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Preventing Swollen Feet etc.?

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Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas for reducing the likelihood of swollen feet/ankles? I try to get up and walk around when traveling and keep well hydrated. Any other good tips/tricks/ideas? I plan to avoid high heels from here on out (I'm at 18 weeks now), since I suspect that may be what caused the calf pain.


In short: I had a lovely experience this past week with a suddenly very swollen right foot and calf pain that sent me to the ER at midnight after calling the after hours emergency number at my normal doctor's office. Because of the combination of systems, they were very concerned about a blood clot. So...I wound up at the ER for at least 6 hours in a city far from home. Nothing found, but I had to go back in to the hospital near the house for further checking this morning. Would LOVE to avoid all that in future, especially as I'm moving cross-country in a few weeks.

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Elevate your feet as MUCH as you can and maybe drink something with more electrolytes ?!  I've been having hand/finger swelling and maybe even feet (for the 1st time in YEARS with pregnancy) and it's buggin me out.   Hydrate hydrate hydrate and elevate, that's my best advice.  Hope you get some relief soon mama

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Definitely avoid the high heeled shoes! They are terrible for pregnant women as they throw your pelvis totally out of alignment causing a cascade of terrible maladies...loss of bladder control anyone? Also, be sure to not just drink water but electrolytes as well. Your pregnant body needs lots of salt and the symptoms of overhydration are very similar to dehydration.
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Even better would be to avoid high heals for the rest of your life because they aren't good for you. There are dressy flats out there. 

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Dayiscoming, I was going to say the exact same thing! Some people are very attached to their high heels though.
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Feet up mama! also, see if you can convince your SO to give you regular foot/leg massages. That will help circulation and the fluids to get moving. 

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How scary! Rest up, mama! And definitely give up those heels for a while!
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Hydration, trace minerals (including magnesium, with calcium), perhaps some epsom salt foot soaks, definitely massage. 

And yeah, no more high heels. ;-) 

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Are certain shoes better than others? Crocs? Supportive sneakers?
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The best thing for your feet is to be without shoes but obviously that is impractical in winter. I wear knock off UGGs during the winter but anything with a neutral heel and flat sole is okay. Check out spinningbabies.com. They have a lot of information about alignment in pregnancy.
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