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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

breast stroke is rough on your knee. that's all I know.
yeahthat.gif Before my knee surgery, I was having a lot of trouble breast-stroking.

No reply from HR director yet...she has until Monday before I go up the chain.

I ended up not getting called in last night, and in fact, got cancelled at 11:30. I wish they would have just kept me so I could have kept making my $5/hr for sleeping! orngtongue.gif At least I earned 5 hours before they cancelled me, which paid for my lift ticket today. It was a good day skiing. We went to Loveland, and I had never been there before (because it's not part of my season pass). A local radio station was having a "hooky" day with $25 lift tickets, and my favorite women's outdoor shop was doing free ski demos, so it was a good day to go. I met up with several friends and we had a great time! I even skied my first "extreme" terrain and lived to tell the story. It actually wasn't bad, at all. I fell once, for no good reason that I can figure out, but I bounced right back up and kept going. It was my first time demo-ing skis, and I learned that skis are a lot like wine for me...I can tell you what I like and don't like, but have no clue on the nuances! I'm not really in the market for new skis right now, but I was curious about what's out there and if I could actually tell the difference between skis. The good news is that I wasn't really able to tell much of a difference and I liked all of the skis, so if I happen across a screaming deal on some new skis, I can go for it as long as they're the right length.

Now that I had a day to play, tomorrow will be a get-things-done day!
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JayGee, I hope that the peroneal nerve can be fixed relatively easily.
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tjsmama--glad you had a good skiing day. Does Loveland look completely different in February than it does before starting the Slacker half there? And joy.gif about Colfax. Hopefully I'll catch up with you at the end. Then again, the full only starts an hour earlier than the half, so you'd still have a good long wait before I cross the finish line. (I'll cross my fingers anyhow.)

JayGee-- goodvibes.gif

Mel38--that sounds like a really good meeting with your son's teacher.

Hope everyone stays warm and has power during the storm.

RR: none, because the school board meeting ran until 10. Did 12x400m intervals yesterday though.

NRR: J had a cavity filled today, and the dentist was quick and didn't have to numb her because it was so small (yay!). Board meeting was relatively uneventful, though there was a presentation on school safety and one on mental health and that was hard. Mostly, the video they showed to introduce the topic was really, really hard to watch. And it didn't even get to Newtown. mecry.gif Too many kids.
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Real - that sounds hard to watch.

tjsmama - awesome ski day! Sounds like so much fun. I miss skiing...

sparkle - apparently, the cortisone injections can reduce swelling in the nerve which somehow can fix the problems. The doctor said the nerve cross section is supposed to look like a honeycomb, with evenly sizes "holes", but mine has some large holes and some smashed down holes, which is causing conduction problems. Above the knee it looks normal, and below the knee is normal too. His guess is that it was injured in the race in May 2009 by my fibula subluxing, and just hasn't repaired itself fully, if it even can. I'll get more info on Wednesday.

NRR - day off from school today for parent teacher conferences. We don't have conferences this time around because they only do them for new students or kids who are having problems in the spring. While I am happy that none of the kids is having problems, I would love the opportunity to touch base with the teachers anyway. At least I see them all in the library!

We are all sad here. Our stray cat, who adopted us, hasn't been home in 6 days. He's never missed a meal here in the year and a half since we started feeding him. My kids adore this cat and we are all so sad to think he might have met with a bad end. No way of knowing of course, but I fear the worst. We miss you Cookie-boy greensad.gif.
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Aw, jaygee...I hope your kitty finds his way home to you quickly!

jo~I keep forgetting to tell you that DS says he hasn't presented his FS yet, so I'm not sure if the costume made it or not. I'm picking DS up from school today, so if I see his teacher, I'll ask! :-)

real~Loveland was cool! I'd never been there, beyond driving by to go over the pass, and starting the Slacker half. I skied the Basin, which is the other part of the ski area (where the race starts is the Valley, which is pretty much the beginner area). I had no idea it had so much terrain beyond what you can see from the road and from the highway. And most of it is above timberline, which was interesting. My friend that I skied with said that it's a lot like skiing in Europe, since it's a lot more wide open. The views were pretty fabulous, and we didn't even really get all the way up to the top.

I got my workout in this morning, now it's time to get my hair "did" orngtongue.gif before picking DS up from school to go get HIS hair cut and then errands, then cooking some dinner, then waging war against the HOA. I drove all around my neighborhood on my way home from the Y to take pictures of all the condos/townhouses that allow placement of satellite dishes where my HOA is saying that I can't place it. Oh, and I also took a couple of pictures in my own complex of stuff on the outside of balcony railings (a flagpole and flower boxes) to argue with them on the no-outside-of-balcony-railings thing. I'm not looking forward to putting it all together (mostly because my computer is slower than dirt most of the time), but there's a perverted part of me that can't wait to be like HEY LOOK, DUMMIES!!! YOUR REASONING HAS VERY LARGE HOLES IN IT! mischievous.gif

Oh, and I weighed myself this morning for the first time since our Biggest Loser contest ended a couple of weeks ago, and I was thrilled to see that despite my crappy eating and erratic workouts, I've maintained my weight! And maybe even lost 1/2 a pound! Did I ever mention here that I um, kind of won the contest? bag.gif I don't know why I'm so embarrassed/sheepish about it...other than that there were other people who were trying so much harder than I was, and I really didn't feel like I had all that much to lose in comparison. But, I not only met my goal, I exceeded it...and was only 3 pounds away from my "dream" goal. I lost 14.8 pounds total...here's hoping I can continue to keep it off!

rr~My usual dreadmill/spin class combo. I'm kind of digging the hill workout on the dreadmill. It keeps it interesting and the two minute intervals make it seem like the 30 minutes goes by super quickly! Spin class was kind of a snooze, but I got a decent workout in. Unfortunately, a classmate was uber-smelly, to the point that it actually made me gag a couple of times. grossedout.gif
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Subbing...it's been busy...and tomorrow, we will be heading to the club for some working out, reading, and maybe even swimming in the pool. Weather looks to be on our side.

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Mel, Can you put me down for the Gusher 5K on March 9th? Thanks!

JG, glad there's no arthritis in that knee. I don't understand the peroneal nerve either. Hope kitty is ok. greensad.gif

RR: had an awesome country road run yesterday. Was worried I'd have to walk because I've run so little and slept so much. But it was a great run!

NRR: Still sleeping a bizarre amount. Slept 11 hours last night. redface.gif 11!? I'm not depressed. Not fatigued - you know the exhausted kind of tiredness. But I could totally sleep all day if I wanted to. Not like me. Got some girly problems going on downstairs, iykwim. Have a biopsy scheduled for Tuesday. Not worried but wondering if my body is trying to heal something with this insane amount of sleep. Thank goodness I can be home all the time. The boys, thankfully, are just reading tons since I'm not really able to crack the whip. Asking for dingo vibes for next week's appt.

Oh and in case anyone thinks it's all coming up roses in this sweet country life. It's not and this is why - can't use the septic system :bugeyes
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Lofty - Sending you good vibes for your appointment.  Maybe the sleepiness is just winter?  I just conked out with my feet up in front of the fire in the library.  The public library.  The girls say I was snoring.  Well I'm sure I wasn't the first and it felt so nice.


Gaye - No need to be shy about smoking the contest!  Would we be surprised?  No!  You're our Gaye!  Marathoning, Skiing, Night Nursing!  Congrats!  And good luck shaking the info out of HR for the $ and with the HOA. 


JayGee - I take it this cat isn't one of the evil ones?  I hope he saunters back in and then suits him to stay on.


Just back from a local ballet.  It wasn't bad, Alison liked is C was less interested.  Now I'm going to try to get them settled down so dh and I can watch a Dexter.

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I agree that sleep is a winter thing. Last night I conked out with DD2 at 8:45pm, woke briefly to let a meowing cat out and climb into bed with DH and was finally up for the day at 7:15! Ahhhhh... wonderful sleep!

Plady - no, Cookie is the good cat. The sweet, loving gentle cat who doesn't barf, scratch up the furniture, or wake me up for running water at 3:00am (because he doesn't spend the night indoors). It's been 8 days now. I am sure he's gone. Probably hit by a car or eaten by a coyote or fox greensad.gif. My kids were all crying last night. I even saw DH wipe away a tear.

lofty - yikes on the septic!

RR - walked/ran on the TM at the Y on Friday night while DS had swim practice. Nothing yesterday. Not sure what I'll do today, but at least my PT if nothing else.

NRR - Teaching Sunday school, getting more supplies for the kids' Valentines, catching up on the house today.
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Yeah, lofty that super sucks about the septic. Assuming it's an old setup? I'd put the sleeping in the "winter" category, except that you've said you are writing a ton. Thus, I might say your subconscious is perhaps working overtime. I know I do best on 9+ hours in general, and with less, I do not have the juice to write a syllable. Good luck to the lady parts. I hope all is well.


JayGee, I am so sorry about Cookie. I hope he comes back. Sometimes they get locked into garages and that kind of thing during winter. It can still turn out OK. I like to imagine he wandered into a loving home and got stuck there. We have building cat, who yesterday looked like she might climb into this Indian fellow's car. He was gobsmacked at her friendliness. As much as I love her, I would be happy if a kind stranger carted her off to a happy home.


So I blew off being all Whole 30 for a couple days. Forget it. Within a couple days, swollen, constipated, eyes inflamed (what?!), arthritic fingers, backache, bloated, gassy, and then this near-nervous-breakdown thing today. W.T.F. Needless to say, I am back on. Went grocery shopping and got all the necessities for a couple of days of good eating. Kids and I walked to the club, where I did swim some very sad laps of breaststroke, and then walked home. But it was something. And I am about to hit the hay so I can get out early by myself.


Ds submitted his research paper, and this week gets to write another. This time, FDR. My boy got his first straight-A report. luxlove.gif Did a lot for his sense of competence.


So, tomorrow our plan is an early solo walk for Mom, then school until Arabic tutoring, club after Arabic, then Park Day...long days. Looking forward to our visit with my parents and the taste of home they'll bring.

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Busy here: soccer tournament for ds all weekend, climbing try-outs for dd1 yesterday (the team makes all members try out for each season = 2x year), dd1 essay, my presentation prep (another one) and paper writing (weekly changing-group paper, where one person writes, the other two "contribute". I ended up being the writer this week. I sent out a draft yesterday. Im hoping they all say "great! done!" lol.gif), bathroom renovations, sprinklers system repair work, and dh working. All good, but no personals...
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Holy blizzard, Batman!


We got just about 3 feet of snow over the weekend, with drifting even higher. When we went to open our doors, the snow was waist high. Crazy! And of course, dh had forgotten to renew the plow contract eyesroll.gif so we were shoveling all weekend too. Right now there's a barely-passable drive out our driveway (usually large and circular b/c we're on a very busy street). 


In the end I did my 'long' run on the treadmill this morning as the streets were still very dangerous, and I was more worried about a car sliding into me than slipping myself. The roads are not really well cleared and it has iced over. 8.5 miles on the mill and I wanted to poke out my eyeballs. 


Anyway, busy day and I have a snowday tomorrow! Yay! energy.gif My high school (the one where I teach) is regional and there are at least two major areas kids come in from that are still not navigable. I'm hoping the kids have the day at school so I can get some stuff done.

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Hoping for that Mom-only snow day, Nic! May it be so! 


That is the biggest thing about being home day in/out with my two that I have to figure out how to manage: I get not enough alone time. So I got up early this morning and am having coffee and waiting on a little daylight to head out by myself. Just me, the beach, about 100 other morning walkers and joggers, and my NPR player app. orngtongue.gif My discipline is what everyone relies on here and some days that just kills me. I tried taking it out on housecleaning yesterday but then the clothesline collapsed (full of clean, wet clothes of course) &etc. Anyway, the afternoon sunshine did me good, the kids got the message that Mom's a couple more tantrums (theirs) away from complete meltdown (mine), and they did what needed to be done. I just need to post their to-do lists before I go, so they can work on any and all independent activities while I am MIA.


I am trying to meet their needs, too, with downtime. They complain that they don't see their friends enough, so I have taken steps to schedule one-on-one time outside the usual, larger-group places. So there has been ice skating and this week there will be beachcombing tomorrow, and we will work harder to get daily outdoor exercise for them--it had fallen off while I slogged through a cold. I am happy with the outcome of our new approach, but the investment is high.


^ So all that translates to, any of those naysayers in the "no more for the schools" camps should have to spend at least a semester educating their own children. Real estate taxes are generally a bargain. Our tuition is privately paid but still amounts to $11K a year (and will go up annually) for materials and teacher access. And I spend at least 8 hours a day working with them, most days. Our real estate taxes, even with extra $$ added in to fund stuff, were a fraction of that.


Today will be active and productive, and we will all sleep early. nut.gif

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1jooj--would you like to copy and paste that message to one of our district's most vocal enemies? smile.gif The district started a new website where people can make suggestions and comment on certain topics. She's posted things like "teach your kids what they need to know at home" and "send your kid to failing schools." She also posted one, under schools being safe and welcoming, about not arresting parents ('cause it's happened to her), and on that one I couldn't resist: I posted under it something about how glad I am that they do so much to keep our kids safe. :P She doesn't even live in this district anymore, but that hasn't stopped her from attending the meetings and generally making a fuss. She's presumably angry that they expelled her kid, probably for the same kinds of threatening and bullying behavior. Last I heard, Denver had a warrant out for her for punching her son's girlfriend's mother. shake.gif I hope you're able to continue getting your kids to remember that you need your time. We have similar struggles here, and at least one of them is gone for part of the day.

JayGee--sorry about your cat.

Nic--glad you're ok, and kudos for doing your long run on the treadmill!

lofty--hope the septic is fixed soon. Also, I hadn't realized you lived where it's warmer. I saw the pic of the tub on your blog and was trying to figure out where you could possibly not be cold.gif with that.

RR: Ralston Creek Half Marathon!

I don't know why I sign up for things like a February half marathon. After last year, you'd think I'd have known better, but apparently I decided last year's 15-degree temps were a fluke. It was warmer when we started out this morning: 27 and overcast and damp (for Colorado), with a bit of flurries mixed in. cold.gif And this is a harsh course too. It climbs for the first six miles, then there's a bit of a break, and then there's a steep climb to the top of the mesa during the eighth mile. After that it's all downhill, if one has anything left. My Garmin said the elevation gain was about 1500 feet. It's often wrong, but it certainly feels like 1500 (might be more like 1000).

So, of course I wasn't going to race this one. You're all familiar with the story by now: I'm training for this other thing, it's been a long week, I haven't slept much, yeah yeah yeah. Of course super-competitive woman would race it, because once everyone starts running I want to pass them and not be passed. The only antidote to that is running with someone else, and that pretty much never happens (am I antisocial? intimidating?? have friends who are too smart to run a half marathon in February???). And we were off.

The course was about the same, but knowing that the climb is more steep that it seems and that the mile up 64th Avenue to the reservoir takes pretty much forever, I didn't push. I knew I'd run out of gas if I pushed too hard, and I hoped to make up time in the last five miles. The climb wasn't as hard as last year, which surprised me because I've done so much flat running at the gym. It was a little icy in parts, but we'd gotten very little snow from this weekend's storm so it wasn't as bad as last year when we'd had a few inches and it had melted in parts but not in others. The worst spot was right after a water table where the trail went under a bridge and people had spilled or tossed their water, which promptly froze. The course wasn't too bad, though some tall female runner nearly elbowed me in the face. She was one of those who starts to pass you and then starts to move over as if you've ceased to exist. I had to reach up and block her elbow. And then I wasn't very nice about it bag.gif though in my defense, this happens to me way more often than it should and there was no one else there. She could have stayed in the middle of the trail, gone over to the left side or basically been anywhere other than where I was because I was running right along the edge of the trail. It's not a narrow trail either! Grrr. (Do I even need to say that yes, in the end I crossed the finish line well ahead of her? bag.gif again.)

It was nice other than that. Got back, started getting cold within a couple of minutes after finishing, checked my time and division place, and headed for the car. Took a warm shower to warm up and then managed to fall asleep on the floor with J practically sitting/stepping on my head as she played her game around me. (DH was in the room reading; she just wanted to be near me, apparently). This race took a lot out of me last year too. The cold and climbing are a harsh combo. I've had my compression pants on since I got home, so hopefully I won't feel too nasty tomorrow.

Net time: 1:59:47 (sub-2, barely!), gun time 2:00:10
F35-39: 16/50
F 100/308
Overall 115/527
9:09 pace

In mildly interesting trivia news, this was the last in the winter series and I think I may have placed third for the series in the F35-39 division. There's no prize for third, but still! It's mostly a fluke, but the series awards points for the top ten age group finishers in any race, and I was number 10 in the Yeti Chase. I'd been looking at the standings out of idle curiosity and couldn't find my name in my division. They all seemed to be in alphabetical order so I was like "no, really, I've done both races so where is my name?" Then I scrolled up, planning to just look at the names one by one and discovered that I sort of had a rank. It's a big sort of but fun anyhow. We'll see what happens when the final rankings are published.
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Real - It's so not a fluke that you're a serious ass kicker out at the races! 

Jo - I totally agree!  Of course there are many occasions when I wish I could zap certain people into certain other people's shoes.  If only.


Nic - Hoping you've got a day alone today.


Sparkle - Good luck with your group project.  It's funny, my first thought when I read group project is to shudder with how unappealing that sounds.  Then I realize that designing and working at the theatre is like one non-stop group project - and I love the collaborative nature of it.  I wonder what the difference is?


Lofty - You can come back here while the water table drops!


Nothing too exciting on the schedule this week, but next week Mommajb here I come!! 

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I hate being responsible for other people's grade. If it were just me, I'd say "good enough" but because Im reprentin' I work harder than I otherwise would lol.gifbag.gif It's done though, and the group is happy....

Why am I so bleh about everything lately. Is it end of winter doldrums or just a personal failure lol.gif
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Glad that's done, Sparkle.


Lisa, I love your writing of these race reports.  And yeah, you have so many points in the winter series because you rock.


I was in LA last week to give a seminar and work on a collaboration.  I missed the mother of all dramas in the faculty meeting.  I'm rather protective of one of our new faculty members, and I'm a little sorry I wasn't there to advise her on how to handle the issue (she did the right thing, but spoke to the wrong person ahead of time).  I'm trying to reassure her that she did the right thing by listening to the alarm bells going off in her head and that speaking up was the right thing to do.  Now let's hope this doesn't affect her in coming tenure discussions.  Sigh.  Such a screwed up system.


IT band still killing me, maybe getting worse.  PT won't take me without a referral, which means going into the doctor first, delaying time to get the PT going.

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I can't keep up here. I check the thread on my phone but posting from the phone is awkward plus then I don't get notified of updates.

Great race report Real!
Geo, I hope you enjoyed your CA trip and your new faculty member is none the worse for your absence.
Lofty, do you expect the water table to drop soon? Is this a seasonal thing?
Nic, I hope you are had a productive snow day.

Plady, did we set a plan? I need to find my messages and check it out. I put you on my calendar for the whole week. lol.gif

The girls are making meringue cookies. I have no idea how they came up with the time on a Monday night!

RR: Nope.
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Biopsy tomorrow but I feel great. All the reasons I'm going to the ob/gyn seem to have subsided so I don't think I really need to go anymore. But I'm going anyway in case it's related to something nasty that comes back with a vengeance. This is so preemptive of me, I just want you to know, since I've only seen a doctor once in the last 5 years. So, I don't want to go and don't think I need to go but I'm going anyway. Bleh. Probably just pre-menopause symptoms. Wish Dr Jen was still here. Yahoooooooooo..... Still, she'd probably say, "Go."

So all of a sudden, I feel rested. I was on my feet for 12 hours today cooking, cleaning, teaching, giving orders, watching kids and did not feel sleepy or even need my usual quiet time. Rare form. Errr. Just realized that could be as much of an omen as it is a good thing.

RR: Run tomorrow. Yoga today and yoga tomorrow. Miss weights and need to add them.

Hope you all are doing okay.

Lisa, loved your race report! You are amazing! I'm so inspired!

Jo, figuring out the "me-time" is key. Sometimes I figure it out only to have to tweak it and re-tweak it. Good luck! thumb.gif

Plady & MommaJB, Meetup! Yay! joy.gif

Nic, did you get your day?

JG, still no Cookie? bawling.gif

Still raining here. We normally get about 60" per year but I swear it's way over average in the last few months. I think it's because it's so warm. When I was a girl, I remember regular snow here. But in the last five years, we've only had snow once. For a day. So now it's just warm and rainy. It's getting more and more tropical. Even the hummingbirds have returned. We are a regular stop for migrating birds and we've already had several flocks pause on their way north. I miss winter.
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