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I'm 16 weeks with my second and I've felt little tiny flutters a couple of times in the last few weeks only when I was laying very still.  Nothing regular.  I had to have an ultrasound at 12 weeks because the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat.  The ultrasound tech looked for about 5 seconds before saying "I know why she couldn't find the heartbeat.  You have a really active baby."  Baby squirmed and wiggled through the whole scan (my first child was very wiggly during ultrasounds too).


I had my husband talk to my tummy in the deepest voice he could make so that it made good vibrations.  Then went and laid down in the quiet after that and I could feel him/her move.  Didn't work the second time we tried it though.

Hahaha! My husband tried that too! He also did the blowing on my tummy thing- which really made the baby move! I think he was hoping he could feel it but I could barely feel it.... 

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I think that's very okay. I didn't feel anything until last week, which was 20 weeks. I was also worried but I had my anatomy scan and my placenta is in front so that's why I wasn't feeling much. As the baby gets bigger I'll feel more. 

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I can sometimes feel movement from the outside now at 21 weeks, but can't seem to get DH to feel it at the right time. Oh well, guess he'll have to wait some more. 

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At 20 weeks I am definitely feeling movement everyday but not from the outside. My placenta is anterior so that explains it.
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19 weeks today and definitely just felt some kicks! Like someone knocking on the door :) First that I can say are kicks and not weird gurgly feelings.  Exciting stuff!


According to my DH's aunt, this means the baby will arrive in 5 months on 7/26, at 4pm (the time I felt them); and given a due date of 7/23, I suppose it's possible :)

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I can feel it daily, but that just started this past week. Before I would feel it, and then I would not feel it for a couple of days. I had an Ultrasound today, and the tech said my placenta is in the front, so that is why it took till now to feel it. Also, during the ultrasound the baby was moving and I could not feel that at all. According to my dating scan, I was 19 wks, 1 day today, but according to the Ultrasound today, I am 19 wks 5 days..... Did this happen to anyone else here?

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Originally Posted by InLove2009 View Post
According to my dating scan, I was 19 wks, 1 day today, but according to the Ultrasound today, I am 19 wks 5 days..... Did this happen to anyone else here?


They typically say the earlier ultrasound is more accurate for dating. I'd stick with the original date in this case.

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I just started feeling movement at 19 weeks 2 days! (I am 20 weeks today) last week it woke me up first thing in the morning and sent me into a fit of giggles! After i calmed down, my boyfriend could feel it, as it kept kicking one place over and over. what a relief. since last week I have felt it every day, usually in the morning and at night. But in the last few days, it seems to be in an all day dance party in there! What a wonderful, tiny little thing.
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I've been feeling mine since 16weeks, but last night was the first time it was strong enough for my SO to feel it too. I grabbed his hand and put it on ASAP and he was able to feel 3 good kicks and a lot of squirming!!! It's so exciting!!! I am 18 weeks now.
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I am starting to wonder if i have my placenta in the way of movement. If i do, will the placenta eventually move? Or does it stay there for some people?
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I have a friend with an anterior placenta. There's nothing wrong with it being there, but it does muffle movement. I'm guessing that just like a placenta over the cervix can correct itself before birth, then healthy placenta may also be able to move.
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I've been feeling light movement for a few weeks now, but today, I felt hiccups! I had to pee quite badly, but hubby was talking and I didn't want to interrupt him when, I suddenly felt a little kick right to my bladder, followed by several more. It made me giggle. Of course, I know in another month or so, those same kicks to my bladder won't be so cute, but much more uncomfortable. I'm choosing to enjoy them for now.
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Haha, yeah Loliegee, I thought of the same thing recently. I remember with my last baby she'd kick me so good down there sometimes I'd kinda have to stop moving, buckle my knees. Like you got kicked in the groin. :P Not really looking forward to that part, but oh well. Just so new mommas know; sometimes it hurts when they kick you and it is normal. I learned that with my first pregnancy. My first son kicked me down there ALL the time and it was very uncomfortable and I asked my doctor and she's like yeah, that's normal like I was dumb or something. She wasn't a very nice doctor. But, anyway.

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So the "benefits" of the anterior placenta only last so long i guess? smile.gif
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Oh yeah, those kicks as they get bigger can definitely be painful sometimes! Particularly when they get you with a full bladder or in the ribs. But, fortunately, most of them don't hurt, just are like baby is saying, "Here I am, Mama!"
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now I'm wondering how much the position of baby will affect the kicks &where we feel them.. Like with my current breech...is it majorly different? do some people feel the baby moving all around and kicking everywhere? I'm so curious to know I barely feel anything so far. I keep giving myself a couple more weeks& time seems to be creeping away while I wait for the big ka-pow!
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here we are, as others have said, our babies are moving around so much there's not really a "current position"! My midwife showed me how to feel the baby's body at my last visit -- if you've had luck feeling the top of your uterus as it moves up, I think the baby is pretty unmistakable. The regular uterus where the baby is not hanging out is really squishy compared to the hard place where the baby is. It should be about the size of your hand span at the moment. I was feeling my baby Saturday night when she kicked me and swam away. It was both the first time I had felt her from the outside and proof that they really do seem to have a lot of moving around room in there! She was in a totally different place when I found her again. 


I also have an anterior placenta and I didn't feel movement until pretty late, I don't think, only for sure a couple weeks ago. I've noticed that whenever she's constricted, like if I'm sitting in a way that my pants are pressing on my lower belly, or I'm curled up or just pressing on my uterus with my hands, I can really feel her inside. She was like that in the ultrasound, too, arching away from the wand when the tech tried to get a profile shot. ^__^

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I didn't realize the hard feeling was where the baby is. I definitely feel my belly get hard occasionally and then I usually feel some kicks. I've been feeling them all around which definitely supports the notion that baby is swimming around, but the hard feeling is only in the lowest abdomen, maybe I only feel it there because there's less fat at that point?
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I know what you mean about the lower part feeling hard because of more muscle...I don't know how to describe what my midwife told me was the baby other than hard lumps, though. I can only find her when I'm lying down, if that helps? I am no expert, but I know I found her at least the once when I got kicked! Maybe you can ask your Dr/midwife if they can show you next time? It was pretty cool, even if I'm not doing it exactly right now...^__^

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My husband was able to feel Mason move from the outside on Saturday for the first time! It was so exciting! HE gave us one good kick that moved hubby's hand, and yesterday my husband felt it twice! He is so excited to feel it now. I am super excited. Those kicks take me for surprise sometimes. I am in the middle of something and BAM! :) I am 21 weeks now 

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