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Placenta Brain.

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Oh my. I think I should be considered armed and dangerous!


I just made a post dinner snack of pb&j. Poured a glass of milk, and placed it on the pull out cutting board that is above a drawer. The drawer with paper plates in it. The paper plate I needed for the pb&j. So, I take the sandwich off the cutting board and pushed it in to get a plate. With the full glass of milk on it, cause I guess I forgot it was there in the less than 8 seconds since I put it down?? Glass went flying, milk ALL over the kitchen. 


This stuff happens all the time. Is it worse because there are two placentas??


Please feel free to share your placenta brain stories. :)

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I am laughing here because I read this post and sat thinking...I just know I've done some ridiculous things in the last few weeks, I just can't REMEMBER any of them! smile.gif
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Well...I ran into a parking metre and cracked our back bumper...does that count? 

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Oh no kalista! Thats frustrating! 

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Ok. I just did it. I walked up the stairs and stood in my loft. And stood there some more. And I could not at all for the life of me remember why I was there. Usually I can pick it back out of the air and remember. But this time, nope. I just came back downstairs. I still can't remember why I went up there in the first place. Hope it wasn't important.
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