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What Do You Do

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with jeans that you can't wear anymore? Almost *all* of my jeans have holes on the inner thighs that make them unwearable. I hate to just throw them away, it's such a waste, but I don't know what else to do with them. For a second I thought about rags, but denim wouldn't work for cleaning. I thought about reusing them to make cloth diapers, or as part of cloth diapers, because I think denim on babies is cute redface.gif but I'm not sure there's enough material. What do/would you do with jeans you can't wear anymore?

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Are you crafty or know someone who is? I've seen some lovely quilts made with squares of denim.
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I have cut them into strips to make crocheted rag rugs.  The rugs wear well, but are a bit hard to wash and dry--I would wait for a hot, sunny day, handwash the rug, then hang it out in the sun to dry.  I also have made a potholder from them.  Other people have reupholstered furniture with used denim.  Another idea is to make house slippers, if you took that idea further you might be able to make denim shoes.

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DD has a craft DIY book filled with denim projects from simple to complicated. I don't know what she's done with it so I can't give you the title and author, sorry, but maybe search Amazon (easier than searching her room, lol!). I've also seen some good ideas on Pinterest. 


A few ideas


- A wall hanging organizer made by sewing the back pockets together in a 3 x 5 matrix (or however large you want it) 


- Pillows


- Coasters and placemats


- Coin Purses/bags


- Small fabric boxes for organizing 

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Cutoff shorts!


DIY canvas grocery bags.

Picnic blanket (strong!)


Drop cloth for raking leaves


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Jean legs make cute fabric gift bags. You can use the whole leg (depending on the cut) for a long, skinny bag, or cut it into three or four shorter, squareish bags. Two sides are already sewn, so you just need to sew the bottom, finish the top if you want, and sew or tie a ribbon around the top. You could get fancy and applique Christmas stars or whatever on 'em too, if you wanted, but even a plain one is cute.


I used old jeans to interline a mei tai once. I'd stupidly bought pretty quilting cotton before I realised it wouldn't be sturdy enough. Interlined, the thing was indestructible.


I've also used old jeans to make DH a 'shooty-beast' - a sort of plushie stuffed with fabric scraps for him to practice shooting arrows at. It didn't last forever, but it was cute - I appliqued 'organs' around the outside for DH to aim at. :p


And with biggish jeans, I've made baby jeans out of them.

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I make home made rugs using old jeans and that proves to be a great way of reusing them in the long run. You can also make some cleaning cloth for dusting and other wiping purpose, it's just that the jeans are thick and it can take time to clean them after they get dirty. Making bags out of them is also another great idea but I think that is a trick DIY to do on your own without any prior experience, but you can always start to do those thing anyways. ;)

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