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Mysterious bites/bumps on 3 year old DD's back

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Good Morning Moms!


For the last 6 weeks my 3 year old DD has been having these mysterious bites/bumps on her back and on her back only. She goes to a in-home daycare one day a week and has been for the last 9 months. I notice them when she comes home from there and it takes almost a week for them to heal and then they are back again when she returns. At first there were only 1 or 2 bites/bumps and I thought nothing of it because they play outside and she didnt seem to be bothered by them. Then it was 3 or 4 and they seemed to be in a line and itch her. Last week there were 9 bites/bumps all over, not in any certain pattern. I called her DC provider and asked about fleas or if any other children were having this problem. She said no fleas her dogs are on Frontline. Plus fleas dont pick and choose where they bite. I would think she would have bites/bumps everywhere not just on her back. So then I was researching on line and read about bed bugs. I checked our beds at home and nothing. So I called her DC provider again this morning and asked if she has checked beds for them (DD naps in her older daughters bed while shes at school but has her own blanket and pillow). She said no BB and since she and I had talked a few days ago about this she has checked all the other children, including her own, and asked other parents and they dont have any bites/bumps.


My DD's is super sensitive. She has eczema and food allergies to Dairy and Eggs. I asked her DC provider if she has changed laundry detergent in the last month and if it could be a allergy to it. She said no of course. Her DC provider and I left it with her checking her back when I drop her off, before/after her nap and when I pick her up so we can narrow it down to where it is coming from. My DD just went to her Allergist almost weeks ago for her annual visit. My DH asked her about it but of course the bites/bumps were healed at the time and she couldnt see the bites/bites to tell him. We have a dog also and she has never had a reaction to him. Her first skin test at the Allergist she was tested for dogs and it was negative. Our dog is also on Frontline in the warm months but not in the winter. So he has not had any on him since October. I dont know if it could be a reaction to Frontline? Like I said she has been going there for 9 months why now if so?


The reason for this post was to see if any other Moms have experienced this or have suggestions on what to try or do. I told her DC provider that if it is something during nap time I will supply her with a sleep mat since shes growing out of her naps anyway.


As you can tell I am at a loss! I appreciate any advice cause this is driving us crazy:)


Thanks for reading/responding!

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My son has something similar only at the TOP of his back. Honestly I think his is self inflicted, as he's also very sensitive and both tags, and tagless shirts bother him and instead of leaving them alone he scratches at them whenever he can. I can't seem to find a shirt that DOESN'T bother him. 

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