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Age of your RV?

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We are looking at RV's. Family of 6..Less than 5k. Looks to me like we can get mid 80's for that price.

I'm curious what year your RV is?

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I think that sounds about right for an rv. We have a 1996 tt bought for $2000. If you get the money together and have time to look around you can usually find good deals
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I hear Florida is the cheapest place to buy an RV since the older folks try them out and then sell 'em like crazy. 

Where we live, we'd be really lucky to pay under $15k for a used mid-'90s RV. 

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I'm probably going to sell mine soon. I was thinking to ask $8500 for it. 1993 Thor pinnacle. 30ft class A. has 36 or 46 thousand miles on it. I forget

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Oh, wow! Moving into the house soon? 

Is your RV diesel or gas? 

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We're trying to purchase a short sale. May or may not work out. It's gasoline not diesel.

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Ahhh. We're looking for a diesel. Did you have any luck with the short sale? 

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been working on it since January. a work in progress, banks are really slow

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Our travel trailer is vintage, purchased for $800. We plan to make her cute and then sell her off. For now, it's home sweet home to the 6 of of us. We've been in it for a year now. I'm starting to go a little stir crazy in the small space but hey, it's cheap living!

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