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What to expect at first appointment?

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I got my first real appointment on Wednesday. My OB calls "Confirmation of Pregnancy." I technically had my first appointment on January 18th to make sure that the fetus made it into my uterus and not my tubes. It is part of my pregnancy protocol for women who have had their tubal ligations reversed. During that appointment back in January all they did was a transvaginal u/s said it was all clear, gave my DH a picture and sent us home. So I am wondering what to expect at this appointment? I will be 9 weeks on Thursday. 

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My understanding is that the first appointment is bloodwork (which might include STD testing), urine test, and mostly talking. If you're interested, Doppler to hear the heartbeat.


But I don't really know since my first real appointment with my midwives is tomorrow! We did have an initial meet and greet / consultation, where we mostly went over their philosophy of care, rough logistics of homebirth and possible transport (i.e. do we live close enough to a good hospital, and so on), and that was pretty much it.

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I'd imagine they might do another ultrasound to take measurements of the baby, now that they can actually see it. Bloodwork and a brief meeting with your OB would also be my guess.
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Good to know, makes me less freaked out about what to expect. It's been 14 years since I had a baby last so protocol might have changed. Thank you!! 

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I have my first prenatal appointment at the end of this month. I was expecting just a ton of bloodwork and tests like that, a gyn exam and time to ask all my little silly questions. But they're making me come in for an ultrasound first to "confirm the pregnancy". Has anyone heard of this?


I thought testing HCG levels was enough to confirm.. my feeling was, they're trying to get as much money out of me as they can - not sure if my insurance even covers ultrasounds at such an early stage, are they "medically necessary"? I didn't get a clear response from the desk person and so I'm not sure if I found a good OBgyn there, or not. 

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vc2013 - it does sort of sound that way, or maybe they're not used to patients who actually participate in their own care and decide what "routine" procedures (for the practice) they will or won't be having.


Don't feel afraid to shop around different practices or providers if this one does not feel OK.


Of course, this is wildly personal, but I always felt really angry with myself when in previous medical situations I just went along with whatever the doctor suggested without speaking up or asking questions, or plain refusing. I decided that I wasn't going to go through 9 months of pregnancy beating myself up about what happened at every appointment - so it was one of the factors (not the most important, but definitely significant) for me choosing a midwifery model of care.


I'm using a midwife practice, so things are a bit different as far as ultrasounds go - but they didn't bat an eyelid when I refused Doppler to find the heartbeat at my first appointment which was at 10 weeks.

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Thank you, chispita. 


The people at that practice told me they needed to see me within my week 7-10 and I'm not in week 8, so I just made the appt but had a weird feeling afterwards, and would rather not start this out on a bad foot. I'm looking around to see if I can find a better OB.. or would you guys say you really have to go in for your first appt between week 7-10? Cause if I find a different doc now, he or she might not be available for me until after my 10th week.. 

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8 - 10 weeks for a first appointment for an OB seems to be pretty normal, from what I've heard, 10 - 12 with midwives.


The only thing that might be time sensitive at this point is whether you want to do any first trimester diagnostic / screening tests (for example, the NT scan / Combined Screen is done between 11 - 13.6 weeks). You could just outright ask them if the hurry is due to prenatal testing, and if they say it is you can do your own research as to what you will or won't be having done. So, for example, if you decide to switch doctors and want to do this particular test (or anything else which be time sensitive), maybe you can let the receptionist know just in case you will need to book that at the same time as your initial appointment or something.

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