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newbie here

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Hi, I'm Miranda. I'm pregnant with my first baby and planning on UC. I've been apart of another UC forum and found this one and thought, why not! So here I am. I am an expat living in China, so that kind of lead me to my decision to UP/UC, although I would do still do an unassisted birth no matter where I lived. I am pretty alone in my ideas within my expat community aside from my marvelous and supportive husband who has been my rock when people get in my head. Anyways I hope I can learn more and maybe share my point of view!


Miranda eyesroll.gif


P.S. feel free to message me, I'd love to make an online friend who shares my ideas

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Hi Miranda and welcome to mothering. Your post is in our Testing forum, which is why it probably didn't get any replies. I'll move it over to Pleased to meet you. 


Looking forward to reading more of your posts and your parenting adventures in China!

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Oh haha, thanks!

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