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Terrified of hemangioma!

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My 11 week old DD has been diagnosed with a hemangioma on her cheek. It's a small red looking scratch and now a vein has popped up. After reading about them I made the mistake of googling images and couldn't believe how crazy and out of control the hemangiomas can get!!! Any mama's out there who babe didn't turn into the size of an apple? I'm so worried for my little girl and it sounds like the best option will be to wait it out but if they become huge and finally start to go away will she be super deformed? I don't mean scars. I've heard about propranlol but is sound possibly dangerous (immune suppression? Possible heart failure?) I'm sure I'm jumping off the deep end but I am looking for reassurance that perhaps not all hemangiomas become massive? Or if so do they ACTUALLY go away without treatment or surgery? Help! New mommy in distress
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I would talk to you doctor and ask for some reassurance.  After quickly googling hamangioma, it seems that most cases resolve themselves and that you have little to worry about.  I'm not sure why you're asking about "super deformities" or "heart failure".  If your doctor hasn't said to worry, I would just accept that your daughter will be one of many with this condition who end up without any problems whatsoever.

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My niece was born with a hemangioma on her arm.  It was about the size of two pencil erasers.  Now she's 4 years old and it has faded/shrunk considerably.  It's barely even noticeable.  There's been no medication or anything else involved--it's just resolved itself on its own.  Good luck!

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My son had two hemangiomas - one on his upper arm and one on his upper leg. They have both resolved almost completely (I think there is still a small dark area on his arm but I'm not even sure anymore). He is 8. They never got bigger than a quarter. My friend's daughter had one on her face and it has also resolved - I think hers was around half-dollar sized.
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Look into propranolol. It's not nearly as dangerous as you think. Indeed, it's become first line therapy at most of the leading hospitals dealing with hemangiomas. Especially for hemangiomas on the face, it's no longer necessary to do nothing and wait it out. Www.birthmark.org is a great resource, and they can also point you to docs in your area who focus in hemangiomas
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My son had a huge hemangioma on his hip at birth.  It disappeared by the time he was around 3-4?  Not totally gone, but it's now only a raised area, only slightly raised, and with no coloration.  You can't tell it's there unless you look really close.  And its borders shrank as well.


My DH has a hemangioma on his brain stem, which is much more worrisome.  =/

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