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lilacvioletiris - I remember "graduating" from the RE like it was yesterday - what a beautiful feeling! Good luck picking the next doctor on your journey. I found that it was most useful for us to pick an OB and then use the MFM they were most accustomed to working with, as recommended by the OB. Are you planning on using an MFM as your primary prenatal care? My former OB practice called in the MFM for "weird circumstances" - like if any issues came up, IUGR or something - and higher-level ultrasounds, like the 12-week nuchal scan. I don't know how much our new OB will rely on an MFM. She didnt bring it up in our initial meeting. 

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Oh, I guess I thought twins meant MFM as prenatal provider.  Guess I misunderstood my RE. I am not much of a doctor loving person (although I adore my primary care physician and wish he delivered babies :( ) Hopefully my twin pregnancy is uneventful as far as complications go. Biggest events so far were yesterday getting some shooting pains in my lower right side.  I think it is round ligament pain but man it made me double over for a minute. I know I am stretching and cramping and growing to make room for babies but I never expected it to be quite like this.


I woke up at midnight so very hungry and having to go to the bathroom.  Does it get better - the hungry part? Or with twins is the desire to eat just more pronounced?

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Unless your pregnancy starts out high-risk (like, higher risk than twins), I would be surprised that you need to go directly into MFM care. Regular OBs definitely see multiple mamas, and depending on your state laws, there may be midwives who will attend multiple mamas as well. A lot of twin mamas end up seeing an MFM at some point in their pregnancy for specialized care or monitoring but I don't know that there's any reason they would be the primary/only doctor for your pregnancy. I have a friend who has had a very difficult, complicated multiple pregnancy and she sees an OB and MFM (each 1x per week) but the OB is delivering. 


I was really nauseous for my first trimester, so it was hard for me to recognize hunger, but I think the hungry part just gets worse and worse. Have your checked out the Barbara Luke book about nutrition for multiples? She has good advice about protein and strategic snacking that helps stave off hunger pangs. Growing people takes a lot of food! 

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Originally Posted by mrsandmrs View Post

welcome, esenbee. it is so excited that we graduated QC together, share a due date club, and now we're both here! 

2babies2kidsmom - it sounds like you have a good attitude about it. it is normal to be disappointed but you can keep your eye on the prize(s) - those delicious babies! 

AFM - 21.5 weeks already, holy crap! we decided yesterday to switch OBs after meeting with a new doctor. Our new OB has a practice where she is the only OB and her back-ups are all midwives. She delivers at a hospital in Tacoma (we were previously planning a delivery in Olympia, where there are lower-level NICUs only). I am kind of annoyed to drive a little further for appointments and delivery, but I just have to trust my gut that this is a much better decision. This new doctor seems all-around more friendly to natural births and family practices. my doula has worked with her many times. We will be able to labor and deliver in the regular L&D suite instead of the OR (thankfully) and she recommends an epidural for multiples b/c she will go in and get the second baby if he is breech or something. She talked about preventative care - diet, exercise, supplements - to ward off problems instead of just addressing issues as they arise, which was one of my pet peeves about our previous OB practice. if we go into labor after 5pm, our birth and delivery would be attended by one of the midwives instead of the OB, which is pretty awesome. since we would be in the hospital, the midwife would still be backed up by the hospital's OB in case of emergency. all around, i feel so much more positive and hopeful about our potential for a good birth experience. we're starting a series of childbirth classes in may. it feels like things are shaping up the way i'd hoped! i just have to figure out this Spinning Babies thing so we can be sure they are pointed in the right direction. 

outside of pregnancy, i have fairly low blood pressure and my BP during pregnancy has been consistently very low. the nurse yesterday was like, "i'm keeping my eye on you!" i do sometimes get lightheaded, dizzy, see stars. is that a common thing during twin pregnancy or is this just my own unique special burden? i have never read anything about it, so i am kind of taken off-guard. 

Finding the right OB makes a huge difference. I don't have a ton of providers to choose from here, but I am grateful I switched at 28 weeks to someone I feel more comfortable with. She's amenable to me being in the L&D suite next to the OR as long as babies stay vertex. Fingers crossed that room is available when I go into labor. Who knows, I might prefer to lie down on my back during labor, but the idea of *having to* and in stirrups just sets me on edge.

Re: BP, I also have low BP ... until the second trimester, every time I moved my head a certain way in bed, or got up too fast, I would feel dizzy and light-headed. But luckily that went away. It's crazy how symptoms have morphed. I am optimistic about feeling almost normal post-birth. I'm just hoping that the pain in my pelvic joint (pubic symphysis?) goes away. Getting in and out of bed at night is a real struggle.
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Congrats to all the ladies that recently had babies!!!!


I just found this thread...but look forward to joining / following.  I am 25 weeks along now with mono/di boys....more detail below.


Name? (if you feel like it)  Yelena

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 30

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? mono/di

What number of kids will is be for you? #2 & #3

Sexes? Will you be finding out? boys

EDD and or planned birth timing? August 12th

State you live in? NJ

Anything else you want to share? Hoping for a natural birth!!!

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Welcome new folks, I'll get the front page updated as soon as I have time! Just wanted to pop in and say thanks and let you know we came home last Saturday and we are doing well. C-section recovery is much harder than vaginal, especially after being in the hospital on bed rest the week before, but I'm doing pretty well and my pre-e is getting better. Now some pictures of them at 2 days old!



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I read through all the threads last night and was a bit surprised that that nutrition / proper diet wasn’t mentioned even once…especially given its importance in a twin pregnancy! 


More specifically as it relates to the discussion about preeclampsia….preeclampsia can be prevented by simply eating enough protein during pregnancy.  Enough is somewhere in the 60-100 grams range for a single pregnancy and 100+ grams a day for twins.


The added benefit of getting the extra protein is that the babies grow faster so there is a lower risk of very low birth weight / low birth weight even if the babies arrive early!


And for those carrying identical twins where TTTS is a serious risk…there has been research showing that a diet high in protein reduces the occurrence of TTTS and can even reverse it. 


Other important things to concider especially in a twin pregnancy is to make sure you are getting enough DHA / Omega 3s, calcium (especially in the last trimester), D3 and iron.  Eating lots of greens is also high on the list!

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Quinalla ! they are so beautiful. Did you make their little hats? congrats again. I can't wait to see them grow. I hope you're feeling better soon. 


Yelena - I mentioned Dr. Barbara Luke's book on multiple pregnancy nutrition in post #243 of this thread. Her book is based on a number of studies that cover thousands of multiple pregnancies, and her dietary recommendations are geared toward "best possible outcome." She recommends 175g of protein per day for a twin pregnancy, and exponentially higher levels for supertwins. I think there is strong evidence to support that a balanced diet high in protein is pretty important in a twin pregnancy.


As a vegetarian, I have really struggled with this, especially during the super nauseous days (weeks 6-20). On my best, best days, I can hit 150g of protein, but I have only hit 175g one day (that I know of - I don't calculate my protein every single day). Staying focused on balanced protein consumption has helped me be a lot more aware of my nutrition than most preggos I know. I guess that's a major benefit. 


We're having two boys as well! The EDD is 9/6 but we're expecting them in august. My OB says we won't go past 38 weeks. 

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Quinalla, I love their funny little hats! I love the name Alice, too, we were considering that for a middle name if we had a girl (Alice is my mom's name, too!)


Yelena22z, I am not a medical expert by any means, but I don't think I've ever heard that "preeclampsia can be prevented by simply eating enough protein during pregnancy". If that were the case, you would think every pregnant lady would be loading up on protein and pre-e would be really rare...right? That just sounds too good to be true.


I can't remember if I shared pictures of the boys, but here they are!


Owen Arthur


Wyatt Alan


Us at 7 days old!

I've got little Wyatt and my husband has Owen


Recovery has been tough for me, too. We spent an extra day in the hospital and I have had a really hard time moving around and with pain at the incision. I think it's mostly related to bruising because yesterday (7 days after) I felt a lot better and a lot more mobile. Also, the evening we got home I had a fun ER visit for excessive bleeding and blood clots. We've been having trouble with breastfeeding but I'm hopeful we can catch up - a friend reassured me that sometimes with c sections it can take awhile for your body to get with the program. My body feels kind of gross - my belly feels like jello. I have an abdominal binder which helps tons, but I wish I could fast forward a little so it's less jello feeling. Also a random lady assumed I was pregnant on our very first outing with the boys. I snapped at her that the twins were 5 days old and she back tracked and said she should have realized. But seriously!

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Mrsandmrs...I must have missed your post! Never heard of Dr. Luke...but will now get the book. Thanks! 175 sounds like a lot! I aim for 125ish.

Jessmn...unfortunaly the medical world in the US is not set to revolve around prevention as there is no money in it! There is a ton of info online about protein and its benefits in pregnancy...I believe just about every midwives and natural pregnancy site promotes extra protein...conventional doctors unfortunaly do not. Here is a good link...not the direct research but covers what's important... http://pregnancy.amuchbetterway.com/prevent-preeclampsia-diet-nutrition/. As a side note...if everything doctors did was research based we wouldn't have a 40-50% c section rate at so many hospitals (putting twins aside) it would be 15-20%...there are many other drivers at play!

The babies are beautiful!
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jess, wyatt and owen are so adorable. i keep staring at their little faces. they look like little hams already, with owen's pose and wyatt's hilarious face. i hope you're feeling better soon. what a drag. 

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Thanks mrsandmrs., Dr. Barbara Luke's book is at my local library (granted it was due back 5/1/13 and isn't checked back in yet) so I am totally going to get a copy and read it.  I want the best for my babies!  Prevention to me is always better than the alternative.

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Congrats to those whose babies have arrived!!!

I have been feeling pretty yucky but girls look great. Having problems moving and balancing out life with so many kids while feeling so pregnant.

I am 27 weeks and 5 days today.

Welcome new mamas....I am excited to be on this journey with all of you!
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There is tons of nutritional info in the threads in this forum and while protein intake is very important in any pregnancy and especially a multiple pregnancy, saying that enough protein prevents all pre-e is flat out wrong, sorry. I ate lots and lots of protein during my pregnancy and still developed pre-e at the end, so yeah, not buying it is "that simple". Sorry, just a bit irritated by the misinformation.

Congrats knitting tigers!

Jess your babies are adorable smile.gif

Should have time to get the front page updated this week, thanks for the patience new twin moms!
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Hey everyone, just wanted to update!  My water broke Friday morning (a week before my scheduled c/s) and the twins were born later that morning by c/s.  Heidi was 7 lbs and Sterling was 7 lbs 4 oz.  Both very healthy!  Recovery has been okay, no major complications.  We got home Sunday afternoon.  Still trying to get them to latch on properly but they are doing great.  Will try to post pics later.

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Congrats 2babies2kids mom!

Quinalla...I do not know your personal situation...in no case will anything prevent all possible complications! Sorry you had to deal with that! But ladies should know that protein intake in the 150 range daily can hugely benefit a twin pregnancy...including decreasing risk of pre-e substantially.

Does anyone have a twin birth plan they would be willing to share? Would love to see both natural and c section plan! Thanks.
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Congrats Quin, Jess, and Knitting tigers. 


Gah, we have so many twin babies that we need an infant thread!

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Congrats 2babies2kids mom! Exciting to see how big your little ones were.  Those are excellent birth weights! May I ask how much weight you gained over the pregnancy?


AFM, I graduated from the reproductive endocrinologist yesterday.  I saw my babies little legs and arms and their heads.  Wow.  Two babies growing big and strong.  I am so amazed I get to be their mom.  It was so emotional when I heard their heart beats on the ultrasound machines.  Those little ones are alive! I can't believe I will be 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

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Lilac- I gained 55 lbs.  This was the first time in my adult life when I felt like I could eat as much as I wanted.  Granted, I tried to stick to a high protein diet w/ plenty of veggies.  2 of my favorite meals- a hamburger topped with a fried egg (yolk still runny) and salad; 2 fried eggs w/ sauteed spinach and onions.  Yum! 

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Thanks, 2babies2kidsmom, for how much weight you gained.  I just have to remember that in order for my little ones to gain weight, I need to gain weight too.  It is so hard when I have been overweight basically my entire adult life.


AFM, last night I went to my first prenatal swim class at the YMCA.  It was a blast.  There were 5 other ladies there at varying stages of pregnancy. I was the one with the furthest out due date.  It felt so good to be weightless in the pool.  Going in they had a handicap accessible stair case, but the teacher had the lifeguard take it out so we had more room for all the ladies, so I had to climb up the ladder at the side of the pool when it was over.  I barely made it out.  Next time I will ask for the stairs to be put back in.  I will definitely go again.

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