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Alabama Pediatrician

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Hi I'm trying to find a new pediatrician in Alabama who is crunchy mom friendly. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm located in Shelby County and willing to travel up to 50 miles
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Hi mama! I live in Trussville and we are looking for a non-vac friendly pediatrician as well. Just how crunchy are you looking for? Our current ped is at Pediatrics East in Trussville. She has been very accommodating as far as delaying/spacing out vax, breastfeeding, and only rarely prescribes antibiotics. She is not ok with completely avoiding vax, which is why I am looking to change. I can give you her name if you are interested! Just let me know!
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Ok, so apparently, I don't have the ability to send PM's yet. Our pediatrician is Garland Youngblood and she is at Pediatrics East in Trussville. 205-836-8691 is their office number. She has been very easy to work with and she knows that I don't like to give meds unless it is absolutely necessary. She supported me in breastfeeding and has worked with us on a delayed/alternate vax schedule. She also supports my vegatarian lifestyle and doesn't try to make me feel like I'm a weirdo for not eating meat. I hope this helps! :)

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