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Unsettling first trimester scan results

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Hi all,


I just had my first trimester screening done last Thursday.  Despite being a "expect the worst" sort of person, I was optimistic enough about the scan to bring my mom (with whom I don't love sharing bad news), and my two sons (5, and 2).  And now I feel like the universe is somehow punishing me for my optimism.  


At the scan, my NT reading was 3.2mm, above the 3.0 threshold.  My Ob (who I had planned to divorce in favor of MWs after this first trimester testing) recommended not even doing the associated blood work, since there is no amount of "good" blood work that could bring my odds up to a "screen negative."  I was immediately whisked to my Ob's office to discuss my options.  He said that a CVS would not be out of the realm of possibility, but that he would recommend waiting 2 more weeks to do an amnio, instead, as he feels that the risk of miscarriage is much lower in the amnio.  And he also recommended getting a new blood test, MaterniT21, which screens my blood for several chromosomal abnormalities, including T13, T18, T21, and sex gene abnormalities (like Turner's, which he is concerned about).  I opted to have the blood test immediately and was taken to the maternal fetal medicine specialist to have blood drawn.  Then, I've pretty much decided to get an amnio in two weeks, and the Ob was also pretty adamant about needing a fetal echocardiogram at 22 weeks.  I'm overwhelmed.


So here I stand, waiting for the results of a blood test, which should (hopefully?) be back by the end of this week/early next week, trying to decide whether I have the emotional fortitude to wait another 2 weeks for the amnio (should get preliminary results back within 24-48 hours after the amnio) or if I should go with the riskier CVS.  I wish that I had the zen-like grace of some women, but I'm a total nervous wreck.  And I keep looking at pictures from the ultrasound, which show an otherwise totally normal looking baby (with a nasal bone present and no other soft markers) and I just want to cry because I am so scared for him/her.  (Who am I kidding:  I don't just *want* to cry, I *do* cry a lot of the time...)


Anyway, I'd love to hear from others who have been or are going through this sort of scare.  I could really use a bit of a community while I'm waiting, since I really don't want to talk with people IRL about this.  Thanks for "listening."

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Im so sorry your scan left you feeling scared and upset! I know probably nothing will make the worry go away, but please remember that all these tests are not a guarantee and that there are false positives. Hang in there and think positive if possible, I really think helps, if for nothing else than your own peace of mind. hug2.gif
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My NT screening was 3.3mm.  I also had the blood test, which indicated "negative" for the trisonomy defects.  As far as Turner syndrome, the genetic counselor stated at that point, there was only a 3.5% chance of a chromosomal defect and that the vast majority of babies born with a measurement of 3.3mm are born completely healthy.  We decided against CVS or amnio based on those odds.


I'm about 28 weeks now and so far all of the ultrasounds have been reassuring.  I obviously don't know for sure and sometimes I wish I had done CVS or amnio to put any doubts to rest.  But that was our decision at the time and I'm hoping it all works out for the best.


I remember being extremely nervous after the blood draw, but my results came back much quicker than they expected.  My perinatologist also said most people don't do CVS/amnio after positive blood results like that.



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Thanks, Kate&Joey. It's reassuring to hear positive outcomes. I'm becoming progressively more unhinged with each passing day, waiting for results. Tick, tock.
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Mellybelly, I hope you hear a good outcome soon! You really are not that far over the threshold. I'm glad you are getting the M21 because it has very good detection rates and will give you a much more definitive screening answer (though of course as we know neither are diagnostic). Hang in there!
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Thanks, porcelina. That's what I try to keep telling myself. Sometimes I am better able to lift my spirits than others. Sigh.
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Mellybelly, just checking on you and hoping you get some good news soon. I've been thinking about you.
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