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Yeah, DS survived two "attempted kidnappings" as we call them, both by restaurant employees. One was holding him for me while I ate and disappeared out the back door "for some air" without telling me. I had no idea where she'd gone, and neither did anyone else, including the manager! Then a young girl working the counter at a fast food place reached out and took him from DH and was about to take him back to the kitchen. He was about 2 feet away from the deep fryers before we realized she was walking away as opposed to just holding/playing with him.


So yeah, I get the blond thing. But these other two are dark haired BOYS, not babies! I've just never realized how affectionate people are to all little kids, not just babies, not just girls, and not just blondes. Usually, I get the look of fear when I enter with my crew so it surprises me when I run into people who appreciate their adorable innocence, despite the fact that they more than likely just reigned holy terror in the past half hour....

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Here's my guess - (some) people soften at the sight of the beautiful innocence of youth and long to connect. Or maybe even sometimes a subconscious blessing of sorts or a subconscious protective instinct over the youngest in our society.


I like it, provided it doesn't make the child uncomfortable.

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I don't have babies/little kids anymore, and I can't remember what I was like about this when I did, but I have noticed a strong urge to touch babies'/little kids' heads (and hands and feet).


I don't, because that's weird and rude, imo -- it would freak me out if I were the parent. I often stop myself just before doing so, though -- the urge is strong! I think without my own awareness around having been a parent to little ones, I might not stop. If I know the parent I might ask if I may.

I also don't ask to hold babies, but notice that others do, so maybe I am a bit stuffy.

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I love holding babies and touching babies, too smile.gif

When I have my own baby, I try to offer to let people I am friendly with, because I know how much I want to when I don't have one. Unfortunately, most of babies have been pretty grumpy about being with strangers, so I don't get to offer as much I would with one of those magical "happy" babies I've heard rumors about...
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In our culture, it is just okay to touch kids/babies but not all people do it..only to does irrisistably charming ones.

Though, In this past few days/weeks many kids ages 6-36 mos are missing (it is seen in hidden cameras that they are really abducted) so I guess touching now won't be a great idea in our place.

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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

Then when Mum and Dad were struggling with children and luggage at the airport, an American couple turned up and said "Here, I'll help", grabbed me in my carseat and disappeared! They gave me back later on during the flight, but it was somewhat stressful for Mum and Dad, who weren't sure if I'd been kidnapped. (Although apparently, not worried enough to raise the alarm... heh. Thanks, parents.)

Your parents just got on their flight, not knowing where you were?? That's horrifying and also, since it all worked out, sort of awesome.

My family lived in Japan for the first year of my life, and my mom said that women were always trying to take me. They would think nothing of just scooping me up and walking off.

In the U.S., where I've raised my kids, it's more hair tousling and cheek chucking, and I'm guilty of it too. It doesn't bother me, and I've never noticed anyone being upset when I do it to their kid.
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We lived in Thailand for a year and half, from the time DD1 was 19 months until she was almost three, and DD2 was born there. They did get a lot of attention, probably more so for being white in an Asian country. Restaurant staff regularly took DD1 for us. For the most part, we enjoyed the attention/help. Once, though, we were at a tourist spot and a Korean woman took DD2 from me as I was nursing her. Really, just pulled her off. DD2 spat up all over her, and I thought that was kind of fair, all things considered.

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DH is from India and there it's considered a compliment when somebody touches your child.  However, I was not comfortable with strangers touching my baby until he was at least 4 months old.  I would get offended in fact.  One guy touched my son's chin when he was about 2 months old and I freaked out right there and asked my husband for hand sanitizer to rub anything that might get near his mouth LOL.  If you have ever been to India and know how disease spreads I hope you can understand my caution.


I actually stopped talking to a girlfriend of mine because she made me so uncomfortable about holding her 2 month-old daughter.  I came to visit her and she never once offered, AND she was Indian. I finally asked her mother, who let me hold the baby but was soooo anxious I was going to drop her that I gave her back.  I knew how to hold a baby, this 'friend' had been my wedding planner so she knew me well, too.  It was pretty inexcusable to me that she was that protective so I keep my distance now.  If she had ever explained or apologized it might have been different but oh well.

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I do not care if people touch my babies, as long as they don't stick hands in their mouths lol I know personally the instinct to touch a baby can be very strong. I ask before touching if I really can't stand it anymore, but it does not bother me for strangers to rub the baby's head or cheek, or hand or foot. The most precious thing is the elderly and the little bitty kids who are just so interested. I just imagine what the elderly are thinking...what memories they hold of their own children, grandchildren, neices and nephews, that's a whole lifetime of baby experience and memories for them! What I do not like is when people(strangers, actually, it doesn't bother me with family) will reach out to hold baby without asking, that's happened a few times. Now, my youngest has actually reached out for a teacher when we were meeting my daughter's high school teachers for the year, and she reached out for the freaking cashier at the dollar store LOL We frequent that store and joke with the cashier alot so I did let her hold my baby, and my daughter just laid her head on her shoulder for a minute, then wanted me back. That made that cashier's day! And the teacher was almost in tears from snuggling with a little baby lol


I also never minded strangers touching my pregnant belly. I just have this hippydippy feeling that these people who touch our unborn and born babies are blessing our babes with their loving, happy energy plus it in turn makes those people have a better day.

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Well I read the rest of the comments and am relieved I'm not the only one with a strong urge to touch babies LOL

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I love touching babies, and holding them. It is hard to resist.
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