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I think I am carrying quite a bit of water too Serenyd. Hoping some relaxing today will help these last few days have been pretty chaotic. So we're spending the day at home, doing home things. We're all exhausted. Nearly the end of the week though yay! 

Was so exciting to see our beautiful baby yesterday. I took scan photos to my 75 year old Nana and even though she is very very sick, she said how beautiful it was, bless. 

So loving having my husband home to help, life is so much calmer when we're all together. 

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I think I am carrying quite a bit of water too Serenyd. Hoping some relaxing today will help these last few days have been pretty chaotic. So we're spending the day at home, doing home things. We're all exhausted. Nearly the end of the week though yay! 

Was so exciting to see our beautiful baby yesterday. I took scan photos to my 75 year old Nana and even though she is very very sick, she said how beautiful it was, bless. 

So loving having my husband home to help, life is so much calmer when we're all together. Hope your all feeling ok today!

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Doing great here. I can't make plans in them am be ause I'm so tired, and I nap with DS around lunchtime to feel normal for the rest of the day lol. I can't really complain about only dealing with congestion and fatigue though!


friday needs to hurry up and get here. This week is dragging...

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I haven't read the last few pages worth of posts so please forgive me if this has already been posted, but has anyone else been craving red meat?  I had promised myself I wouldn't eat out all week and that went to crap when I just HAD to have a cheeseburger today.  I swear I didn't want it, I NEEDED it!  It was sooo good too lol.

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Blonhrt, I agree. This week is taking it's sweet time!! Ugh! I'm fighting the fatigue too. It's hard, but at least we can get a nap sometimes :) I took an hour nap today haha. Then I woke up nauseated lol... oh well! 


Danielle, that's so nice that your Nana is able to experience this special time with you :) Big hugs, I completely understand how important grandparents are. Prayers for her <3


I'm looking into a new OB. I'm not happy that my current one doesn't have any ultrasound equipment in the office, and that they're not doing one earlier than 12 weeks. So, I called around, and have a new appt with a new doctor, scheduled for march 13th :) If I decide to see a male doctor, instead of insisting on a female, I can probably get in for one next week..... I'm very tempted. But that makes me a little uncomfortable :/ Am I weird!? haha


I hope you're all doing well, and not feeling too cruddy!

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John16n33 - I don't know if it was the red meat or the grease, but yes... I got my lunch from Five Guys on Monday. It tasted soooo goooood!

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Omg Sphinxy, 5 guys sounds so good. I just made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. sooo yum.  I've been having the most absurd craving for chocolate chip waffles the past few days haha. Oh and a raspberry scone. The things I would do for a raspberry scone. haha

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Bolognese for dinner here (take out --am waaaay too tired to whip that up!). I had a vegetarian friend crave meat (ESP red meat) when pregnant. Her doctor told her it was likely because she needed something in it like protein or B vitas or similar. So she went for it. Now she's an occasional omnivore and has a great healthy babe!

Afm. I'm just super insanely tired and brainless after 2pm which sucks since I have so much work to deal with. I'm also back on the pee at 3am and can't fall back asleep until 5 am schedule. Killing me. (and super grouchy). I have a little bloat today but didn't eat great last night... So who knows.

Made my first midwife appt for 10wks. Looking forward to it. Will have at least one u/s with IVf clinic before then. Off to finish a paper.
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8weeks,1 day now and more significant nausea is starting to kick in. I had it quite bad with DD1 and less so with DD2 and was hoping this preg might be a further drop in that lovely condition.

I've found it so hard this time around with having the two kiddos needing attention when i'm soooo tired and now feeling sooo crappy. huh. just wanted to vent. hoping for a better day tomorrow...

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nanomama - I can't count the number of times I have turned to DW and said, I am so tired, I have no clue how I would get through this if we already had a kid. I give you a lot of credit! 

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Dahlia - that's not weird at all, my husband and I have two different drs at the same practice because I wanted a female and him a male. You just have to do what's right for you! :-) 


just sitting here on the sofa and I heard an odd sound coming from the laundry cupboard got dh to check and then a tiny mouse ran across the flooryikes.gif not what I want to deal with. 

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Danielle :) You're ultrasound looks awesome!  You must be over the moon to see such a fantastic clear picture smile.gif


Guppy: Exhausted, brainless after lunch and 3am toilet visits... same here!  And I run a business so it's a bit relentless... I've started napping on my lunch breaks lol


Dahlia: I hear your issue!  I have had no luck finding a doctor locally who can do share care with the hospital EXCEPT a male one.  Have accepted my fate and I meet him in a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed it's not too awkward.  Having no choice sucks, but who knows?  He might be more sympathetic...


Sphinxy & John16n33: Red meat and grease are the perfect combination for the pregnant :) I was a vegan before I was pregnant with my first born, but within 2 months was CRAVING the grossest things - fried kidneys probably being at the top of the list!  Clearly, I am not even a vegetarian anymore after the shame of eating offal LOL


Had my third blood test today after a yucky day yesterday - numbers are still doubling so it all looks good.. Yesterday had the most scary cramping for 12 hours and was peeing so much it went completely clear, clammy sweats and stabbing belly.  Was so scared it was the end, but blood test confirms it's all OK.  Am breathing a tentative sigh of relief but no idea what was going on.  Doctor thinks prob a hormone surge? 

Hope everyone's feeling as good as they can smile.gif

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Dahlia, your not weird, your ahead of the game! Especially for this being your first, you should always feel comfortable with your doctor and if you don't, switch! Even if your about to give birth! It's so important that your doctors on your team/page/everything.


danielle, I am so sorry, I would not have been able to deal with that right now! Omg! Lol, rodents!! Wtf? 


Suzie I'm glad you tests are coming back normal, you can put your mind at ease now!


Im up all night, again. I think my DS is cutting 2 year old molars, and I just want to sleeeeeep. I sleep with him for an hour every afternoon but I need a full nights sleep man! I'm so exhausted I'm looney. Fatigue literally just set in and my son has stopped sleeping at night! Argh!

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Haha thanks guys. Suzie I may end up biting the bullet as well, and seeing a male doctor.. It seems like most of the females deliver at a hospital an hr or so away.. Sooo we'll see, haha. I guess it won't be the worst thing in the world if I end up with a male doctor, as long as our personalities mesh well. I'll get back on later, it's not even 6am yet and I should be getting ready for work. I'm so sick this morning, I could barely stand up in the shower and threw up as soon as I got out.

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Suzie- I'm glad your tests came back good!


Blonhrt- I hope you're able to get a good nights sleep soon!


Dahlia- I had a male doctor deliver Dd and loved him, on the flipside I did have to go to a different male doctor at one point because mine was out of town and I couldn't stand the guy.  I think it's all in the personality! 


AFM-  I didn't sleep at all last night it feels like, I seriously woke up probably 10 times.  I should be getting ready for school now but I just have no desire too.  I am trying to decide what I'll eat for breakfast so maybe I won't throw up again....

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DH took the time yesterday to make a huge batch of a meal I love. I was so looking forward to it all day. Nausea was kind of bad yesterday, so I got home and ate up a nice plateful. Puked it up at bedtime. mecry.gifNot sure I'll be able to eat any more of it with the memory of it coming back up. gloomy.gif


I feel like a bad person. We've been so busy with the move, and I've felt like such crap. He's done an awful lot in the last week and I haven't shown the proper appreciation yet. He came home after I went to bed and came in to say hello. I was so tired and grumpy and I wasn't very pleasant. Hopefully tonight we can just relax for the evening and cuddle a bit.

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Slammerkin, it's hard to be perky when you're feeling like crap. I hope you feel better soon so you can get back to being yourself!


John, Yeah, I've been looking around/calling doctors all morning... I'm getting increasingly frustrated. None of the ones who I've called, who also deliver at the hospital 10 mins from my house, have the ultrasound equipment in the office! what the hell! It's hard enough to take off work for 1 doctor's appt, but that means I'd have to make 2 separate appts. Arg. I have an appt on the 13th with a doctor who has all the equipment right in the office, but she delivers an hour away. *grumble*

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I've been offline for a little while, basically just sick in bed. greensad.gif I'm so dizzy and nauseated I can't really function without help, but thankfully I have help and I know it gets better. No cravings here--everything sounds wretched. But I had my first doctor appointment today and that gave me a mental boost! Loved seeing the wee heartbeat in the little gummy-bear baby on the ultrasound. And my sweet doctor who I love told me she thought I'd be glad to know the hospital got labor tubs for natural birthing mamas, because she remembered how much the hot shower helped me before. I couldn't believe she remembered that! And I was glad about the tub. Hope those of you searching for care-providers are able to find good ones too. smile.gif
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Suzie- That sounds scary, glad everything is ok! 

Blonhrt- Hope your son starts sleeping through the night again soon. My fatigue seems worse this week, every day I get up and wish I could go back to bed. 

Dahlia - Hope you find a doctor you like soon! 

Meagan and Slammerkin - Hope you both start feeling better soon! 


Yesterday was my son's 10th birthday and we had cake and icecream last night for dinner after a late lunch. I woke up starving and ate leftover mexican and orange juice for breakfast today. I feel surprisingly good and non-pukey after that weird combo. Debating on whether to take my b vitamin, not sure if it's helping or hurting. confused.gif I usually feel pretty bad around this time of day, and better towards evening. I woke up to pee at 4am and had a bit of a panic when I realized I forgot to pay my credit card bill that was due yesterday in all the festivities. So I was on the phone with Visa trying to get that straightened out. Luckily they waved the fee. I hate preggo brain sometimes! irked.gif Finally got back to sleep good and DD decides it's time for me to get up and make her breakfast.  I'm giving myself a break and staying home from playgroup today. DD slept with me last night and was very restless. I'm a little worried she might be getting a UTI, she peed herself twice yesterday. Maybe I can get her to drink some cranberry juice JIC. I've been taking the kids on a walk after school every day. Yesterday we hiked to the top of a huge Indian mound and I laid out on a blanket in the sun while they played. It was nice. 



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I just want to vote my preference for switching the daily updates to the weekly chat thread! :)

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