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>>I will be16 weeks tomorrow, and i have gained 11 lbs. I was overweight to begin with, but Dr Luke still wants me to gain a bunch more! I think I need to gain 9 lbs in the next 4 weeks to hit her target range. I am trying not to be anxious about it, but it's difficult. I'm hungry often but I can't eat huge portions or anything. I am feeling frustrated and stalled out, and I don't want to resort to milk shakes or snickers bars because that is just not how I eat. And I'm nervous about GD! 

Thanks for letting me vent. <<

I have been extremely anxious about GD since last Monday, when my OB told me I had failed my glucose screening test (spectacularly - my score was 199). I told him I wanted to do the tolerance test regardless (I just didn't feel comfortable relying on one test for a final diagnosis) and he said it was completely unnecessary - there was no doubt I had GD. I thought guiltily back to the glasses of whole milk I'd been drinking as bedtime snacks, and the occasional breakfast bagel. With my first pregnancy, I never had any issues with blood sugar, but I thought I must not have been vigilant enough.

But since I was in the middle of switching providers (I just had my first appointment with my new OB yesterday), I scheduled the 3 hr GTT with my new OB's lab. Then I caught my toddler's stomach bug and was more concerned about staying hydrated and keeping down any kind of food than keeping off the carbs. The virus lasted for a week and was probably the worst GI illness I've ever dealt with. I was worried the whole time about this looming 3 hr test, whether I'd actually be well enough to take it or if the virus and not eating regularly would skew results ... So I finally felt better on Monday evening and took the test first thing Thursday morning. And I passed with flying colors! No evidence of GD. I'm not even borderline. I am so relieved.

I am feeling pretty great! I'm not even bummed about both babies being breech at yesterday's appointment (they were both vertex at last week's US) because with them wiggling so much, I'm hopeful they will wiggle back to Baby A being vertex.

I've just started reading Dr. Luke's book about multiples. I am nowhere near her recommended weight gain. I started off overweight (ok, technically obese) and am 14 pounds heavier (I lost a few pounds with the stomach virus but hope to regain those quickly). I'm at 28w5d. The twins are estimated to be the same size and between 50-60th percentiles. My old OB never even mentioned nutrition with me. I've been trying to get as much protein in as possible and am a little daunted by the total daily recommendations in Luke's book, but I'll keep trying. It's so much easier to focus on food intake now that I'm not worried about every single gram of carbohydrate.
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Hey jess, don't give up yet!  They still have time to turn!   I have heard of babies flipping as late as 36 weeks.  Yeah, it's good to prepare for a c/s, but you are not wasting your money on the chiropractor and acupuncturist.  Think of this as preparation for motherhood.  You will find as your babies get bigger that you doubt yourself alot, but you just have to push on and do your best.  You are doing everything in your power to have the best birth possible, but in the end some things are just out of your control.  Even if you do end up with a c/s, you can look back and say, "I tried everything I could".  That is alot easier to live with than regret.

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Rynkat, glad to hear you switched OBs, your first sounds like a trip. The 1hr is screening only, plenty of false positives from it! Glad you passed the three hour! I will say most OBs including mine know little about nutrition, especially for multiples!

Had a massage yesterday, oh that was nice, though I really haven't been hurting anywhere, but nice and relaxing and she showed me how to rub my legs to help with the slight ankle swelling I'm getting now. Baby boy seems happy in his head down position, baby girl/A is still flipping often, but has been back to head down at least twice since the first time. I will just have to wait and see! Work has been busy, making me tired, glad it is the weekend!
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Hello, everyone!


I've been MIA for a while, because I ended up having an emergency C-section with my girls due to a placenta abruption on Baby B. They were born at 28 weeks 4 days, on March 17, and Baby B actually came out earlier than her sister, and so ended up being the oldest :) They weighed 2lb9oz and 2lb7oz respectively, and both were 14 1/2 inches long. We named them Katherine Ruth and Elizabeth Anne. 


Now Elizabeth and Katherine face a long stay in NICU, but the doctors are optimistic about us taking home two healthy babies in the end. We were able to hold them both about 6 days after they were born, and the girls are receiving my milk via a tiny tube to their stomachs. 


Here are the pictures of the girls:






and Katherine

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sophigirl, congratulations on your two sweet girls!  Modern medicine truly is amazing!  I just recently heard about placental abruption and I am curious about it.  Did you have any symptoms before you were in labor? 


Anyone else on here want to talk freezer cooking?  I am trying to get my act together and freeze a few gluten free/ dairy free meals each week.  Been having more braxton hicks when I am on my feet too long, so I've been resting ALOT.  They really started up after visiting the chiropractor- has this happened to anyone else?  Is is just coincidence?  I am 32 weeks now.  Makes me feel a sense of urgency to get everything ready! 

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Congratulations, Sophigirl!  Sounds like you've been through a scary time.  I love your girls' names.  Sending good wishes and prayers your way for an uneventful and as short as possible stay in the NICU. 

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Congrats Sophigirl! Your girls are beautiful smile.gif I hope their NICU stay goes smoothly and quickly and that you are recovering well too.
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2babies2kidsmom ~ I've been saving a bunch of freezer meal recipes on Pinterest like crazy!  I'm almost 28 weeks with lots of Braxton Hicks and feeling the same sense of urgency as you are.  My grandma is giving us a full size freezer next week so I'll be preparing for meals not just after the babies come, but for before the come too (I think I'm going to need them!)


Your girls are beautiful Sophigirl!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and their nurses!  

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Sophigirl - what a scary situation, but how wonderful that you have your two sweet girls to hold. I'm getting all emotional thinking about the milestones over the next few weeks for your healing and their growth. One day at a time. They are lovely.

AFM - I went into labor Monday morning and after some complications ended up with a C-section Tuesday morning. I'll get around to writing about it. At the moment I'd much rather focus on our darling daughters. Amarra Sedona and Sierra Lynn were delivered at 38 weeks 4 days. 5lbs 14oz and 5lbs 10oz respectively, 18" each. Aside from some preventative antibiotics that involved too many needle sticks for our liking everything is perfect. Breastfeeding has been a fun and rewarding challenge with the two of them. The nurses have been fantastically supportive and I'm glad to spend an extra night here in the hospital while we practice our schedule for at home. We are so in love with these babies and a bit overwhelmed by it all.
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wow, babies! Congrats sophigirl and momma-bear!!! I am wishing you both the best and I can't wait to hear more about them and see pictures!


I'm 34 weeks 4 days today. Baby A is still breech, Baby B flipped at some point (how did I not notice?!) and is vertex. I think the visceral manipulation thing really helped them get moving more because they have been super wiggly. Our doula showed us some exercises/activities to do so we've been trying to do those 3 times a day, too. The hardest one is kneeling on a stool (only about a foot off the ground) and then very slowly get into a position with my chest/shoulders as low to the ground as possible. It is SO hard to do, and I don't have the upper body strength to heave myself back up so it takes two people to help me back. It's kind of scary so I'll admit we haven't done it often enough (plus we need an extra person to spot).


I had an OB appt on Tuesday and things look pretty good. I gained another 10lbs in 2 weeks so Dr was not happy about that. I've gained 50lbs so far. BP was good, no protein in urine, etc. Then on Wednesday night my ankles swelled up out of nowhere. OB says that's probably the 10lbs showing up. Now I've got my feet up at work as much as possible and I sit straightaway when I get home from work with my feet up. I don't really like the swelling and I'm not sure what to do about it - I've heard compression socks are good? Where do you buy those - maybe a pharmacy?


OB also scheduled my c-section (if Baby A is still breech) for April 24th. We had some negotiating since my and my brother's birthday is April 29, and our younger brother's birthday is April 26. I wanted to avoid all of those days :) Of course who knows if I'll make it that far but it was kind of a funny moment.


NST tomorrow and growth ultrasound Tuesday. I can't believe next week is April. I've said all along I want them to be April babies, and April is finally within reach *knock on wood*


Does anyone else's tailbone hurt? At work I sit really straight with good posture, but on the bus, in the car, on the couch I am slouching a bit I think and my tailbone hurts a lot. I think it's all the weight concentrated in my belly pressing back on my tailbone when I sit. I dunno. It's pretty irritating and painful, especially after an hour long bus ride. I keep adjusting myself to sit up straighter but the way the seats are it's pretty impossible.

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joy.gifcongrats momma-bear!! joy.gif


jess. it sounds like you're doing pretty well for 34 weeks. i hope baby A flips ASAP. c'mon, buddy! 


AFU - we're closing in on 17 weeks. i am not sure when, exactly, that happened, but here we are. i'm still concerned that i'm not gaining enough weight, but i am doing my best. my "delightful" new pregnancy experiences this week have been incredible heartburn that makes me think no other heartburn i've ever had in my life was actually heartburn.... and 12-hour charley horses. it's all pretty awesome! 


we're going on vacation soon. any travel tips for twin preggos? 

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Congrats mama-bear!

jess, I've had some mild ankle swelling the past week or so too. I hope Baby A turns already! Compression stocking/socks are available at pharmacies, the trick is to put them on while you are still in bed in the morning before you get up so they can do their work well. I haven't busted mine out yet as the swelling has been so mild (I have some I wear for long plane trips as I travel for work often), but I might start wearing them next week.

mrandmrs, I hear you on the heartburn, I only had a bit with my first, but this pregnancy I have it much more often and it is much worse. Thank goodness a glass of milk usually kicks mine pretty quickly and tums work well otherwise! I haven't had any 12-hour charley horse (ow!!!) but I've had some short lasting leg cramps, one that actually woke me up last night eyesroll.gif For your travel, are you flying/driving/etc.? How long?

2babies2kidsmom, My freezer is tiny, so I'm not planning on freezing meals, but I'm sure I'll be buying some Stouffers here and there smile.gif And DH will keep up his cooking, he does 95% of it now anyway.

My OB appointment Wednesday was interesting, she started talking like the MFM might want to induce me early (like 36 or 37 weeks), but then backpedaled quickly when my stink-eye landed lol.gif She said for me since everything has been looking great, they probably wouldn't want to induce until 38 or 39 weeks. Personally, I don't plan on inducing without a reason besides TWINS, but we'll see what they have to say at my appointment next Wednesday. If there is a problem, that's totally different, but without indication, they are just di/di twins, not a bomb waiting to go off eyesroll.gif Babies are still moving around a lot, they are sometimes both head down, not sure where they are right now. Uterus was definitely stretching last night though to make more room for them, my belly is really sticking out a lot!
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Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post

My OB appointment Wednesday was interesting, she started talking like the MFM might want to induce me early (like 36 or 37 weeks), but then backpedaled quickly when my stink-eye landed lol.gif She said for me since everything has been looking great, they probably wouldn't want to induce until 38 or 39 weeks. Personally, I don't plan on inducing without a reason besides TWINS, but we'll see what they have to say at my appointment next Wednesday. If there is a problem, that's totally different, but without indication, they are just di/di twins, not a bomb waiting to go off eyesroll.gif Babies are still moving around a lot, they are sometimes both head down, not sure where they are right now. Uterus was definitely stretching last night though to make more room for them, my belly is really sticking out a lot!


Inducing that early?! My OB said he'd schedule the c section at 39 weeks, and then that's where the negotiating came in since it's my birthday and there are other birthdays I wanted to avoid :) I can't imagine being induced that early...for me that would be in a little over a week! scary!!! haha


I'll look at the pharmacy for the socks. Everyone tells me the swelling is really mild, but if I happen to go all the way til the c section date I can imagine it getting worse over time so I think I would want to get on it sooner than later.

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quinalla - we're flying alllll the way across the country (seattle -> dc) and spending a week mostly walking around. i feel large and slow, but i dont have a lot of swelling or pain with movement, so hopefully if i just listen to my body and sit down when i want to, i'll be ok? and drink a lot of water, pack snacks, you know, the usual stuff i do for a day at the office? i hope i am not overlooking something crazy important.


i think we're going to get an inexpensive deep freezer for the garage before the babies come to fill with lasagna and stuff. i can't imagine us finding the time and energy to cook after they are here. 


jess, i hope your compression socks are awesome! it sounds like they could help a lot. 


my OB said they would let us go to 38 weeks and then "see how things are going." but if everything is fine they wouldn't pressure us to induce until 40 weeks. the doulas in town i have talked to seem to think there is very little chance of us getting a vaginal birth with this ob practice though, so we're talking about moving to an OB the next town over (tacoma, for your reference, jess) who is more 'natural birth friendly.' i am kind of overwhelmed thinking about changing providers, but i guess it's better to do it sooner rather than later? i am not stoked about driving 30 extra minutes for an appt but .... you all know what i'm going through, i'm sure. 

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Mrs- SWITCH NOW! No matter how overwhelming it feels, I guarantee you it will feel far more overwhelming at 35 weeks when you're fighting your practice on one thing or another.

AFM (and I'm not sure I ever filled out an intro questionnaire, but I'm 35 weeks with di/di twins!), we just met the OB who will back up our midwife and were not thrilled. Ugh.
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Jess, I know right, I am pretty sure she was just trying to prepare me if something went wrong, whatever, I'm not inducing that early without good reason! Yeah, may as well get the socks, nice for traveling In the future too.

Mrandmrs, only other thing would be to get up and walk around at least a couple times on the flight, but you may have to to pee anyway and drink plenty as planes are DRY! Otherwise sounds like a great plan to me. If you want to switch, sooner would be better I would think!

Knittingtigers, hi and sorry your back up OB is not great, hopefully you won't need 'em!
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Congrats momma bear!  Can't wait to read more details about the birth! 


Jess, what is visceral manipulation?  My babies are both still breech.  Have my next appt with the chiropractor Tuesday.


Quinalla, I can't believe they want to induce that early!  My OB said 38 weeks, but she could tell I didn't like hearing that.  She said part of the reason she is concerned is b/c I live 2 hours from the hospital.  So I might have to stay in town when I get closer to my due date.  I know every pregnancy is different but I never had trouble getting to the birth place in time for my other two births. 


Mrsandmrs- I hear you on the heartburn!  With twins all the normal annoyances of pregnancy are definitely multiplied.  I knew something was up before we found out it was twins because I had worse morning sickness, digestive issues, anxiety, heartburn, fatigue, and leg cramps waking me up every night, even though I was supplementing with extra calcium, magnesium, and zinc.  I started drinking about 4 glasses of raw milk a day, sometimes blended with a banana, and that definitely helped.  We just ran out this morning and I wish I had some now- heartburn is back!  Also, I wouldn't worry about the weight gain unless your doc is concerned.  I only put on about 15 pounds by my 24 weeks appt and I have more than made up for it in the last trimester. 


Knitting Tiger- are you planning a homebirth? 


I am making progress on the freezer meals, although tonight I had to lay down and leave the dishes for tomorrow because I started having contractions.  So far I have:

-1 (unbaked) baked oatmeal

-2 (unbaked) sausage and egg casseroles

-1 (unbaked) meatloaf

-1 (unbaked) pan cabbage rolls

-some cooked diced chicken

-enough cooked ground beef for 2 meals worth of tacos

-about 6 cups butternut squash soup

-mixed up some gf flours for 1 batch chocolate chip cookies and 1 batch brownies

Next week after I go grocery shopping for ingredients I'm hoping to make some breakfast burritos, a southwestern beef and noodle casserole, tamale pie, an italian sausage and noodle casserole, and maybe a ham and egg casserole (with Easter leftovers).  We have a chest freezer and it is so handy, especially since we live so far from the grocery store.

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Originally Posted by mrsandmrs View Post


jess. it sounds like you're doing pretty well for 34 weeks. i hope baby A flips ASAP. c'mon, buddy! 


we're going on vacation soon. any travel tips for twin preggos? 


I know, I hope something works. We are trying everything!


I went on a trip from Seattle to Iowa via Denver for a week at around 17 weeks. I was on Zofran at the time for nausea, and I probably could have stopped it by then but I was worried it would come back full force so I stopped taking it after the trip. I did a lot of walking and was under a lot of stress (visiting family and my grandma in the hospital) and was totally fine. I made a point to drink a TON of water and always have a purse full of snacks on me, too.


On the plane, I had the worst sinus pain I've ever had in my life - like needles going into my eyeball for a few minutes and then my sinuses were sore for a few days! I'm not sure if it was just random, or pregnancy related. I also had an episode of low blood pressure where I almost passed out. Definitely eat and drink a lot when you're on the plane!

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So last night I thought I felt hiccups way down there on Baby A's side!  I think she might have flipped!  My next u/s isn't for 2 more weeks, and my next chiro appt is Tuesday.  Is it safe to do the Webster technique when baby is head down?

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Just a quick update while the babies nap. Breast pump saved my life today! My milk came in fully last night and my girls were only nursing for short sessions. I was in so much pain. Ran to the store to buy a bigger nursing bra. When I went to try one on I practically started squirting breast milk all over the changing room. I had to hold pads on my boobs while my mom came in and strapped the bra on me. Someday I'll laugh at that. Just not today.
Went home nursed one baby, pumped 9.5 oz of milk over the next 20min, then STILL had plenty to nurse the next baby to sleep. Finally, finally the pain subsided. So to any first time moms who don't plan on pumping, I recommend at least a basic manual pump for engorgement.
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