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Can you please help me figure out my 6yo's reflux and 2yo's burping?

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My DS has had reflux at least since a toddler (and he was a spitter upper as a baby).  Finally last winter I completely removed dairy from his diet.  It WORKED and it also took care of the stomach pains he was having!  I changed NOTHING else in his diet at the time.


Then we started on GAPS healing diet June 2012.  A week or two into it I had added in fruits, egg and some honey and the reflux came BACK and has not gone away since (even though we didn't add in dairy!).  I have tried:


-removing egg for 2 weeks

-Betaine HCI digestive enzymes (he has been on this since early GAPS and I recently removed it seeing if it would help removing it but it hasn't)


He burps up food and acid.


My DD, just after Christmas, started burping a lot.  Both after eating/nursing and in between.  Some were like adult burps!  I do not think they are acidic/refluxy.  Have gotten somewhat better the last couple weeks but she still burps.  Nothing has changed as far as food or the way she drinks.  She is a noisy gulper with drinks, but always has been and wasn't burping before.  We did eat more variety of foods that usual during the holiday but being strictly egg/pepper/dairy free (she has reactions) has not completely stopped the burping.


My most concern is my son's reflux because I know it damages the esophagus and ruins teeth, and all the ped will do is prescribe anti-reflux acid reducing drugs.  If I got a referral for gastro specialist would that work?  Are they better at getting to the root of the problem?


DS reacts to gluten or wheat, DD has reacted to dairy, egg and some others.  Currently getting NAET allergy treatments for DD (had started with both DS and DD but since I am nursing we switched to myself and DD).  I know DS has yeast/candida issues like me.  He craves sugar and recently had an underarm yeast rash.  If it is sugar/yeast causing the reflux, then why did it completely go away last winter?  He was certainly eating sugar products then.  Only dairy was removed.


If it was a physical issue like a deformity of the esophagus, why would it have gone away for that period of time?  He also had a chiro adjustment recently, did not help.  Our chiro said 50/50 chance of it helping reflux.


thanks so much!  This is really weighing on me for a long time and I need to figure it out for their health.

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What did you end up doing/ Has it gottan better?

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Thank you for asking. I am still at a loss on what to do. The reflux is still there, and my DD still has big burps. Not quite as much but still frequently.
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Okay,someone  must have some advice..*hugs* to you. This is would be very stressful for me too.

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Typing while nursing, so please excuse the shortness :)

2 of my kids react this way to the wrong mix of foods, as does their father. Before they were born I always thought DH, and his father, were crazy, but this totally happens, sour stomach, foul smelling burps, reflux causing gagging and vomiting if they go bed too soon after eating the wrong mix of foods. We have found fruit to be a big offender, especially when mixed w/ certain acidic or gas causing foods. Pineapple, esp. in conjunction w/ tomatoes, vinegar, citrus, cabbage, chocolate, even onions, or full fat coconut milk.

Obvs. these might not be their triggers, but maybe it's a food combination aggravating the issue?

Good luck and please let us know if you find something that helps!

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Is anything he is eating, drinking, or taking contain calcium carbonate? Calcium carbonate lowers stomach acid levels, then there is an acid rebound effect, and acid levels go higher than before the calcium carbonate was ingested. This can harm thw muscle at the top of the stomach, which then allows stomach contents to go back up the esophagus. Acid reflux.

If his stomach acid levels are going up for other reasons, then the cure is to identify the cause. A food and symptom diary can help with that.
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