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Try to make a little us

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Hi, my name is Kim me and my fiancee have been trying to concieve for about four months now, after the third month I went to the doctor for a pep smear exam and he told me I had a scar on my cervix...I wanted to know could this scar on my cervix be the reason I haven't became pregnant yet? I have been pregnant once before in my lifetime but due to that I was in a abusive relationship I had a miscarriage...I wanted to know if this mistake of thinking someone truly loved me caused the scarring and will be the reason me and the love of my life can't make a little us...
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I would ask your doctor about that.  It seems like as long as the sperm can get inside your uterus, you should be able to get pregnant as long as everything else beyond there is in good shape.  Hang in there!  According to this website only 50% of healthy couples get pregnant after 4 months.

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It took me (22 at the time) and my partner of 5 years (38 at time) 8 months. I actually found out after I got my BFP that the plain Robitussin I was taking for a Georgia flu I caught while visiting family in FL was what got me pregnant. Apparently it gives you an extra few days., something about making the cervical mucous (discharge) more "sperm friendly". Just ask a midwife about this trick.


The scar: Have you had any "work" done (biopsy, LEEP, rough pap etc). If so, this is the reason for the scar. An abusive relationship is not going to cause this unless random objects were shoved in you. Abortion will cause scarring, but you had a miscarriage (so sorry, glad to see you've emotionally and physically healed!!)


Here's the thing: If you're under 35 AND your partner is under 45, wait a year and then see a doctor. If you and/or your partner is over this age, wait 6 months and then see a doctor. This is when your fertility starts to drop. Also, start with HIS test since it's cheaper, easier and painfree. His will be a semenalysis. Yours will be HSG and other uterine, fallopian, ovary and cervical tests.


Again, almost all people will conceive in the first year. In the meanwhile, you and your partner should discuss topics such as circumcision, finding a pediatrician or family doctor, get finances in order, etc.

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