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Congrats mama!

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Congratulations mama!! hope you got some good rest and are getting lots of good baby snuggles!
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Brief birth story-


After a dinner of spicy Thai food, a jog and DTD, I put the girls to sleep (nursed DD2 to sleep), it was about 8:30 when the girls finally fell asleep.  I could feel BH contractions coming at regular intervals for a few hours, but nothing that i even needed to breath through.  At around 10:30 I decided it was time to call the mother's, just in case this was the real thing.  They both live around 1 hour away, and I wanted to make sure they could make it before they went to sleep.  So, they both arrived around 11:30 and I was starting to feel some more intense contractions, some I had to breath through.  I was hanging out in the bathroom (having to use it every few minutes, clearing things out).  I asked DH to please fill out the birth tub and I got in and hung out for about 30 minutes, but it was not really helping so I got out and headed back to the bathroom.  We called the MW to ask her to come over at around 1:15 she got here at 1:50am.  I was really having to work trhough the contractions at this point.  They were making me moan a bit and I was working through every one with DH.  I had checked myself at around 1:30 and my cervix was still so high I could not reach it.... I was pretty discouraged.  MW said at 2ish it sounded like I was in transition and I said it felt like it too.  I asked her to check me and she said I was a stretchy 6 and 80%..... I wanted to cry (I guess at this point MW came out and told the mom's it was going to be a while and that she thought I was further along based on how I was acting.... luckily she did not say this in front of me).  I couldn't believe it felt like I was in transition already and I was just a 6 (this was at about 2:15).  I got back on the toilet for a couple of contractions, but it was SOOOO intense that I ended up kneeling in the bathroom (I had 2 contractions like that).  My body started pushing, I was worried that I was going to cause swelling because I was only a 6.... I reached up and my hand had a ton of blood on it.... I was dialating super fast.... went from a 6-10 in about 3 contractions, I got back on the bed and she said I was complete and had a little lip, she pushed it back and I was able to push his head down.  Pushing was super intense and I felt all the pressure in my bottom.... I pushed maybe for 10 minutes before his head was born.  I never really feel the ring of fire, but just uncomfortable...... after his head was born he turned his body (this seemed more intense than crowning).  After 2 more pushes he was born.  That was at 2:48am (just 1 hour after MWs arrived and just 30 minutes after MW said it was still going to be a few hours).  I didn't feel the urge to push at all even after the placenta detached.  I finally just gave a few little pushes and the placenta came out.  The girls, and both moms were in the room to see when he was born.   I was shaking pretty bad from how quick he came out, but I was just so happy to have him in my arms.  Midwives helped me clean up and left at around 4ish, and we finally got into bed at 5.  I am pretty tired now and am going to try get a little rest in with my little man.


Here is a picture from this morning:


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Wow, he is gorgeous!!  It is amazing how quickly things can change during labour.  Well done, mama!

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Look at that little fatty! He's adorable!! Awesome birth story-- thanks for sharing and good job!

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Intense story!!  and what a beautiful little man.  blessings and rest and recovery!

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that was an intense birth story-thank you for sharing! i'm so happy for you and baby! kiss those little fingers!

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Great birth story! Congrats again!
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great story! and he is ADORABLE!!! 

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I am dying over here from his chubby cuteness. Hope you get lots of rest today!

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Oh, he is so cute and chubby!  

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He is beautiful, Mama! Well done!

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Way to power through an intense labor, Mama. He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  Congratulations!!!  Happy baby snuggling time to you!!

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Soooo sweet! Congratulations smile.gif
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What a beautiful little man! So excited for you!!!

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Congratulations! What a great birth story and a beautiful baby boy. Welcome to the world, Liam. stillheart.gif

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I never congratulated you! He's beautiful. Nice work, mama!

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I was just looking through the midwife's paperwork and still can't believe how fast it was.... she has written down that stage 2 was 10 minutes and stage 3 was 10 minutes..... CRAZY FAST.


I was pretty comfortable between contractions and just having to breath and concentrate through them at 2:10am a few minutes after MW came and she checked and I was a 6 and 80% and cervix still high and posterior (I had just checked myself and while I hit his head, my cervix was too high for me to reach and WAY posterior.....)


At 2:30 I started saying 'I can't' etc and had bloody show, was at a 10 at 2:35 and he was born at 2:48.... wow, I am still amazed.  I feel lucky that I called MW when I was feeling timable contractions, because I didn't feel in true labor till around 1:30 and was not in pain till right before transition at around 2:15 or 2:20.  Those last 30 minutes though were brutal.  


Anyone else amazed with their birth experience?  I think I am reliving it since we won't be having any more and the birth process is something I will miss.  

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