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Blood work-high and low

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Hi Ladies,

so here's the thing with blood work. It is a very small part of a health assessment, and one set of values means next to nothing.  One part of one set means pretty much nothing. There are many, many reasons why a number might be high or low. You could be dehydrated, resulting in false highs. You could be overhydrated, resulting in false lows. Just because something looks "low" doesn't mean that is actually is.You shouldn't automatically assume that because one number is high or low that means xx.  Some numbers have to drop drastically before health care workers get concerned.Some numbers don't, and we try to correct almost immediately.  Also, numbers work with each other. One number high or low in a set, again, doesn't mean much if all the other numbers are normal. Second to lastly, (for me) it also depends on my physical assessment. Sure, someone might technically be "anemic", but if they feel fine, and their vitals are fine, I won't rush in with interventions. I will check again, and see if their body is adjusting, Our bodies are pretty good at adjusting themselves when they need to.
Lastly-please don't use Dr. Google to look up lab values and what is high and low, he is an awful doctor. Try mayoclinic.com, or familydoctor.org or better yet, use it to develop questions to ask your doctor/midwife/nurse practitioner/health care professional. 

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Thanks for the voice of reason. Given that I just had a yucky experience with the dentist that sent me to doctor google (basically, dentist gave me novacaine with epinephrine which made my heart race like crazy. The babe (who I rarely feel) DEF didn't like it and I sort of panicked), then...I got sensible and looked at more reputable sources. Yuck. Who knew to even ask that kind of stuff?
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