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Photos, anyone?

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Anyone else want to share pictures of their new baby??


Cormac is 5 weeks old as of yesterday, and he's getting so big!


Here is one from right after he was born:




Here are a couple from the last few days:




Being silly:



As an aside: anyone else have issues keeping their baby in clothes? This is our first time successfully doing cloth diapers, and it just never seems worth putting anything on him since it won't fit right anyway or pee will seep out of the fleece cover if the clothes are tight or if a tiny sliver of diaper pokes out. He's also very hot natured but has to be swaddled or wrapped to be calm, so clothing him seems like overkill when he's already sweating. Just curious if anyone else had this issue since I've noticed he's just in a diaper in almost all our pictures :).


Please share some photos! I'd love to see some other babes :)

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Oh, oh! He is so cute!  I'll share!  

We never dressed my son because he was so small and it was warmer.  This girl is always dressed, usually in wool and wrapped in a blanket.  She hates to have her feet uncovered and so we try to keep socks on her all the time too. :)


Her first day with Oma and big brother.





Her cuteness. :)



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This is Thomas Frederick. It's winter here so he's always bundled up.
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Oh, they are all so precious.  I need to upload some newer ones of my girl.  smile.gif

Have you thought about trying some PUL covers?  I could never really use wool or fleece covers under clothing...I usually used them with a t-shirt.  I'm using prefolds this time around, and have really been liking both Thirsties Duos and Swaddlebees wraps.  Surprisingly, most of her newborn clothes have fit over her fluffy buns, though now NB are starting to get a bit tight.  Tucking the diaper into the cover gussets really well has kept her dry. 

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Ohh, they're all so beautiful and healthy-looking! I want to see more, come on ladies! :)



Arthur Franklin, 3 days old.





3 weeks old. :)

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Oh I'm so glad to see these pictures! I just love soaking up that newborn sweetness!

My problem with the diaper covers is my budget, I think! I can make fleece covers quickly and easily. I made a PUL cover, but the elastic on the outer edge still gets wet enough to give his clothes wet spots. We were given lots of clothes, but they're all onesies it seems. I'm not even sure where to find t shirts to buy! We're using flat diapers underneath the covers, and they've worked out great, for whatever that's worth smile.gif.
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tbutton- you can just trim off the bottom of the onesie and make it into a shirt!  Especially if you have lots of them.  Jersey cotton doesn't need to be hemmed or you can just do a rolled hem on the machine.  They tend to work best this way if you use one size up from what ever he is wearing currently.

The thirsties duo wraps are pretty great.  But if you aren't dressing him then it sounds like what you are doing works great.   

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Thanks, Anilia. I'm due to get out the sewing machine anyway, so I might just have to work on some alterations!
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If you ever want more pictures you can go visit my blog too... I'm having a lot to say this go around... littleanilia.blogspot.com


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I need to upload a new photo of her... these were the only two on my laptop.  They were both taken on her first day home, when she was two days old...  She turned three weeks on Tuesday, so she looks a bit more "grown up" now!  ;)





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Such cute babies!!!! Here is my 2 boys. I had Hannibal a few days early so he ended up being a December baby but I hope its ok that I stick around here.


This is Aleric and Hannibal - he was 4 days old in this picture


And this is them the other day - Hannibal is 12 weeks in this picture.

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Here's my boy now at 3 months old smile.gif.

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I am just seeing this thread and wanted to share a recent photo of my sweet Lydia.


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Oh my gosh she is so adorable! Those little cheeks! And her dark eyebrows!! I just love the cuteness orngbiggrin.gif. Here is a new one of my little guy. I am so sad our DDC has pretty much died out.



Ok so it turned into two pictures of him because I could not decide which one to use.

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It's so nice to see you guys on here! I've hated how dead it's gotten :(. I've had a thousand ideas it seems for things that I'd like to ask or talk about, but I wasn't sure it would be any use!


I love the pictures! Rebeccajm, I just love her rolls!! She is so adorable!!! Pogo- your little man is looking precious! How is he doing now?


I just had a birthday, and I got this brand new computer that I'm using right now from my parents and brothers who pitched in as well. I'm so happy about it! Now that I'm on here on a computer, though, and not my phone, I see that the last pictures I uploaded are huge! So sorry about that :).


Here's Cormac at our little celebration! My daughter is now old enough (3.5) to really get into celebrating birthdays, and I have to say, having her helping me celebrate made it the best birthday ever!


My husband got very upset with me for mentioning cropping myself out of the first photo, so I'm leaving it as it is against my better judgment :).





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Here is my Tommy at 4 1/2 months.
It's nice to hear from you guys again. I have to say that this PP time has been pretty hellish for me and I feel like I am just coming out of it and getting a little back to normal now. Hope you are all doing well!
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Oh my gosh, aruss, he's soooo adorable!!

I'm so sorry you've been having such a rough time! I'm glad things are starting to feel normal again. These babies sure know how to do a number on us!
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Tbutton he is so cute! I have wanted to post here also but I did not think anyone was still around to see it. And from what I see the Life With a Baby forum is pretty dead also. He is doing a bit better, if I eat dairy or soy he spits up, if I don't he seems fine. So I just keep trying dairy every few weeks to see if its changed. He also gets acne when I eat dairy, but nuts and seeds no longer seem to bother him! So in time its working itself out. I think my hubby is getting really anxious to feed him real food though, he keeps asking when I will do it. I keep telling him sometime after 6 months. I cant believe he is almost there! Where did the time go??? I have to admit I already have a bit of baby fever though, we are moving soon I hope and the arrangement we will be living in may not be within the Colorado standards for a home birth and I am freaking out about it. Not much I can do but hope to not get pregnant until we get our house built but it still worries me. I just love babies! 


aruss he has the most charming little smile! That is horrible you are having such a hard time. I had really bad PPD with my first, this time I have had it pretty easy but I think that having my placenta encapsulated is the only reason. I get weepy, take a pill and I am fine. I don't know what I am going to do when I run out of them. Luckily you think its starting to get better! 


So how are the babies doing? Hannibal rolls over and scoots around the area I put him down, and DH said he tried to crawl the other day but I was out with the horse so I missed it. How are your little ones doing? How are the older siblings adjusting (if you have older children)?

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I have found that my placenta pills actually made my symptoms worse!  I haven't actually tried it for a while now but every day I took it was a high anxiety day.  Maybe I will try again. 

I actually had to stop breastfeeding because of various issues around my depression.  After nursing for 10+ years and being a LLL leader this was heartbreaking.  But I am making my own formula now and I fell like he is getting the next best thing.  I do miss it though.  Nice to not have to go off dairy like all my other babies though!

Tommy is rolling over now and actually sits up pretty good too!  He's grabbing everything he can reach too!

I have to admit, babies are nice, but I love it when they start to interact a little more...

My other kids are doing good.  I have a 12yo and 9yo and they are so much help.  I honestly couldn't have made it through without them.  My 7yo loves the baby and is pretty helpful too, but the 4yo has been having a bit of a harder time.  She really loves the baby but she's not very gentle so he doesn't really love her back so much.  She's also regressed a bit with potty training so that's annoying.  But all in all they've been great.  Love seeing the other pics!

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