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Brown flecks in raw milk

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OK....as I was drinking my raw cow milk yesterday, an "off" taste reminded me of the state fair.  So, as I was about to down the very end of my tall glass of raw milk, I noticed all these specks/flecks of brown at the bottom.  Manure....right?  I'm 35 weeks pregnant and wondering what to do with the rest of this milk....almost a gallon!  

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I'm also wondering if I should be tested for Listeria?  What do you think?  

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Wow... that's a good one...?  I'm not sure what that could be.  Have you called the farm you get it from to ask?  It might just be dirt, but even so--I haven't found that in my milk.

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It could be dirt but dirt from areas where cows hang out probably has manure in it anyway. I would either throw it away or pasteurize/boil/cook it.

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I would not worry too much about what is already done.  Milk is amazing and the good bacteria can combat a LOT of bad.  But you should probably not drink any more of it.  Is it possible it wasn't strained right or the container wasn't super clean?

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Yes...I'm not going to drink it anymore.  I live in a state where raw milk is not legal.  I used to get wonderful raw goat milk from a highly reputable source.  The goats don't produce much in the winter, so for the past few months I would get cow milk through a collective that would drive one state over, where it is legal, to bring back for a group of folks....also a very reputable source.  The only problem is that they only make the trip every two weeks, so I was wanting more.  I am nursing a toddler still, so craving the extra protein, I have supplemented with some raw cow milk that a friend referred me to.  It is my own fault and I take complete responsibility, but I did not question the farmer and his practices or go visit the farm.  I just ordered two gallons from the collective and will just cut down on my milk consumption until the goats start producing more again.  I was craving a quart a day, easily....that's why I supplemented with this other farmer's milk.  My toddler drank some of the brown specked milk too....he seems to be fine, I'm just more worried about the baby in vitro.  I was perusing on the internet and read some horror stories about stillbirths and miscarriages caused by listeria.  They say that there may not be any symptoms or very mild flu-like symptoms that may not appear for weeks.  I drank raw milk through my first two pregnancies, but really screwed up by not checking out this farmer first.      

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I wonder if it could be blood? I did a search and that is quite common if the cow has mastitis or is in a phase of increasing milk supply.
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I've never experienced this, but our supplier has a super tight operation. You need to confirm whether or not they have a closed system, how they clean it, etc. - flecks of anything are not acceptable. We bought from a farm once that used/re-used mason jars. I can't worry about whether or not they properly sterilize the jars. Our supplier uses new, sterile HDPE jugs and will not accept them back. Not as green, but certainly more safe.
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i've been running a  raw milk group for almost a decade.  the farmer i get it from now runs a very dirty operation.  we never get sick from  it though-and i've drunk plenty of spoiled milk.  i've been looking for a new farm for 2 years now with no luck!  it's frustrating, the last farm i used was perfectly clean and the milk lasted 3 weeks.




the strainer that they strain milk through has a place for a paper filter to be clamped in it...probably the filter slipped.  another possibility is iodine crystals....many farmers wash udders with an iodine solution. 

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