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santa fe

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Non vax friendly pediatricians in Santa Fe? Anyone have a recommendations?
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Just thought I'd bump your post up as it seems to have gotten lost in the forum crowd. redface.gif


Anyone have a recommendation to offer?

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I would be interested to know too. Santa Fe or Taos. smile.gif
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Same here!  We might be relocating to this area..  Starting to look for Pedi, midwife and nice areas to look for houses. 

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I looked all around for a holistic/alternative pediatrician here and wasn't able to find any :(   


Trish1820-- as for midwives, I highly recommend Elizabeth Cassidy. PM for her number if you'd like. She's wonderful! 


And, getting a bit sidetracked, hiya all you other SF mamas! Somehow it's taken me two years to discover this forum-- so glad to see there are other 505 mamas here on MDC! :) Now if only we could find a great pediatrician.....

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We will most likely be moving to Santa Fe in September/October. Hopefully I can meet some Mothering moms. I am about to start a separate post about preschools...

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Dr. Krohn up in Los Alamos is a non-vax friendly ped.  We love her!  It would be a bit of a drive for a ped, but if it's important to you, then it might be worth it!

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