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calling 504 experts =]

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I need to find some concrete evidence for/against adding supplemental services to a 504-- such as social work or physical therapy consult.


One of my DD has a 504 and could benefit some social work support. Not daily, weekly, but rather as a support and someone to do some role playing/social situations with directly related to her disability. The Physical Therapist also wants to be a consult for her but is limited to the schools view of 504s.


She has some modifications to fit the school day to her disability on her 504.


The school does not want to add supplemental services to her 504, but said they could do an IEP (maaaayyyybe). She does not have any direct educational or behavorial concerns that would justify an  IEP (am not against an IEP at all if it gets the support she needs, I just think that it more than she needs and also would place her on already burdened Spec.Ed caseloads). She would be OHI (other health impaired) on an IEP. I just think an IEP ,in my DDs case, is making a mountain out of a molehill.


I was under the impression from www.wrightslaw.com and other sources that she could get supplemental services directly related to her disability on a 504.


But I can not find a printed- official statement....anyone have some resources?



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none of the 504s I've seen added supplemental services. I've only seen them added to IEPs with measurable goals attached to them.


personally, I think its a nasty little loophole. I think kids are denied things that would help them because they aren't primarily about academic outcomes and measurable.


Is there anyway you could do this privately?

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