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Help - baby wants to be latched on entire night!

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My 4 month old is driving me batty. I used to be able to nurse her and then move her to the side carred crib and she would sleep 4-6 hours then wake every 2 and I would move her for the next 2 feeds and eventually keep her by me until we got up. Now I cannot get her off of me. I can't get out of bed in the evening to be with my husband. I can't move her away. And she must have the nipple in her mouth at all times. And to make things worse, she keeps unlatching, squirming or turning her head and then relatching. She's not always successful relatching herself so I have to stay awake and keep helping her. The being latched on alone is annoying but the on and off all night is driving me insane! I have no idea why she does it? In the morning I think maybe bc her diaper is wet and bothering her. She has a dread patty this morning from all the head turning! 


I have no idea what to do???  If I put her in her own space when I am frustrated she cries and I dont' want to wake my husband and 4 yr old who is also in our bed. But I am about at my wit's end and this is so not a healthy way of sleeping for me. It definitely has to change! 



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i have no idea on this one. is it possible for a few days to unlatch her and if she gets upset rub her tummy or head and tell her it's okay until she falls back to sleep. ? does that make sense. i find that when I want to change a behavior with my son,he deals with it rather well but sometimes takes a few days to re~adjust. is your 4 year old and husband light sleepers? try not to get too worked up mama. sometimes 12 month is the magic number..not soon enough but not forever even though it feels like it.

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How do you feel about pacifiers? Can you try slipping a binky in her mouth to replace your nipple? Not when she's hungry or actively nursing, of course, but when she's just holding on and doing that lazy suck.

I'm having a similar issue with my 20 month old, if you can believe it. Binky saves my life sometimes, but I'm actually on here now to look for some suggestions for night weaning. I need some sleep!

Good luck, mama!
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My 15 month old did the needing-to-stay-latched-on-or-can't-stay-asleep as well as the unlatching-relatching thing for almost his entire life until several months ago, when I cut out wheat from our diet.  (He'd also wake up sometimes every five minutes during one of those unlatching-relatching nights.)  I still can't be a hundred percent sure that it's not just something that he outgrew, but  have you ruled out a food intolerance?  It certainly seemed like what it was for us.

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This sounds pretty similar to my situation with my 6 month old. I wish I had some awesome advice to give you...but I'm kind of at a lost myself. Pacifiers don't work for us. She just freaks out and actually wakes up if I try to put one in her mouth. Sometimes I've had success letting her suck on my finger while I lay next to her and sort of doze off (doesn't sound that good but is better than NO sleep at all!). Anyway no real advice but hey, at least you are not alone with this. Whenever I start to get stressed out about I remind myself that I'm not the only one out there and that the situation can't last forever.

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I was just wondering if anyone has an update on this? My lo is almost 7 months and spends all night latched on. Im exhausted! Did your los outgrow it or is it something I need to try and modify? We've been cosleeping since birth but the constant latching has gotten worse since I went back to work when she was 4 months old. Im sure it's because she can't nurse as often during the day but it's starting to take a toll :/
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I am the original poster. Baby is 15 mos now and we still night nurse and still co-sleep. She would like to be latched on all the time but will detach herself more often now. And when she doesn't I sort of just roll her off and if she gets mad then tough. Usually she just keeps sleeping. If she does get mad, eventually she settles and goes to sleep. She is always latched on for the last few hours though or won't sleep as late. And lately she has 2 teeth cutting and wants to latch back on only like 10 minutes after I take her off. So yeah, it's still frustrating. Not as bad as it was and some nights are great. But she still wakes to nurse super often and I know it's just bc she is used to being able to. It won't really change until we night wean. I keep thinking maybe it's time to night wean but she is my last baby and it sort of breaks my heart to do it.



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Thank you for responding! We just had 2 nights in a row where she detached and slept on her back, giving me an extra big of wiggle room which was AMAZING! Then last night it was back to the boob all night. O well lol! Guess ill have to ride this out for a while!
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1 word: pacifier
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Yeaaahhhh my lo wont take a pacifier :/ we didnt introduce it until she was 7 weeks old and then she loved it for MAYBE 2 months but since then, wants nothing to do with it.
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Not all babies will take a pacifier-- mine sure won't!
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Of course I tried the pacifier. Totally didn't help the situation.



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Mine wouldn't touch one either.
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