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need advice please

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We had the dentist examine our 31 month old son's teeth this morning since I had an appointment with them anyway. To my great shock, he has two cavities in his cheeck teeth. The dentist says they will need to be filled but would like to wait awhile. We'll be more diligent about brushing his teeth going forward (We've been pretty relaxed about it) What else can we do to possibly reverse the damage or at least keep it from getting worse? Any advice or personal experience? Thanks!

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My daughter has a few spots the dentist is watching but they are not changing. She wants to wait two years until my daughter will sit happily.

There are great groups of yahoo and facebook on young kids teeth... I am part of very young kids teeth on yahoo. I highly recommend finding a few resources on how to stop or even heal cavities. Look into xyliyol candies. Three exposures a day greatly reduces cavities. Green Pastures butter oil and cod livery oil are great supplements. And cell salts. Those are probably the top three things I have read about.

Brushing really well twice a day and flossing once is really important. Salt water rinses after meals helps too. There is so much you can try.

Good luck!
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MI paste has really helped arrest my daughter's cavities. I also used xylitol, cell salts and colloidal silver.

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Thanks! My son strongly resists brushing the last few days, so I've been rubbing xilotal toothpaste on his teeth, esp. the ones with cavities. At first I was very concerned about him getting diarrea from the xilotol but I'm not as concerned now. I didn't know that xilotal candy might be useful , I'll check into that. As well as the butter oil and the cell salts, etc. I sure hope we can prevent future problems, at least for a number of years!

We are very suspicious of flouride for a child so young, so we are not using flouride toothpaste on his teeth nor has he ever received flouride drops. Are we doing him a disservice?

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