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can I delay my water from breaking?

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Labor is dare I say easy until my water breaks. Then I have contractions every other min until baby comes out - it's intense!

I would love for my water to break when I'm further along (you know 9 cm lol) rather than my normal 5ish.  This is baby #5. Is it possible to slow things down a bit? Thoughts?

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I guess you could ask them to not break your water while in labor until x cm...? I don't see y not. Does your water ever break on Its own?
I have very fast labors and when I'm 9 cm they still have to break my water. I'm going to beg them to break it sooner than my past 2, to see if that gets things moving along even faster! Bring it on let's get this over with.
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I think vitamin c is supposed to make your amniotic sac stronger. 

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yes my water breaks on it's own, hence the question. 

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I think that's what I should have asked - how to make your sac stronger. Looking into Vit C - thanks :)

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I don't know, that may just be your body's natural process, and it may just be that intense for you, regardless of water breaking. Have you thought that maybe water breaks BECAUSE contractions are 1 minute apart? I don't know, just a thought.


My labors are very intense. Contractions start at 2 minutes apart and then just roll on top of each other. After a point, I only get get like 5-10 second breaks between them, which is kindof the max. And, for my first labor, they were like this, and water did not break (until midwife broke it after like 7 hours of that intensity, thinking things would progress quickly after, which they didn't because he was posterior -- ended up in hospital with pit and epidural and birth another 10 hours later), while for my second, they were like this too, where my water broke (well started to leak) at like 6 am and contractions didn't start until 7 pm (and baby was born 3hr15min later).

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Dang my labors are less than 2 hours...maybe 30 min of active labor. But I have a super high pain tolerance so I guess they could be longer than that.
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With my first they ruptured it at 6 cm because I was already in labor for 2.5 days and they were hoping to speed things along I guess. 
With my second, it broke walking into the hospital. I think I was like 5 cm or so probably. 

With my third(last one) my water broke right before I started needing to push. 

I will look into that making the amniotic sac strong. It's so much easier before the water breaks, LOL. I would never opt for AROM unless there was some really great reason that I can't even think of for it. I think our bodies know when the best time for the water to break is most of the time. Hope this one goes better for you. I really starting to concern myself more with the pain I had to deal with with my last birth. Birth kinda scares me. My favorite part is right after the baby is out, everything before then, I wish I could skip. :)

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With my second, getting in the warm birth tub really slowed down my contractions, but I relaxed so much that I kept progressing nicely. No help on the sac my first was arom in an induction, my second intact at pushing and I swore like a sailor for the midwife to break it.
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You could start taking 500mg/day of Vitamin C, if you aren't already. Probiotics are a good idea too. 


The Vitamin C helps because Vitamin C is important in building tissue. Both the C and the probiotics contribute by preventing infection (which can cause your water to break early).

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