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slinging, breastfeeding Q?

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When holding in the cradle hold, which side did you bf on. The where the sling was over your shoulder, or the side where the sling went behind you around your waist? Which is easier. Do both work?
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When DD was a newborn I found it easier to carry her with her head on the ring side, and the rings on my left - even though I'm right handed. I found nursing her on the side with teh rings was easier because the pouch naturally gets shallow there and allows for some head support. But actually, at first the only way I could nurse was to sit down and loosen up the sling so that it really was just acting as a cover. I did eventually get the hang of nursing hands free though. But it took practice for both of us!
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How long did it take both of you to get in the hang of it? I have already nursed one but had a terrible sling i couldn't nurse in, so with #2 I'm going to get a differnt sling and hope to nurse in it a lot. Was it more just getting the hang of nursing in general, or was it a lot harder in the sling. Once you got the hang of it did you think it was easier to nurse with the sling? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just so interested and I spose I have a bit of baby fever too.
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It's definitely easier to nurse with the baby's head opposite the rings. I recommend starting sitting down with the baby in the sling just very loosely. Get in a good nursing position and gradually tighten the sling as you nurse until it supports the baby at the breast. While the babe is little you will still probably need to help support the baby's head with one hand because they just don't stay latched on that well usually and don't have a lot of head/body control. But as they get a bit bigger and stronger, they stay on better and you can really walk around nursing hands-free. I did it all the time with my dd , as she came to work with me from 4 months on. I sold a ton of slings that way.
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ve nursed DD in the sling since I brought her home from the hospital. At 6 mo, we usually either nurse w/ her in hip carry, so she's nursing on the side opposite the rings, or else in cradle carry which I shift her into w/out taking her out from hip carry, again w/ her head opposite the rings.

I use a Maya Wrap or a TMT thermal mesh sling. Both are open-tailed, the TMT is stretchy.

eta: we also use our Kozy ABC a lot, which has the advantage of both breasts being equally accessible.
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Yep, I also find it easier to nurse with the rings on the opposite side of ds's head. Plus a good sling is key. Our mayawrap is wonderful for this. I have an OTSBH and while I've nursed in it occasionally it's not as comfy as the maya.
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What about the kangaroo Koroner lightly padded ring sling, is that any good for nursing?
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