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Clomid and Breastfeeding

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Hello all.  New to the board.  I'm 40 and we are on our 3rd Clomid cycle to get baby #2.  I'm nursing a 20 month old who is resistant to wean.  We have night weaned somewhat successfully, going from 10-5 without nursing.  It seems as if she is making up for some of those missed sessions during the day.  Redirection is not going well.

My first Clomid cycle, I ovulated and my numbers were fantastic.  However, on the second cycle, I did not ovulate.  And now on the third cycle (150mg), it's CD15 and I'm still only getting a "high" reading on my CBEFM.  I'm not charting simply because DD doesn't STTN and we are often up before a 3 hour stretch of sleep.

I'm beginning to think we will have to wean completely for me to ovulate again.  Though I'm having a hard time understanding why since I ovulated the first month on a lower dose.  I'm trying to cut back on nursing sessions, but honestly, my resolve isn't there.  I hate to give up a great nursing relationship with a child I already have for a possible child that may never come for whatever reason.  Joined here looking for support and hopefully, some great stories to re-energize our TTC journey.

Thank you.

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I weaned my dd at 19 months to try for # and,struggled with the same eemotions over it. We had to do ivf though. I have,no advice but wanted to commiserate and,let you know your not alone. Our ivf did work and im currently nursing our month old son! Good luck!
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