggers because I had no symptoms!


today I'm congested and exhausted, fatigue is definitely settling in. I'm glad to know this little bean is growing though !


first midwife appt is Friday and I can't wait to find out how far I actually am!

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Does anyone have no symptoms so far? I'm really anxious because the only symptom I have is tender breasts. Last time (although we ended up loosing baby) I had tons of symptoms (fatigue, frequent urination, cramping, morning sickness). This time I have none. I'm only 5 weeks now, but last time I had plenty of these at 5 weeks. Ugh! Hate this stress. (not that it matters but my older two are adopted so I have never actually completed a pregnancy, I don't have the confidence that my body knows how to do this)

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grouphug.gif Huge hugs to everyone it seems we are all having a bit of a rough day and feeling anxious about our precious little babies. 

I hope you hear back from your drs office ASAP Dahlia.

only two more hours until my scan and I've had a bit more sleep. But I am still really feeling panicky. About to have breakfast which I hope will help. 

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Just tired and short tempered today smile.gif just walked out of a meeting b/c I couldn't see the point of the discussion (we were arguing in circles around ourselves really) and was about to lose it (ie scream at someone!) guessing that's hormones. Lol. Time for a nap! Ugh.
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I'm an idiot lol. I'm nauseous now. Yay? I found an unopened 3 pack of frers in my nightstand yesterday and totally used one haha. The test line was still crazy dark, so I don't know why I was letting myself worry today. duh.gif

Danielle I'm so excited to hear all about your ultrasound!! I'm sure it will be amazing smile.gif

Superbeans, I hate how there isn't any way to know for sure. Trust me, we all feel your pain. It's such an exciting but nervewracking time. Good luck lady!! I bet your baby is doing great in there, and you haven't gotten to the worst of the hormones yet.

Blonhrt, hooray for fatigue lol! I'm with ya. Seriously thinking of taking a nap right now.
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Well, I just got off the phone setting up my ultrasound, it's not until match 28th!! Arggg! That means I won't even get to hear the heartbeat til then. I'm so disappointed that it's so far away.
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Definitely not an idiot Dahlia, I have done the same thing in the last few weeks. It's just that little bit of reassurance. 

Sorry to hear your meeting made you frustrated Guppyluv. I think you did the right thing, last thing us pregnant mummas need is extra stress. 

1 hour until I leave home for my scan and I am SOOOOOOOOO nervous guilty.gif feeling sick I'm that nervous, not even morning sickness kind of sick, that awful kind in the Pitt of your stomach. Drinking lots of water and counting down the minutes until we leave. 


I have to say I am so thankful to have a place with so many wonderful woman experiencing the same anxiety as myself. It's so nice to have support and comfort during this stressful time. I really appreciate it. Especially at 3:30pm this morning when I couldn't sleep it was comforting knowing you were all awake. hug2.gif

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Im usually always up at 3 Danielle, no worries! Lol

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I feel your pain Dahlia! My first appt isn't until March 20th, at which point I'll then be able to make an ultrasound appt (which will be another 2 weeks or so later). Its so hard to wait!!


If its just because they couldn't get you in sooner maybe you can ask if they will let you come in if someone cancels? They let me do that last pregnancy. There were no openings for two weeks, but someone didn't show and the lady called and was like "can you be here in 30 minutes?"

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Leaving in ten minutes eek can you tell I'm freaking out! Why I'm not sure really.


oh Dahlia how frustrating, I agree ring them back and tell them you'll take last minute cancelations if you can, give them your cellphone number. Is there somewhere else you can book? I have my scan this morning at a place called horizon and my next one schedule for a 28th march at a place called ultrasound projects. 

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Sorry I can't keep up with everybody!


Sphinxy that's hilarious about the beets!


Blonhrt I hope the time passes quickly til your appt on Fri! Also, can I just say your pic makes me smile every time I see it? It's so cute!


Superbeans, you're probably fine! Every pregnancy is different, or so they say. I dunno what I'm talking about. This is my first, lol.


Danielle, good luck at your appt!


Dahlia, I haven't peed on a stick in a while, but watch out, you might get the "hook" effect soon. I'd probably pee on another if I could find one though, lol.


Guppy I need a nap too. Getting through the workdays is becoming hard!


So just the other day I was saying I'd rather be all gassy the way I was early on than deal with the nausea anymore...well, heellllooooo today I am gassy as all getout. NOT comfortable. But it is still better than wanting to barf. My nausea is certainly not gone, but I am managing it better by pretty much eating all.the.time. Which means I've gained weight around my middle (where I always gain weight) and I feel enormous. I know it's not baby, just chub and gas. Boooo.


Tomorrow will be 7 weeks, and one week until my first appointment and ultrasound.

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Superbeans maybe this is a different gender? My loss I was barfy but not tired. This preg like my dd I'm dumb and exhausted.
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Slammer kin, that was my last pregnancy. Luckily, the gas bubble jumps right to baby bump at some point! Hang in there! 


I love that my pic makes you smile. I'm nervous he will wean through this pregnancy but I'm going to use all the tricks in my bag to keep him interested. I went through a lot trying to be successful breastfeeding him and I'm not anywhere near ready for him to be done! He still loves to nurse, but the change in taste and lack of is making him annoyed!

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Back from my ultrasound, we have ONE very special little baby in there with a beautiful strong heartbeat! So so excited measuring perfectly for our dates. So so happy and at school pick up I got to cluck over a tiny two week old boy named "Ari" short for "Aribin" my goodness he was so precious. Hope your all doing ok as the day has progressed!
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So excited for you!!! Welcome Ari!
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Thanks blonhrt. I was complaining to DH last night that I just feel fat fat fat. He thinks it's ok. Doesn't understand, lol.


Danielle, glad to see your appt went well!

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Glad to see my weight gain has somewhat plateaued. I think I was carrying a lot of water weight before. Hopefully I can slow it down from here. The last couple of days have been pretty bad, but I forgot and pigged out on some sour jelly beans my DP gave me. I've realized that when I eat a lot of sweets it makes my morning sickness get way worse and the effects linger through the next day. So no more of that. I had an egg burrito for breakfast which tasted really good. I'm only a little bit nauseated right now. I'm kinda craving mexican food for lunch. I wonder if we should order in? I really hate cooking right now. It was all I could do to scramble those eggs this morning.  


Danielle, glad you got to see your bean on the U/S! Dahlia, hope you get in soon.

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