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first postpartum period?

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Hi ladies!


Care to share what your first pp period was like? What was the lead up?

I have a nursing-on-demand/co-sleeping 18 month old and haven't gotten mine yet but sense it may be imminent. A few nights recently I have had crazy night sweats. Last night I may have had a bit of an angry mood swing directed at my SO. A little bit of cramping, a bit of bloating. Is this similar to what y'all have experienced? I'm especially curious about the night sweats thing. That was new. And very gross and unpleasant to wake up to nurse a toddler and find a big puddle of sweat between my breasts. Anyway I guess I'm also scared the first one will be a real doozy as I've heard can happen. Before getting pregnant I sometimes had incapacitating cramps the first day or so where I would lie on the couch crying and watching movies and eating chocolate with a hot water bottle on my front and an electric heating pad on my back and that just wouldn't work with my current lifestyle;)

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I got mine 2 month after , and that was with co-sleeping & BF every 2 hours. I'm always so jealous of women who got to spend time being period free.  I found that I always get much more tiered and drained feeling, like bleeding and making milk at the same time is too much for my body to handle. 

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I was about five months pp but our nursing relationship started with 10 weeks of EPing so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I found that my periods started up light and easy and increased over 3 or 4 cycles. I wasn't quite that bad with periods in the past, the heating pad on my back was enough but day one was also couch plus chocolate lol. After having DD they have been a little lighter and a bit less crampy. Maybe it just feels less painful after experiencing labour lol. I'm expecting number two now and haven't had a period since early October. Can't say I miss them!
RStelle, I can so relate to the envy although I got a longer break than you. What I envy is the natural contraception that many women enjoy. We were spontaneous once on DH's birthday and BAM! We are about to complete our family ahead of schedule lol.
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I have 4 kids and 4 vastly different experiences with getting my first PP aunt flow.  It was the worst with my second child, it came at about 12 months.  I had a month of nipple soreness, cramps, moodiness,etc.  AF started, I felt fine and normal.  And about 2weeks later the symptoms started again and lasted for 2+ weeks, until AF started again.  After that, they settled into a normal pattern, and I didn't feel much different than before having kids.   I only had 1 light and easy period after #3, and then got pregnant.  So, i am very interested how things will pan out this time around, after #4. 

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