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Anyone hoping to go "late?"

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...or am I the only freak?


I mean, I know I'm behind almost everyone here (due 2/28 or 3/1), and ask me again in a couple weeks, but...  


I feel like 39 weeks is the absolute earliest Buko could comfortably come in terms of my finishing up the bare minimum of important work-related and organizational and baby things, "feeling ready," DH getting his footing in the job he JUST started, etc. 


40 weeks would be preferable, as it would give me time to tie up most loose ends (and Dr. Mom is coming at 39w6d). 


41 weeks would actually give me time to relax and do minimal work (I run my own-- thankfully, flexible-- business, so I'll be working at least a couple hours a day until I go into labor) while I did some optional fun "projects" and hung out with Mom and whatnot.


42 weeks has both pros and cons, and I'd MUCH rather not go over 42.  But really?  41 weeks-- or at LEAST 40-- would be my preference.


Just me?  Am I a total nutjob?  Will I change my mind?  How about you?   

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Oh, and this post brought to you by the fact that... I'm "term" (37 weeks) in less than 2 hours!

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I don't think you're  a nutjob - i wouldn't ever want a baby before 39 wks if i could help it - so much development happens in the last few weeks i wouldn't want to worry about that.. 


however, being that i am due in a few days (39+3 or 5 depending on which EDD i believe) i am feeling pretty ready and miserable, but if i could just fast forward, i would rather have this baby later than earlier.. i don't necessarily want to go through another week or two of being pregnant, but once it was all said and done i'd prefer that to having a baby right now... that is more for scheduling reasons.. i do have everything ready, and it kind of sucks trying to maintain this level of readiness  - but a baby born in another 10 days or so would be ideal, i really just wish i was due later, can't change that now ;)

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Not weird at all! Especially with what you've outlined, it seems like good timing for you to go til at least 40 weeks. I've been thinking along the same lines this week, because my kids are still down with the flu and I'd like us all to be healthy when baby arrives. I'm now just over 40 weeks, and whereas I'm uncomfortable and feeling "ready", I'll also be happy to hold off til next week when we're all well again. If only we could really plan these things, huh?

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Ya know?!


I have this feeling, like, I've procrastinated-- but it's not true.  Some of the work I'm doing could only happen after this recent business trip-- it was absolutely impossible to do before then, and the business trip had to occur last week.  So, whaddayagonnado?  shrug.gif

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I was feeling all impatient when I hit 37 weeks but my body actually feels pretty happy and content right now and I just have this gut sense that it needs more time. I'd be happy to greet this one around 39 weeks which gives me one more week here to get more prepared. I feel like 40 will be my absolute max I'm comfortable with because I have some much family arriving after that. It'll be awkward to change all their flights and find them places to stay if we go over. 

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Here I am at 40+1 and I am READY for this baby.  I had both girls by this point (39+6 and 40+1) ....  Although, I am not quite over the flu and DD2 still has a fever, so seems like I really should be glad baby is staying put for a few more days.  I am getting so uncomfortable with the constant 'lightning crotch', it is shooting down my legs almost every time i take a step.

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I'm positive a big part of this is that I am feeling totally decent, physically.  I definitely have a mild-to-moderate case of SPD, which kinda sucks, but other than that, really can't complain.  No heartburn, only occasional lightning crotch, sleep is not fabulous, but not terrible, etc.  And I think it helps that my having-to-do-lots-of-physical-things-outside-the-house time is drawing to a close after today.  Plus, I've done a fair bit of the more "physical" stuff to prep for baby (literally 13 loads of diaper/clothing/linen laundry, etc.!)  I can mostly sit on my butt in front of the computer from here on out.  Which is awesome.



I hope you do get over the flu soon, Chloe'sMama, so you can do lots of baby-kissing!

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With my first I definitely did not want her coming before my due date, as we were finishing up building and moving into our house.  I also had bruised ribs from falling off a ladder that weren't healed until right before her appearance at 41w5d.  And honestly, most babies are easier in than out - up to a certain point.  That said, I was pretty busy doing as many natural induction things as I could starting at 41 weeks, because I've heard too many stories about post-mature babies having breathing difficulties from inhaling meconium on the way out.  It's not usually a huge problem long term, but can result in a less-than-perfect start to life outside the womb.  DD had some meconium inhalation, so she had her cord clamped before it had stopped pulsing and didn't get placed skin-to-skin with me immediately because they had to suction her for a few minutes.  Not a huge deal, but not what I had hoped for her introduction to the world.  A friend had her 42+ week baby separated from her for at least 24 hours because he was having more complications with the meconium in his lungs, and they had a TERRIBLE time establishing breastfeeding and bonding was really hard for her.  But I feel like 41 weeks is really optimal for both mom and baby in most cases.  


So all that is why I'm feeling really sheepish and hypocritical about starting natural induction methods right now at 37w6d with my twins.  Most doctors don't want twins going past 38 weeks because there's a chance of the placentas starting to age, but I feel like we could monitor them for any problems and wait at least another week before getting jumpy.  I'm not planning on doing any chemical induction before 39 weeks without good cause.  But holy cow am I miserable.  I can't walk to the mailbox without the SPD really flaring up.  I went to the chiropractor on tuesday which helped immensely...for about 24 hours.  With all the relaxin in my system, adjustments just don't hold for much longer than that.  So anyway, I'm feeling like I need to go into labor soon if I'm going to have the energy I need to get through it without interventions or c/s.  So I'm planning on letting my doctor strip my membranes this afternoon, and might start doing frequent nipple stimulation with my breast pump today too.

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Oh, Brambleberry-- you have more "right" than anyone to feel BEYOND done! 


I will say it was my understanding that part of why you see more mec inhalation with postdates babies is that they are more likely to be induced ("naturally" or otherwise)-- and that can, of course, add some stress.  But I don't know that there's a real good statistical breakdown that would indicate what percentage is caused by just being postdates/possibly postmature vs. induction itself vs. the combination.

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I think it is GREAT that you are content to stay pregnant. :) I wish I had that patience! I think next time I will definitely PLAN THINGS during the last month+ of pregnancy, because this time I had everything planned to be done by the time I hit 37 weeks and I have been so BORED for the last month! lol.. I think being pregnant in the winter makes a difference to in terms of the "boredness" because we've been homebound for the last month and unable to get outside much. :/


40+4 (or 40+2) today, and I am definitely feeling closer everyday. Constant lightening crotch here too when I am walking/standing, and LOTS of contractions... several rounds of "false labor" as well. My round ligament is rediculously "worn out" and causing me a lot of pain while trying to stand/walk too. Moving in general is very difficult and painful at this point.


and like Staci said- maintaning this level of readiness has been hard! I swear my bedroom collects dust faster than any other room I've seen, and now that all of my birth supplies and the birth tub etc are in there, it feels SO crouded and is hard to clean! Plus we had to move the bed against the wall to make room for all the birth stuff, and I definitely cannot change the sheets again before it is moved back!


I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday, and I am just trying to do a little at a time each day to keep up.. I wish I just didn't care, but I think having a HOMEBIRTH really makes you want your HOME to be a certain way to be ready for baby (and all the visitors that will be coming to your house to meet him!)..


I will say, with my first I was MUCH more content, but I felt GOOD and we were having a hospital birth so I didn't really get the "nesting" quite as bad. ;)

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on meconium -all 3 of my babies have passed meconium during labor - my 41 week induction included (he was the only one who inhaled any, and they suctioned him and he was fine within mins of birth) ..  my 3rd was a homebirth at 40+2, labor started with my water breaking and thick mec..    I would LOVE to avoid that this time, but i don't have much hope.. even my 39 wker had mec. in the water..


my list for this weekend is a mile long.. AGAIN..  it really helps me want baby to stay in!   come monday (my latest possible EDD) I will be all caught up and bored out of my mind once again!  i keep wondering if maybe baby isn't coming now becasue he knows i still have things to do (like i'm making lotion for my midwives as part of their thank you gift basket, haven't got a basket yet either lol )   and then i wonder why i'm not doing them lol , its not lack of time ..

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I think wanting the baby to stay in at least up to 40 weeks makes perfect sense. And even up to 42 weeks as long as everyone is still healthy. The main reason I'm starting to feel anxious at 38wks5days is because I feel like I'm running out of time to go into labour naturally.


That's mostly due to my history of not going into labour last time, and having to be induced, then sectioned at 41wks3days.


Otherwise I feel great... like I could be pregnant for weeks still and be ok with it.

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Maybe it helps that I have had the 41-42 week range in my head from the beginning?  Like I am "due" March 1, but have had in my brain something more like March 7 (for a variety of reasons, that date stands out) to March 15.  So I guess in my mind, I don't think of myself as due until then.  That also means that I am minorly freaking out about the fairly real possibility of only going 38-39w, since that seems pretty "early" to me. 


I mean, I'm sure that's only part of it.  Maybe also since I had to take the business trip at 36-37w and that requires me to do certain tasks immediately afterward (about 30-50 hours' worth, if I can get it done before baby comes, would make my postnatal life soooo much easier).  I mean, that really has put my psychological bare minimum at 39-40 weeks.  I'm looking forward to being "bored" for a week (like the week from 40-41)!  I think I'll actually be really "bored" if I go up to 42 weeks, so I guess I'd rather 41 or 41.5, in addition to other reasons.  But in this moment, 41-41.5 sounds about perfect!


It might also help that I don't have to interact with 1000 annoying coworkers and whatnot pestering me about when I'm having that baby, already, and that I told our families "early March," "around BIL's birthday (March 7)" or "probably before Cousin's birthday (March 14)."  And when pressed for the exact day, I've said, "We're not telling anyone, because we don't want anyone to bug us."  orngtongue.gif  (Both sides of my family are full of ornery people, so they aren't offended.)  So I don't have those voices in my brain too much... yet, anyway.  Plus, my MWs have no "deadline" for risking out of HB, and they are really VERY anti-intervention (even "natural") when possible.  They actually recommend against EPO, RRL tea, etc.  I mean-- these are very "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" types, which is awesome, because I feel the same way.


But ask me again in 3 weeks, LOL.     

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Oh, and yeah, akemi...  I wouldn't say I feel "great," but I do feel decent, and I was just thinking-- putting my actual gestational age out of my brain for a minute-- that 2-3 more weeks "sounds" downright easy, even if it gets progressively more uncomfortable.  4 weeks sounds tolerable, 5 weeks starts to sound a little long, 6 weeks sounds REALLY long.  Then I add those to my dates, and I'm basically saying that to my "ears" right now, 39-41 sounds physically/psychologically doable (even plain old easy), and only 42-43 weeks sounds tough.  Statistically, the chances of my going over 42 are not great, so I'm hoping I'm in good shape. 

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i do always want to hit 40 weeks.  i don't think i want to see them any earlier, but part of my mommy brain kicks in and says 'this could end sooner!' and it's all down hill.....


at 40+ now, w/ a snowstorm, i want baby to hang in there til next week.  Valentine's Day would be great!  my poor husband is really stressing out though, b/c i just am tired and not physically capable of my usual performance around the house and w/ kids.  


i don't mind having another 41+ weeker.  it's not fun b/c i spend so many days and nights preparing, but at least i've taught myself to sleep through most of it.  i sleep during the night, i sleep during naptime, i doze when my hubby is home, and when labor hits, guess how i address the most intense parts!  OH YEAH.  I just feel like a failure sometimes- people seem to think that if you don't have a baby at 'term' then you're emotionally afraid and holding the baby in, or else you're not doing something right, and i've absorbed that over the years.  i need some healing on that front!  my big beautiful vernix free babies are the way i go, and i just need to embrace that!

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Honestly, it hardly occurred to me there was a real chance of NOT going at least 40-40.5 weeks, LOL, until I was right in the thick of recent posts in my DDCs! Lots of women hoping/expecting babies to come around 38-39.

And just to add a hair-tearing-out wrinkle... DH did something REALLY stupid. The kind of thing either of us might have done 5-10 years ago, but which we rarely do now, as our ADD is under better control.

Long story as short as possible, we knew his driver's license expired sooner than mine, which we were aware had something to do w/his being a Permanent Resident (not a citizen). Then he realizes, duh, it expires in a couple days. Well no problem, he can renew online and print out a document that says his license is valid in the meantime. Oh, except there's something in there about how they don't have his latest Green Card info, so he can't do it online. Huh? Sure they do... OMG holy carpies, his Green Card also expires in 2 days! That's why his DL expires in 2 days!!! Wow. I could have killed him, though I knew berating him wouldn't do any good. (It's easy for him to forget about his GC-- he's been in the US for 34 years and had a GC since before we met-- about 20 years-- and it only needs to be renewed like every 10 years. But still!! WTF?!)

Anyway, upshot is that he processed his GC renewal online and he won't be deported or anything, but the process takes about 30 days. He is still totally legal, and luckily they will give him a DL with proof that the GC is being processed, but he won't get that documentation in the mail for 1-2 weeks.

So basically, his license will be expired for 1-2 weeks, and, NGL, he will be driving on it. With a technically expired GC, too. Aaaaaaaaargh!!! Just what I need, right?

Stay in there, Buko! At least 2 more weeks, please!
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not sure if i should giggle at the above post or just offer sympathy!  so chaotic!!!


everytime i have a pregnancy- everyone thinks they're going at 38 weeks.  EVERYONE.  me too.  i believe it somehow.  it rubs off.  must be hormones.


thank goodness we can be part of MDC- where most women at least try and go naturally, so a lot more of us are still hanging out after 40 weeks!  


we're crazy grumpy, tired, and overwhelmed, but we're hanging on!  actually, that's me- most of the mama's here seem to be dealing with it really amazingly!


i'm floored actually- in my normal life, most of my friends are not late.  there's a lot of inductions, a lot of scheduled sections, and a lot of premature babies.  i'm the oddball by going full-term, let alone late (my mother-in-law is finally okay w/ it as all her babies arrived BY their due dates).  i love that there are so many like-minded and still pregnant moms here to commiserate w/!!!!  and it seems like our month is already proving to have a lot of full-term babies instead of a slew of early birds!  pretty awesome, i think.  

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LOL. With my first I was convinced I would go at 38 weeks (didn't happen-- 41 weeks), then with my second I was convinced I'd go til at least 40 (but actually went at 38!) and this time around I was again convinced I'd have a 38 weeker, and here I am, 40.5 weeks, still waiting. If you think left, go right I guess?

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Yeah, Buko, I think you have awesome reasons for wanting to go past 40, and I salute your peace and calm about it!  I somehow convinced myself, for no good earthly reason and despite all logic, that I would go "early" this time around. At 39.5, that's looking less and less likely.


I feel alright physically, but emotionally I just want this child to be born. Also, my Grandma is constantly emailing me/posting on facebook to "aim for the 14th! wait for the 14th!" which is her birthday. And it's annoying. I mean, though I could very well go till the 14th, I don't particularly want to be pregnant for another week... eyesroll.gif

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