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44 days to go, but more or less just praying he'll stay in there the next 3 weeks and 2 days!

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45 days til my EDD. I went into labor right on the day I turned 38 weeks with my first. It was totally unexpected, i thought for sure I was gonna go over. But he was a good 7lbs 1oz. And had no signs of being "early". I'm kind of hoping that happens again. We will see!

I'm so excited to start seeing baby pictures and birth stories on our DDC.
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32 days!  Ok, am I being weird here...My c-section is scheduled at 39 weeks which is May 15th.  DHs bday is May 5th and he mentioned this morning that there is a baseball game he'd like to go to (which is a 5 hour trip each way).  He's not being pushy or saying he has to go, just mentioned that he thought it would be fun but he knew he'd have to go with a friend as I won't travel that far right now(He even said that he felt a little selfish wanting to go, so he's really not pushing.).  I haven't gone early with my past two pregnancies so it's unlikely that I would this time but it's in the "full-term" zone.  I am not really comfortable with it but also know that he would have fun and it IS his bday. It's a night game so they might stay overnight, really making it a 2day trip. 


The same two teams are playing again in July and I could go with him then and take baby, leaving the older two with grandparents.  We'd talked about a weekend in San Fransisco but never did it so I'd rather do that.


What would you do?

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Hmmmm, Co, that's a tough one.  For me, 17 days before my EDD would be boarderline.  It's the fact that he'd be 5 hours away that would concern me.  Would he for sure make it in time if you went into labor while he was away?  And what about the girls?  Would you have someone stay over with you to help get things organized, etc. in the event that you did go into labor, just in case?  I would have my reservations too.


DH's dad is celebrating his 60th birthday on April 26th and DH and his brothers are throwing a surprise party for him.  DH's parents live 5 hours away and DH will NOT be attending, but I am also due on May 2 (May 1 by LMP) so that's only 5 days before my due date.  DH was dissapointed when he did the math, but obviously ok with not going though sad to be missing it.


Just on the same subject matter, my dad actually missed my birth because my mom insisted that he attend the stag that he had planned for his good friend.  I was 2 weeks early.  He wasn't even in a different city, but my mom had a crazy fast labor and they didn't have cell phones in those days!

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Eek! Stories about missing the birth ... yikes!


DH is traveling right now (in the UK, I'm in Germany) but I'm over a month away still, so it's fine with me (although I do keep envisioning, what if I went into labor now?). We're apart for 3 more days, then I'm joining him for part of the trip. The dates are before I'd be able to give birth at home anyway, so I kind of figure hospital in Denmark, hospital here, meh whatever :p


CoBabyMaker, tough decision. Maybe he could make arrangements to keep it a one-day trip, even if it meant driving back late? I think 1 full day 5 hrs away (where he'd be reachable on cell, able to start driving home immediately, etc) 17 days before EDD is probably reasonable? But trust your gut too!

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I'd maybe ask him to stick around and catch the next game in July. Just seems safer that way and then neither of you have to worry about it.

I'm not too nervous about my husband missing our baby's birth, but it's definitely in the back of my mind. He's going out into the field for a big training exercise for the next two weeks. I'll be about 38 weeks when he gets back. I doubt I'll go into labor before then, but if I do, I have the company commander on speed dial and if all else fails, I'll call the colonel's wife! She'll be able to get her husband on the horn and track mine down pretty quickly. wink1.gif
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Thanks for your thoughts.  I talked to him about it and I think we will shoot for going in July.  Hopefully we can get a room and stay the night.  If baby will sleep for a few hours we should even be cleared for sex right about then!  Hopefully we can hit up the Farmer's Market at the ferry building too! 

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CoBaby - I'm glad you guys came to an agreement.  smile.gif  That time frame would be hard for me to make a decision as well!  DH has had to turn down some travel opportunities for work because he would be a plane ride away and he doesn't want to risk it.  I think he's going to take some vacation time before the due date as well just to be around the house.


AFM - 16 days to go...eeek !!!  Had an ultrasound this morning and Baby Girl supposedly weighs 7lb 11oz!  Although I know the estimates are notoriously inaccurate...I would be surprised to have such a "big" baby if she goes to 40 weeks.  I'm going with the assumption that she's only in the upper 6lb mark now. 


I went into labor with DS at 39w4d and he weighed only 7lb 7oz. 

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I'm 31 days from my due date, but I prefer to think of it as a due month--I've told everyone that I'm due sometime between the 10th and the end of May (or sometimes I say the second half of May). Only DH and my mother know the specific date of my estimated due date.

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16 days!  Trying to sit back and enjoy life as we know it with just DD, DH, and me, but man!  The last week or so I've been itching to have this done with and have a baby in my arms!

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32 days till my EDD here, it is coming up quickly! I was a week early with my first, so I have it in my head that I likely won't make it all the way, but I really don't want to be in that space of waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiitingggg... so I'm just making plans to work until 3 days before my EDD and see what happens.


Phils, I hope your DH hadn't already left when you went into labor! 

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24 days til my EDD orngbiggrin.gif
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4-8 weeks for me
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12!!!!!!!!!!! Woke up nauseous today and have been cramping and having lots of BH's for the last 2 days. My cervix was pretty low this morning so maybe they are effacing me more?! Getting excited but not antsy yet.

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Well since they will take the babies once I am 37 weeks, 11 days now max, but could be anytime.
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23!!  Eek!  Getting there!  That doesn't sound so long.

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Holy crap, 9 days!  No real labor "symptoms" yet although some stronger and more frequent contractions this afternoon.  None that feel like the "real" thing though, just more like strong BHs.  

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Nine to go! Not sure if we will be early, on time, or late. No real hunch.
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Down to 4!!!! Getting induced on Tuesday!

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12 days! That can't be right. Guess I need to get the diapers all freshened and folded!
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