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Excessive spitting up

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Apologies in advance. I'm using my iPhone to type this out. I'm not responsible for any odd autocorrects.

So, my son is two weeks today. He is my second child. My milk is fine and plentiful (perhaps too plentiful). The thing is, he is a massive spitter upper. My first son did not spit up like this. It's not projextile , though today he did spit up an entire feeding. I don't know of its because he was already fed from the previous breast and over ate on the second one.

I'm keeping him upright after feeding, burping him lightly. I've recently reintroduced tea with milk into my own diet (English tea, so with caffeine). Could that be the culprit? If you have a spitter upper, what do you consider normal?
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My son spit up like CRAZY!  He did not seem to be in pain and was obviously taking in plenty of nutrition (growing very well, plenty of wet and dirty diapers).  But he spit up after every feeding all over the place for a while ( I forget when it finally stopped, sorry!) 


Does his stomach seem to be upset? Frequent spitting up can be a sign of reflux, from what I understand, so that may be something to check out. 

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I feel like my advice might be really basic:


I have seen foam wedges for babies with reflux (if that's what your bebe has), to keep baby elevated most of the time, even when sleeping. They are expensive but it was on my shopping list until I saw that my little guy never spit up.

I am assuming you don't feed on a schedule, but if you do, on demand feeding instead  is certainly going to help him not overeat.

If his diapers are wet and soiled and he seems to be gaining weight now I'd not feel very concerned unless he seems in distress.

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My Little Miss was a happy spitter.  She spat up constantly, and lots and lots.  I was always worried that I was missing something, but she grew at her own pace and has always been visibly healthy.  She has not spat up for about a month... and she's 16 months now.  The last thing she spat up was oatmeal.  She'd overeaten, because she loves it so much.  We developed the phrase "getting change back" to describe her spitting up after overindulging in liquid or liquidy food.  Since she was never in any pain or discomfort, was never unhealthy and never showed any signs of distress over the issue, eventually we just scotch-guarded the couch and tried to not worry about it.

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