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That is so exciting, InLove! And I am sometimes startled when she starts wiggling around in there suddenly too!
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Originally Posted by lolliegee View Post

I've been feeling light movement for a few weeks now, but today, I felt hiccups! I had to pee quite badly, but hubby was talking and I didn't want to interrupt him when, I suddenly felt a little kick right to my bladder, followed by several more. It made me giggle. Of course, I know in another month or so, those same kicks to my bladder won't be so cute, but much more uncomfortable. I'm choosing to enjoy them for now.

i've been waiting on the hiccups--but i haven't felt any yet. :) i remember enjoying that last time!!


my dh has been able to feel the movement for about 1-2 weeks. we are so enjoying it. though i have to say, i think i'm so much more excited every time i feel movement than he is. :) i just love putting my hand to my belly and feeling the baby go! :)

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Yes, each baby is different, and I too am eagerly awaiting movement! One thing to keep in mind is placental placement. Our placentas are thick organs, and if the placenta implants on the front wall of your uterus, you won't be able to feel much movement in he front where everyone expects. You'll feel it above and below the baby and on the sides, but it will be very different than if the placenta implants on the back wall of your uterus.
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Hmmm. I wonder how my postier placenta is coming into play..&i.wonder if its the boys moving before the girls, just for fun. I heard boys poke more forcefully, maybe its just some boys, i dont want to generalize. Whens the latest these babies should have a big move by? We r all anticipating, i know its coming soon..I almost felt a little bubbly feeling once, maybe that was it, i will wait to see if it comes again.
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I saw my belly moving today. She's such an active baby. I've felt her on the outside for a little over 2-3 weeks now I think. She's been the odd ball. The others I didn't feel this much yet. DH has felt her move, but he gets bored. He is waiting for the big obvious movements, which she is starting to do just these past few days. I definitely think I get more excited about it than he does though, lol. Oh well.

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Baby boy moves much less than his sister did but we are starting to see some jabs when just watching my belly.  :)  

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I keep hoping today will be the day! I'm 24 weeks tomorrow and barely feel anything. I have an anterior placenta and I think it must keep all but the very biggest body rolls quiet. I can't wait to feel some kicks... and especially for my partner to feel something too. 

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