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Originally Posted by mrsandmrs View Post

maybe i'm jumping the gun a little since we're only almost11 weeks. our first OB appointment is this week, but we've been working with a fertility clinic so i have weekly appointments and ultrasounds. 


You and maybe your partners age at the birth? I'll be 31. My wife will be 36. 

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? i believe we di/di twins although it's not "officially diagnosed" yet. at our last US, i asked the doc and he said yes, two placentas. 

What number of kids will is be for you? #2 & #3

Sexes? Will you be finding out? we will find out, but we haven't yet 

EDD and or planned birth timing? our EDD is 9/6/13 but we havent discussed any earlier dates. 

State you live in? Washington. Anyone have advice on birthing twins in Washington? 

Anything else you want to share? Our older kid is 16, soon to be 17, so this twin baby thing is going to be a whole new ballgame in a lot of ways. We're excited, though. We've known for about 6 weeks, although my brain is still like "twins, what, huh?" 

welcome!! Where in WA are you? I am north of Seattle and will be giving birth at the Pavilion for Women and Children in Everett. I have heard UW is awesome, of course, but it's too far for me. We're going to take a multiples childbirth series through the UW (not sure if you want that info? They have a shorter series for experienced parents. Anyways the info is here: http://www.uwmedicine.org/patient-care/our-services/medical-services/obstetrics/patient-education/pages/classes.aspx).

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Hi jess! I'm in Oly. From what I've gathered (it's still early), we have pretty limited options down here. :/ I wish we were closer to Seattle.
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Hiya sophigirl, glad to see you around again! Glad you are feeling your babies move and congratulations on the two girls smile.gif

Welcome mrsandmrs! Congrats on your twins smile.gif I think I started posting here around 11 weeks or so too and yeah it can be pretty overwhelming when you first find out.
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Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post

Brambleberry, sorry about your SPD hug.gif is that why your doctor is encouraging induction?
She's worried about placentas aging after 38 weeks with twins.  I'm not convinced it's really a valid concern, especially since they're di/di, I'm healthy and gained plenty of weight in first tri, and the babies have been on-par with singleton growth expectations and pass their non-stress tests with flying colors.  BUT.  it does worry me slightly, and that coupled with the SPD is enough to make me agree to having my water broken this Friday or Saturday.  I'll have acupuncture for induction on Thursday to hopefully get labor going on its own first.  I had my membranes stripped again this morning, and am still not seeing much action greensad.gif
Yeah, with your SPD I can definitely understand wanting to go early, I hope it goes well for you if you get to the point of having your water broken. The 38w placenta thing, I wonder if that is based on any studies, weird!
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Brambleberry, hope everything goes well this weekend!

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We had our 28 week MFM and OB appointments today. Babies are measuring over 1 (Baby B) and over 2 (Baby A) weeks ahead, but I passed my glucose test so I guess they are just big babies! Baby B still has cysts on the left kidney, but they look the same so the doc just wants to keep observing them. Maybe they will go away by the next ultrasound (32 weeks).


Both were breech, so I hope they have time and room to flip considering they are measuring ahead :/ If A isn't head down then they don't try for a regular delivery. Anyone have an idea of when I should start trying to get them to flip? I am measuring 32 weeks right now.


Things are good, and I feel less anxious. My blood pressure was good (112/64) and the ultrasound reported my cervix was long and closed, which made me feel better because I can always feel the babies jumping on it! Oh yeah I've gained 37 pounds!

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Sounds like a pretty good appointment Jessica, hopefully the cysts go away by next time, but glad to hear they didn't grow bigger. They should still have room to flip, so here is hoping all our babies get head down! I know a lot of people recommend spinningbabies.com, good posture and tailor sitting, though most say that they don't work as well with multiples, I'm going to try various things anyway though, but I'm not worried about it just yet. Your blood pressure is great, mine has been a little higher than that, but not worrisome.

I had an appointment with my regular OB yesterday, she was making me laugh as she really wanted to see me in 3 weeks, but my MFM appointment is in 3 weeks so it seems silly to double up, so I suggested 2 weeks, but that seemed too soon. So first she wrote 4 weeks and then as I was walking away she called me back and crossed it out and wrote 2 weeks. I think it is not necessary, but it will make her and my DH feel better. DH works with someone who's wife gave birth to twins 2 months early, so he keeps hearing all about how expensive NICU is so now DH is even more not letting me do anything and asking if there is anything else I can do to prevent preterm and if the doctors are checking everything. So anyway, another appointment in 2 weeks then I'll be seen by someone every week for the next 3 at least, not sure after that. She said she would also want to do NSTs on me later on, but not until 30 weeks at least.
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Here's my info.

Name? (if you feel like it) Southernmommie

You and maybe your partners age at the birth?  me-34; hubby-40

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?  di di

What number of kids will is be for you? 6 and 7

Sexes? Will you be finding out?  boy/girl- found out this week!!

EDD and or planned birth timing?  Aug 9th

State you live in?  Cali

Anything else you want to share?

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Thanks Southernmommie, got it updated! Go team girl/boy smile.gif

How is everyone doing today? I'm still feeling pretty good, but also still tiring more easily that I would like.
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Quick update! My girls are here! They arrived on 2-11-13 at 1:31am and 1:34am. I was 37 weeks 4 days. Contractions started at 8:00pm and 5.5 hours later my girls were here! Everything went really well. Cambrie was 5 lbs 3 oz and was born head first. Acacia was 4lbs 15 oz and was born feet first. It was confirmed that they are identical. We had a regular hospital stay and they were able to come home with us! It's still a whirlwind of craziness and wonderfulness all at the same time! Our older girls have come for short visits, but have been with grandparents and will be through tomorrow. My mom will come stay Wednesday through Saturday, Hubby is home for the weekend, then monday....all four girls to myself! I will need lots of prayers! I'm not sure how to post pictures, but if I have time, I will try to figure it out. Hope everyone is doing well!

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Rblakley.....congrats on your daughters!!! How exciting! Sounds like it was a wonderful birth. smile.gif What a blessing!

On a personal.....I am growing by the minute. Leggings that fit Thursday are too small and ripped today. Lol Down to zero pants that fit me. smile.gif
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Name? (if you feel like it) Dem

You and maybe your partners age at the birth?  both of us will be 28

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?  not sure

What number of kids will is be for you? 3 & 4

Sexes? Will you be finding out?  boy and girl- just what I hoped for!

EDD and or planned birth timing?  May 20

State you live in?  Wyoming

Anything else you want to share?  Twins don't really run in the family so this was a crazy surprise to us!  We were working with a midwife but I was measuring really big, so she asked me to get an u/s.  We were really sad to give up our dream of an out-of-hospital birth, but excited for the double blessing.  So far our ob has treated this like a normal pregnancy which makes me relieved. 

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Rblakley, congratulations!!! What a blessing for you all! And I will definitely pray for grace for you as you transition to being a mom of four instead of two. 


AngelBee - I know what you mean! I am looking forward with dread to the day when I outgrow all my maternity hand-me-downs. Someone gave me a pair of scrub pants - sure hope it won't come down to that!


Dem, welcome! We were also surprised by the twin news, and had to give up the midwife dream :) But thinking about my two children makes it worth it! 

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I'd like to join in. I am due on 6/4/13 with di/di twin girls. They will be my second and third. So I'm 25 weeks now and feeling okay other than some bad sciatic, hip and pubic pain. 


Congrats to you all!

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congrats Rblakley! your story is amazing, and i hope you're enjoying those sweet girls.

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Congrats rblakely, sounds like it went really well smile.gif

Welcome Dem, should be di/di if you are having a girl & boy, congrats!

Hiya ilovemygirl, got you all updated, congrats on your girls!
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congrats rblakely!! I hope you are able to figure out how to upload pictures of the babies!


We started an "expecting multiples" 7 class series last night - there are only 2 other couples but we are all due within a month of each other so that is really neat. And every so often they bring in "graduates" who have babies or young children and took the class when they were pregnant, so we got to interact and ask questions of a couple with two year old twins. I highly recommend something like this if you can find it in your area. The first class was mostly about twins (identical vs fraternal, etc) but had some important info about nutrition, weight gain, choosing the right doctor, pre-labor, etc. Next class is specifically about pre-labor and pre-eclampsia and the 3rd is about labor and delivery. I'm excited/scared!

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You and maybe your partners age at the birth? I'm 35 and my husband is 33.

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Mo/Di

What number of kids will is be for you? #2 and #3. Our son will turn 2 in early May. I am very much hoping that the twins don't arrive before his birthday!

Sexes? Will you be finding out? Girls!

EDD and or planned birth timing? Due June 9th

State you live in? Alaska

Anything else you want to share?
Trying to figure out names. Trying to figure out how to fit three carseats into the back row of a 2001 Subaru Outback. Still not sure whether babies will sleep in our old Arms Reach mini cosleeper or if we'll get a crib to sidecar to our bed or what. Contemplating a minor home renovation to accommodate our growing family, but that just sounds like craziness. Still occasionally nursing my toddler and I'm not sure if we'll wean before his sisters arrive. Anyone have any advice on nursing both twins and a toddler?

I just started reading birth stories for twins, and I have to admit, I'm getting nervous. After the hospital birth of our son (induction at 41w 6d), we had planned for a birth center delivery, but with twins we'll be back at the same hospital. Not looking forward to delivering in the OR, or potentially being induced again.
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Jessica, the class sounds great! I wish we had one offered in our area... As it is, we have signed up for an all-in-one-day class that should cover all of the basics, plus the hospital tour. The good thing is, it comes with a free lactation class, and I hear that their lactation specialist is great. 

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Figured out how to upload some pics! Here are my lovely girls, Cambrie and Acacia :)













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Lovely photos and girls! :D

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