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Infterility w/ second

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Good Morning! I wanted to start by telling a little about myself. My name is Sara, I am blessed w/ a husband of almost 10 years named Jeff and a beautiful daugther named Elizabeth that is 7. We are trying to extent our family and have ttc for almost 2 years now. I recently visited my OB, Dr. Potter, who is amazing. We are starting our first round of clomid after a pelvic exam. I am really nervous about the pelvic exam. I am not sure what the expect while on my period. Yearly pelvic exams are not comfortable anyways, but during that yuck! Anywho, if everything checks out, my ovaries and follicles are working correctly, we are going to do our first round of clomid. I am really nervous about this because I have read so many articles about side effects and not conceiving. God will bless us if it is meant to be but the pit in my stomach is aching for Lizzy to have a baby boy or sister. Liz is hoping for a sister, haha but we will see. When I went to the doctor for the day 21 blood work they said that I was "borderline" I could have ovulated but not sure. So here we go into the unknown. Any support would be appreciated.


Thank you,



Texas Girl

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Welcome to Mothering!  You may also want to head over to our fertility threads to chat with other moms in the same boat.  If you hover over Pregnancy at the top of the page, you will move on over to Fertility Discussion to find the fertility forums.  Good luck!

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Hi. I used Clomid to conceive my first child who is now almost 15months. We are in our first cycle of trying for our second baby with the use of Clomid (150mg). I had no issues with side effects from clomid. If you have questions I'd love to attempt to answer them from my personal experience.
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