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Who is exercising? What are you doing?

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I had lost a bunch of weight and was doing Zumba like 3 times a week up until about 18 months ago.  I had lost a bunch of weight and felt fit and fantastic and thought - "when I get pregnant again I am gonna ROCK this pregnancy"....then my zumba instructor stopped teaching....and I fell off the exercise wagon big time.....:( So, I was heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant and was pretty much a slug.  And now I am at 14 weeks and really want to do something to feel fit this pregnancy.  This is #4 and honestly I was not in shape with the other 3.  I bought a "Fit Pregnancy" dvd but it is just sitting there, really hoping to try it out tonight....and I was going to try to find some prenatal yoga stuff on Netflix....What is everyone else doing? Any advice or recommendations? Thanks!!!

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I was running like a madwoman before getting pregnant, but stopped almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant. I was super dizzy and running made it worse. So I didn't do much until about 10 weeks. Since then, I've been ramping up again. Not running, but taking classes at the gym (spinning, Zumba, cardio hip hop - ha!) or doing the elliptical (treadmill still makes me dizzy), and lifting weights (using machines). I try to go three or more times per week. I had a helluva time losing the weight after DS#2, so I'd really like to keep my weight gain and fitness level in check this time. We'll see how it all goes. Good luck!
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I Zumba 3x a week, and go to a class called project poolside (it is supposed to get you ready for the poolside) which is light, repetitive weight lifting. I don't do any crunches any more so I leave classes n walk on treadmill. I try and fail to take walks regularly.

I plan on joining the pool this summer and swimming lots.
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I'm running 20 - 30 miles a week and weight lifting. Some days I resort to Bar Method for Pregnancy or modifying a Jillian Michaels DVD. I ran a lot and was healthy with my first pregnancy and still gained 45 lbs, but found I was able to bounce back super quickly. I've found you just have to schedule it in and make it a routine and priority!
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I pretty much become a slug in the winter time, it's too cold for me to enjoy doing much outside.  I just started to try doing some "laps" around the hallways at work at lunchtime (I work in a pretty large building) just to do *something*.


I also posted somewhere around here a free prenatal yoga video I found on You Tube that I really, really like.  I've been doing that quite regularly.





Coincidentally, they just started a "winter fitness challenge" here at work to earn points in our wellness program, so that's been keeping me motivated.  You're supposed to do 125 minutes of exercise of your choice every week for 8 weeks to earn the points.  Once it gets warm out again, I have a friend here at work that I go walking with on our lunch hours and we walk pretty fast!  We do have a small gym here at work too, I should visit it again.  It sucks that is doesn't have treadmills, only ellipticals and bikes (along with weight machines), which always makes my knee hurt no matter where I put the seat.  And I feel like a damn fool on an elliptical.  lol.gif

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I'm exercising lightly, just treadmill, elliptical, bike stuff to break a sweat for 30 min, 5x a week. We have a great gym with wonderful child care, so I do it to get some "me time". I really want to keep up with it throughout the whole pregnancy, though, to keep excessive weight gain at bay.
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I had it on the to do list several times this week, but still did not get to it....I live in New England and we have a blizzard starting right now, so I am guessing our power will be out by the end of today....and ours usually goes out for days and days and days :( but I am hoping as soon as power is restored, to really make it a priority!! Fingers crossed!!!!!

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I'm counting my half hour of shoveling heavy snow last night as exercise...

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I'm trying to keep moving more than anything! I sit a lot for work so that's hard. I take stairs when I can, park far away from my office so I walk, etc. I also love swimming so I'm going to try and do that more.

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I've started trying to do a prenatal exercise DVD in the evenings after DS is asleep 3 days a week (did last 2 weeks).  In the past I got a decent amount of exercise walking the dog with DS on my back going up and down hills, but during the week after work when it's cold and dark the dog doesn't really want to go, and it just postpones DS's bedtime too much, so I only get the nice walks in on the weekends.  I also want to try to add running back in now that I am working from home more, but still trying to figure out how to fit it into my work schedule.  I was running a bit very early on in the pregnancy, even did a 5k race pushing DS in his jogging stroller, but then it got quite cold and icy here for a while so I stopped.


Good idea to have this thread here as a gentle reminder!

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I've been doing about 30min aerobics (bike, walking, elliptical) 5 times a week when I'm not subbing, which I have been recently - seems that I either have the energy to work, or the energy to work out, but I can't do both!  3 days a week I am doing a weights routine as well. I am planning on taking a yoga class 2 days a week coming up here soon, and once I start to feel the weight of gravity a bit more, I'm going to begin taking a water aerobics class. I watch all the retirees taking it at the athletic club all the time - I think it will be great fun to rub elbows with the 80 year-olds when I am visibly pregnant. They're just smitten over the idea of new babies!

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I kept in great shape before I got pregnant and HG knocked me on my butt! My goal is to get back to Zumba 1x a week (I stopped at 5 weeks and I'm 13 weeks now). I have an elliptical trainer at home that I'd love to work out on lightly a couple times a week. Xobel, I love the idea of water aerobics!!!!! I'm sure by May I'll be looking for any excuse to get into the water!!!
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How is everyone doing now?  Hopefully exercise is going a bit better in the 2nd trimester. smile.gif


It took me a while to figure it out, but I just recently shuffled my schedule around because evening workouts weren't working for me, and trying to sneak out for a run past the toddler (with babysitter) was too challenging on my work from home days.


So now I am going for a 3- mile lunchtime run on the days I work in our office, and trying to do my prenatal workout DVDs on the days I work from home.  I find I have much more energy in the afternoons after I get some good exercise in.


Trying to get some extra stretching in at night, and on weekends I often go for walks with a 2.5-year old on my back (although the last couple of weekends I had him on my shoulders because he really wanted it but I was not at all comfortable). 

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I fell off the wagon big time after I was under the weather for a week.  I don't seem to have that second-trimester energy bounce either.  I'm hoping once spring *finally* comes, I'll be better at it.  A friend and I go for a long walk at lunchtime at work when it's nice, so that will be a huge help.  Spring just needs to #(%$*ing come... redface.gif


Otherwise, this whole job thing is really getting in the way of my health.  *haha*  I'd love to do yoga at at say, 10 AM rather than trying to find the energy to do it after DS goes to bed at 8 PM.  It just ain't happening...

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Just had 20 week ultrasound and am cleared for yoga as long as I rest as needed.


Now, I just have to start going again!


I have just stopped taking unisom for morning sickness and  am hopping the 2nd tri-mester energy comes on now.


This is an inspiring topic.

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Yoga and just active in general chasing after 3 year old and doing house chores. Start hiking again next month when it's warmer outside!!
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I try to walk a mile or 2 everyday and have started lifting some weights at home. I hike with my girlfriends a couple times a month and once my husband is done with school, we will hike more too. Swimming and yoga may be next!
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My goals are minimal, just to get outside in the sun and walk everyday. I only started a few weeks ago and did well for all of a week before I hurt my ankle and then got sick and reverted to taking it easy. redface.gif Since then, I've been super busy with my DS's birthday (party this weekend). So I got a lot of walking in at Costco, if that counts. redface.gif

I'm planning to force my exhausted self to get in a walk this afternoon, too. I'm sooo tired though. greensad.gif
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I'm just starting out with a 2 mile walk. Hopefully I'll be able to do it daily but I'm also homeschooling my 4 & 5 yo.Some days call for different activities but lots of outside time and I sure am loving this Florida weather. 

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