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What supplements are you taking?

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I only take a gummy adult multivitamin because the iron in prenatals is too hard on my stomach and my nausea is still really bad.  

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I take...

5000iu vit. D3 (had levels checked in the past and they were somewhat low, so I'm just taking that amount as it is what they recommend.)


New Chapter Organic prenatal vitamin. Hate the taste and smell. I'll switch when I run out. I wan't able to take it much in the first trimester.


Fish oil 


Vitamin K and K2 complex


Time released 1000mg vitamin C


Vit. E 400 mg a couple times a week or less. I read it's not good to take too much of this with the vitamin C because studies show it can cause your water to break early or something, so I'm keeping my vit. E level lower. I don't think 1000 mg of Vit. C is all that much though, so I'm sticking with that.


And I'm trying to remember to take my probiotic. I try to take a 50 billion one every night, but I've been slacking.


And Cal/Mag only at night. Supposed to take twice a day, but I don't remember to usually. I also take one 250 mg capsule of Mag Citrate and that is enough to help with constipation of any sort for me.


Sublingual methyl B12 2000mcg a day or so.- Helps me sleep. I don't eat a ton of meat. 



Ah, yeah, I'll need to add iron in by the third trimester too.

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At the moment, nothing.  I can't keep it down anyways. 


Normally, and when my morning sickness slows down, I'll take my prenatals and a probiotic.   I'll need an iron supplement towards the end as well.

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a prenatal vitamin with a good amount of folate. Costco brand. 
evening primrose, because it helps with the lady crazies and I was taking it before. 

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I take a prenatal, Vit D (4000 IU), flax oil capsules, and a B12 a couple times a week (I'm vegan). 

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I am taking either Sisu prenatals (2x day) OR New Chapter Prenatals (4x day) on most days, I switch it between those two brands. I really don't like the smell or taste of the New Chapter pils but am finding it easier to take as my pregnancy progresses and the nausea is less. The Sisu pills were much easier to swallow during first trimester. Occasionally I will take a salmon fish oil capsule or a child dose of vitamin D (400IU)

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I take (not perfectly every day, but I try!)
1000mg Methylfolate (not folic acid!)
1000mcg Sublingual B12 Methylcobalamin
450mg Mag Citrate, sometimes twice a day if I'm really plugged up.
6000IU Vit D3
2 Ultimate Flora Critical Care probiotic capsules
1 packet Emergen-C
2 Lecithin twice daily
8 Liquid Chlorophyll drops daily
2 fish oil capsules

And I'm drinking 2 cups of strong RRL/nettle tea infusion every day.
Feeling pretty fantastic for me during pregnancy smile.gif
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The brand of my supplements is Standard Process.  Its a whole food supplement brand.  I take a multi, iron, folic acid b12, cataplex b, prolamine iodine, magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, cod liver oil, vit d and a probiotic.  The magnesium and calcium I take at bed time.  I haven't felt this good probably in my whole life.  Im eating super healthy and taking my supplements every day.  I finally have energy and my weight has been great.  :)

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oh wow, some of you guys are taking a lot.

I am not a vitamin taker at all. 

Sisu prenatals.

fish oil.



Had my iron and Vit D levels tested recently so we'll see if the midwives recommend anything else based on that.


oh, and CAL/Mg if I'm having trouble sleeping or leg cramps.  Not yet this preg.

and RRL tea.  As often as I remember.   


But I'm also eating better than before.  More vegies & fruits.  Bone Broth.  Lots of fiber.  Chia porridge for breakfast.  Nuts and dried fruit.  Yogurt and Kefir.

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I'm definitely in the minimal supplement camp.  I never take vitamins when not pregnant and have a hard time swallowing anything larger than Advil, so I tried to get things in the smallest possible form to make it easier.

I take 400mg Folate, 4000iu Vit D, and 1 tsp. Fermented Cod Liver Oil a day and that's it.  I try to cook in my cast iron skillet a few times a week, and my diet is mostly paleo (although there was a carb heavy period in the 1st trimester), so I pretty much eat meat/eggs, veggies, and healthy fats for breakfast, lunch & dinner, maybe 1-2 pieces fruit a day.  My Dr. hasn't seemed concerned that I'm not taking an official prenatal vitamin, although I'm going to check in and confirm all is still ok with this plan at my next appointment.

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I haven't been able to take any of my supplements since early December. I'm hoping to start again soon, but I eat fairly healthy, so I'm not too concerned about it.
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Originally Posted by yallcomeback View Post

1000mg Methylfolate (not folic acid!)


why not folic acid?

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Folate is the natural form of the vitamin and folic acid is synthetic.

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I feel like I am slacking! Lol I am only taking floradex once a day.....and I am having two babies. Need to research more.
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