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You Won't Believe This......

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Synthetic Life has been created.

"Craig Venter and team make a historic announcement: they've created the first fully functioning, reproducing cell controlled by synthetic DNA. He explains how they did it and why the achievement marks the beginning of a new era for science."


Would you like to know what they plan to do with this technology? Why, use it for making vaccines, of course!


16:10--New Flu Vaccine Available Next Year, created with synthetic DNA! 


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... and this is what starts the zombie apocalypse -.- id be worried this cell would reproduce in my body and cause some new type of cancerous tumors. Wonder what they'll put in them tomorrow, idk what they haven't thought of using. I should say what WONT they put in them next.
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What WON'T they put in next?


Hmmm, how about anything wholesome, healthy, organic? Is there some kind of secret requirement to only use the most vile ingredients imaginable? Is it a game--what WON'T the public reject?


The timeline is questionable:

1.Finalize and announce the new synthetic DNA.

2. Use the DNA to make flu vaccines which will hit the shelves next year.  Next. Year.


? Are there any safety studies? Do they expect the public to buy these new vaccines? Yes, of course they do. The public will demand them without a second thought.                                       

P.S. Who thinks these flu vaccines will be pushed on healthcare workers next year? Will the new flu vaccines be required (like they have been these past few years)?

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So would you feel better about vaccinations if organic eggs were used to grow viruses? 

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No. I was just making a joke. I guess it didn't go over very well greensad.gif

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Craig Venter is pretty amazing, but he always under-estimates his timelines, lol. I remember listening to interviews from about 5 years ago with him claiming that he has the tools to solve the petroleum problem in 5 years. We're still waiting, Craig Venter.


The guy has done some really, really impressive work on DNA, though.

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