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esenbee, i am so stoked for you!!! 



the water is the hardest part for me right now, too. my DW bought me a giant watermelon that i've been working through. 

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Welp, their 6% discordance was short lived.  They are now 17% (though I think the abdomen measurement wasn't with a very clear picture, and it was different US tech).  I go back to the MFM tomorrow for another growth scan and also umbilical cord blood flow measurement.  This is a bummer.  The measurements from the MFM the last time I went weren't with good scans and the Dr. had to redo some of them.  I hope this scan goes well.  I just want to go back to the tech that had the the awesome 6% measurements!  But that isn't until a week from now :(

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My twin boys were born August 2nd at 38.5 weeks.  Zachary was born weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces and Jacob 6 pounds 2 ounces (note the ultrasound 2 days prior showed both at just north of 7 pounds…shows just how accurate they are!).   I had a wonderful natural delivery.  My water broke Thursday night at 9pm…we arrived at the hospital just past 1am…baby A was born at 3:28am (the typical sit on butt, hold knees, bear down position felt extremely unnatural and no progress was being made so I took matters into my own hands….went into a squat and one push and the baby was out).  The second baby turned breach and doctor pulled him out 9 minutes later (note I think its pretty common practice for the doctor to shove his/her entire hand up there to feel for and assist baby b in getting out…so be prepared).    The babies are identical and shared a placenta…the doctor had no problem with baby A getting its cord blood (this was asked about by someone in previous post).  We were all checked out of the hospital 12 hours later J!!!


I spend the last two weeks of my pregnancy trying to get labor started naturally and was scheduled for induction at 39 weeks (doctor was pushing for 37 but I decided to wait).  I tried everything with the exception of castor oil, including bouncing on a birthing ball, tons of red raspberry leaf tea, sex, lots of physical activity, acupuncture, acupressure, primrose oil (orally and directly), etc, etc.  On the day I went into labor I went to see a chiropractor and moved around 300 pounds of beef we received from a cow share.  One of those or timing was the final straw.


Good luck to all the ladies out there that are still pregnant.  Eat lots of protein and listen to your bodies!

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Yay Yelena! Congrats and happy that your birth was wonderful! My twins were born August 11 after my water broke. Story to come later smile.gif
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Yelena and esenbee, congrats on your recent births. 


Yelena, that is amazing that you were checked out with your babies 12 hours later. Glad to hear your little ones were good birth weights. Reminds me just how important my protein intake is. I know on my ultrasound "weights" there was some sort of margin of error.


esenbee, looking forward to your birth story to come.

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Sorry ladies for disappearing, just was so busy on maternity leave. If someone wants to start a new thread, feel free as I know I won't have time to keep it updated, but I'm glad folks were able to continue to chat here at least! Things are going great, just got back to work FT last Monday. Babies have their 4 month appointment next Monday and are adjusting well to daycare. Congrats to everyone who is new to the group or had their twins, I'll try and catch up with you all as I can!
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Craziest feeling having my baby boys kicking me on opposite sides of my belly - 23 weeks today, 17 weeks or less to go! DH and I decided on a doula for our birth. I am excited to have someone there to "mother me" while I go through labor and delivery. DH has such a hard time seeing me in pain and he truly has no experience with birth - except a traumatic video he watched when he was 8 while eating his lunch at school one day - some principal showed a video with lots of blood and noise and DH mentions it as a defining point in his fear of birth. I need DH to be calm and docile and having someone else there to remind us, "yep this is normal, this is what birth can be like" will be important for my mental state and for his.


Today I need to sort through the mounds of baby stuff that I have been receiving so I can put clothes for when my boys are bigger in the attic. Right now my front porch is a holding area for all things baby. My spare room has a bunch of stuff from the attic that I need to sort through and for the most part purge so I have room to put the babies :)


How many other pregnant mommies do we have left or have most people had their twins? How are things going?

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Went for our 24 week  ultrasound to check on the growth of our boys.  Everything is right on path for a 24 week old baby which was reassuring.  Baby A was 1 pound 8 ounces and Baby B was 1 pound 9 ounces so they are growing equally well which is good.


I talked to the doctor about the "laboring" in the OR and found out that although the tour guide said I wouldn't have to go the OR unless I was getting a C section, the doctor said that will go to the OR once I get to the pushing stage of labor. When I asked her about the last natural birth she had attended, she couldn't come up with an example. She said the last few times she has been on call there were lots of scheduled C-sections.  Yeah, that doesn't make me particularly comfortable since I would like to avoid a c-section if at all possible.  Right now both my boys are head down, which is good.


Talked with DH about circumcision and he says he doesn't have any strong feelings one way or another on it so that makes me hopefully that we can agree that no circumcision is necessary for our boys.

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Great to hear everything is going good lilac!

It's been 3 weeks since they were born and I realized that I never shared their birth story on this thread.

Birth StoryAfter a day of laundry and cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, hallway wall and baseboards, my water breaks at around 8. I was sittig coloring with DD and I went to get up and it gushed. Called DSp to come home, called my doula, called my Dr. My contractions start about an hour and a half later. I took a shower, ate a little, waited for my mom to pick up DD, got food for DSp on the way, stopped amd got batteries for the camera. We got all monitored up around 11. Contractions were easy and I able to just breathe to get through them. My doula arrived and contractions picked up. I wasn't able to have remote monitoring because it didn't have the capability to do 2 babies. I wasn't able to have intermittent monitoring because they were 34 weeks. The belts weren't working properly and the nurse had to adjust them all the time. I was highly frustrated. I was denied my request to not have an OR delivery. I was very pissed. I hate doing this in a hospital that dictates everything. My doula ended up needing to leave to go to an ER because of being in a lot of pain, having fever and chills and shakes. She had a breast infection (can't spell that m word....) and needed an antibiotic. She did send in her backup doula, who was nice enough and really was very knowledgeable. She has the most experience in my area. We didn't really connect with her, but she still helped a lot. As contractions came on stronger and closer, it was sooooo hard to not give up. I yelled a lot more than I wanted to! I really didn't think I could do it. I felt like I needed to push, they checked me and I was 8. They were having me breathe through the pushing contractions until the Dr. arrived and the OR got set up. Pushing felt good so I pushed without telling them. I was hoping to pop out the babies in labor and delivery..... I got wheeled to the OR where they kept talking stirrups. I was VERY firm that it was not going to happen and I would birth sitting up. My Dr. got there amd checked me and I was clear to push whenever. Baby A came out in 2 contractions, so small and pale and needed to be wisked away across the room  but I did get to hold him for a brief second all naked and bloody  It took a few contractions for Baby B to come to crowning and pushing. They checked to make sure it was Baby B and not the placenta or cord. Baby B took more pushes and it was a lot harder (he was bigger). He came out in his sac and with their placenta! They had to hurry and cut the cord. I got hold him naked and bloody too before he was taken across the room. I got to hold them again all bundled before they left for the nicu. Baby A got an oxygen tube right away, Baby B was fine, but taken because he was premature. I didn't tear a bit, I got cleaned up and sent to a multi curtain "anesthia recovery' room. 3 hours later I got to go to the nicu to see them...

Fast forward to today, the boys have been home from the hospital for 6 days, after 16 days in the NICU. They are doing just great. Breastfeeding is going well and i have a crazy supply by pumping so much at the hopital. Even though I was instructed to only breastfeed 3 times a day and add in 1 a week. I think I'm going to reverse it and only do fortified breast milk bottles 3 times a day. That is how many they will have when I have to put them in daycare soon...
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Hi mamas!  Just found out that we are expecting twins, thought I'd join the discussion!


Name? (if you feel like it) Emily

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? me 32, DH 33

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Di/Di, I think.  

What number of kids will is be for you? #2 and #3, we have a 3.5 year old son

Sexes? Will you be finding out? both boys

EDD and or planned birth timing? Due 2/14/2014

State you live in?  Just outside of Washington, DC on the Maryland side

Anything else you want to share?  The news came as a pretty big surprise!  We hadn't even heard the heartbeat yet and went in for an appointment just shy of 16 weeks (we were traveling over the summer, so went a long time between prenatal appointments).  The midwife thought I was measuring big (I had been feeling that way too) so she sent us for a sonogram.  It was schedule for 2 days later, so I basically didn't sleep for two days worried something was horribly wrong, but as soon as the tech put the probe on my belly two heads popped up.  They appear to each have their own placenta and sac and they are both boys.  I'm close to 17 weeks and now scrambling to find the right provider as my midwives won't do twins. 


I also have a history of pre-term labor with my son (I went into labor at 32 weeks, he was breech and was born via emergency c-section when they couldn't stall the labor).  The c-section was actually a better experience than I had feared, so although I would like to avoid one this time around if possible, I am no longer afraid of it (and the likelihood of finding someone in this area to support VBAC twins is slim).  DS spent a month in the NICU though, and I would very much like to avoid that if at all possible.


I have some questions.  Obviously I need to ask my OB but I'm still in between practices...


***I'm almost 17 weeks but still experiencing lots of "first tri" symptoms like nausea and food aversions.  Never experienced this with my son and I was expecting them to lift around the end of the first tri.  Do they stick around longer in twin pregnancies because of the double dose of hormones?  Did anyone else experience this?  When did it lift for you??


***I feel really sore a lot of the time, especially underneath my belly.  It gets better when I lay down, but I don't think it's really contractions, as my belly isn't hard at all.  Could I just be stretching, or could it be the c-section scar getting stretched?  I'm hyper-aware of pre-term labor risks.


***My midwife was recommending (even before I knew it was twins) weekly prophylactic progesterone injections.  There is some evidence they can help prevent pre-term labor.  Has anyone done this?  It hasn't been studied as much in twin pregnancies (like everything).  I'm not wild about the idea but am very aware that I need to do whatever I can to prevent pre-term labor.  


Hardest thing right now?  Getting enough food!  Lots of things that I normally love to eat turn me off these days, so I wish I could just eat air, but I'm working hard at getting enough calories and especially protein.  SO HARD!


Looking forward to getting to know the mamas on here!  Here's hoping we all get to bake our babies as long as they need. :)


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Welcome ememers! I am having two boys as well sometime in Dec as long as I can keep them on the inside. I would totally recommend Dr. Barbara Luke's book "When you are expecting twins, triplets, or quads: proven guidelines for a healthy multiple pregnancy". She discusses prenatal nutrition and ways to stave off preterm labor - things like drinking lots of water. I think I drink between 12 and 16 cups a day. If I drink less than my belly gets uncomfortable. It is my first pregnancy so I am not as aware of "contractions" per se, but I think I have started having Braxton Hicks contractions lately. I guess the best advice I have been given is "Don't stand if you can sit, don't sit if you can lay down." Getting rest periods through out the day to lay down has been crucial for me. I try to go to a prenatal swim class twice a week. Being in the water feels so good and I feel light. The exercise is important as well to get my body ready for labor. I am hoping/planning for a vaginal delivery of my twins. Right now they are both head down and I hope they stay that way. The babies sure like to stretch me out and somedays it is beyond painful - especially right around my belly button - there is a 2 inch thick by 5 inch wide area on either side of my belly button that just seemed to be on fire as my belly has stretched. It is getting better now, but every now and then there is a stabbing, fire brand like feeling. Then it goes away seemingly as quickly as it began.


Then there is the nausea and food aversions - actually during the first trimester it was taste and smell of food that bothered me the most - now it is nausea brought on by acid reflux that has brought on vomiting - I didn't vomit during the first trimester but now I vomit for no apparent reason probably once a week. So annoying. Dr. said with twins the relaxin hormone causes the acid reflux to be stronger/worse/earlier than with a singleton pregnancy. 


In Dr. Luke's book (p. 185-186) she does mention that weekly injections of progesterone beginning at around 19 weeks gestation reduced preterm labors by one third in women with singleton pregnancies and Dr. Luke said it may prove beneficial for women expecting multiples. Since you know you are at risk, it seems like something to consider trying.

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I'm also expecting Di Di twins 14th feb 2014. Very excited and happy to be having twins as it was not expected! I am 37 years old and these will be my husband I and i's 3rd and 4th child. Haven't asked the sex yet although the doctors know as I had to have an amnio due to low papp a. FISH results were clear but still waiting on full panel. So far so good health wise- still have a bit of morning vomiting but otherwise all good. Anxiety is my main problem, worrying about both twins making it I guess, just hoping soon I will be able to relax and enjoy the pregnancy x would love to connect with other mums expecting twins x
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Welcome bantam! It is really exciting expecting twins.

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I can't believe i forgot to update this forum. My twins were born august 13, at 36 weeks and 4 days. I had a scheduled c-section for 37 weeks, but baby a broke his water early! Baby A was breech, despite acupuncture, chiropractic / webster technique, moxa, spinning babies & everything else. It was a real lesson in the things you can't control ( like everything with twin parenting, I'm finding). So I had a c-section. Baby a was 4lbs 7 oz and Baby B was 6 lbs 1 oz. My boys were born screaming, thank goodness. We skipped the nicu & made it home in 2 days. Breastfeeding has bern challenging, but they are a month old now and we have not had to use any formula. Everything had been different from what I expected, but it is amazing. I'm so tired and I feel crazy most hours of every day, but it gets a little better every day. It helps that they are so freaking adorable.

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That is so cool that your little boys arrived safe and are eating well. Congratulations mrsandmrs!

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Just had our anatomy ultrasound.  I am currently just shy of 19 weeks and both babies were measuring around 20 weeks.  I was super rushed at the end and didn't hear the estimated weights, but I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow and will ask more questions then.  The sonogram took 2 hours and I was late to pick up my older DS at preschool, so I just had to get the highlights and get out of there!  Things look good for both babies, definitely each have their own placenta and sac.  Both showed some choriod plexus cysts (benign cysts in the brain), but they should resolve by 30 weeks or so.  


Did anyone do the MaterniT21 test with twins?  I am having blood drawn for it tomorrow.  It seems like one of the only newer genetic tests (blood draw only) that has good reliability for twins.  


Oh, and they are both definitely boys! 

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congrats on a good ultrasound, ememers! we seem to specialize in twin boys around here. we did the MaternitT21 test with our twins. Did you have any questions about it? 

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Ememers, that is so exciting that you are getting two boys. Hope the brain cysts subside. I hadn't heard of that before. I didn't do the Materniti21 test so I have no input on that.
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This morning I drank my "glucola" for the gestational diabetes test, sat for an hour waiting for the sugar to course through my system and I managed not to throw up! Sugar has not been my friend this pregnancy - gives me a tummy ache every time I eat something sugary. I felt so bad for 2 other ladies who where there for 3 hour gestational diabetes tests. I sure hope I pass. Phlebotomist had a hard time finding a vein to get blood from and there was a lady across the way who had all sorts of vials that needed to be filled and it wasn't going well. I had my phlebotomist close the curtain around my "chair" so I didn't have to watch the agony on the other side of the room.


Hit up a sale at Motherhood Maternity then it was back to my town to get the oil changed in my car and the headlight fixed so DH isn't driving to work "half dark" when I take his car.


I have done some baking to warm up the house while I respond to emails from teachers. It is 63 degrees F inside and 57 degrees F outside.

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AFM, I failed the one hour GD test. I had a blood sugar of 189 when it is supposed to be under 130. Boo! Now I have to take the 3 hour fasting test. I haven't fasted for 10 hours this pregnancy. I often wake up and eat a nighttime snack greensad.gif With twins I always seem to be hungry.
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